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  1. Marred by Marlins (Twins at Marlins - Games 72-73)

    Losing to Traffic AND the Marlins (Twins 2 Marlins 4 - Game 72)

    Began the drive home with the Twins down by two runs and an unexpected optimism they could pull this thing off. Maybe getting a phone call from my wife informing me we had power after a 91 hour drought made me sentimental. Maybe it was seeing Minnesotans looking over piles of chopped wood, proud to have survived another beating from Mother Nature.

    My hope didnít die when then Twins attempts to score a run ...
  2. Twins/Tigers (Games 22-24)

    Twins at Detroit

    That Was Fast (Game 22)

    If the Twins have to lose, maybe itís best they lose quickly so we can all watch a nice movie before we head to bed for the evening.

    When Kris Atteberry does the postgame report after a brutal Twins loss, it always sounds like the narration on a Civil War documentary. All theyíre missing is a lonesome harmonica sound.

    I donít like it when Mauer isnít hitting. Itís like adjusting to a world where the ...
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