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  1. Smart Baseball: Selling High On Suzuki

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    On Tuesday, the Padres traded third basemen Chase Headley and $1 million cash to the Yankees for shortstop Yangervis Solarte and right-handed pitcher Rafeal De Paula. It was hardly an inspired return for the once highly sought after Headley, with Solarte having regressed back to replacement level after a hot start this season and High-A prospect De Paula projecting as nothing more than a middle reliever down the road. Just two years ago, Headley batted .286 ...
  2. The No Juice Podcast, Episode #14: Trade Deadline

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ID:	8302On this week’s episode of the No Juice Podcast, Major League Baseball’s trade deadline swiftly approaching, Dan Anderson and Parker Hageman discuss where the Minnesota Twins stand after the All-Star Break. Josh Willingham, Kevin Correia and Kurt Suzuki? Sell ‘em or sell ‘em all?

    Other topics include Twins prospect Nick Gordon’s introduction to professional baseball, previewing the Twins Daily Touch ‘Em All Pub Crawl, trolling Darren Rovell on Twitter, anger ...
  3. 7/21 Around the Bases: Johnson, Suzuki, Willingham, Perkins

    I know it's a little late for yesterdays game but here's my Around the Bases for the Monday win against the Cleveland Indians.

    Single: Starting pitcher Kris Johnson earns the Single award for a well thrown game. Johnson didn't get the win but he continues to grow as a pitcher in the Major League level. Last night's game was Johnson's third game this year. His first game was May 1st and he pitched four innings and gave up zero runs. He gave up five runs in four innings a couple weeks ...
  4. Countdown Begins! 14 Days!

    Now that the All Star break is behind us it's time to start thinking about the Trade Deadline. July 31st is the last day where trades can happen for any baseball team. 14 days left until the Trade Deadline and there is much discussion on key players. Players like David Price, Ben Zobrist, Josh Willingham, Kurt Suzuki, and many more. The only big trade that has happened this season is between the Chicago Cubs and Oakland Athletics. The Athletics traded some key prospects for Jeff Samardzija and Jason ...
  5. Twins' Trade Bait and Why the Twins SHOULD Sell

    Visit http://gogonzojournal.com/top_storie...ns-should-sell for original post.

    After a devastating 2-1 extra-inning loss to the Boston Red Sox, Wednesday — their fifth straight — the Minnesota Twins, despite being just 6.5 games back, should start selling…and should be happy about it.

    For the first time in years the Twins have players that will be of interest to almost any contender and a general manager who won’t **** it up. They have a right- ...
  6. The Only Prescription is Less Kubel

    "I've got a fever and the only prescription is less Kubel"

    Those words don't taste good coming out of my mouth because I consider myself a Jason Kubel fan. I've liked Kubel since he was a budding prospect in the Twins minor league system. He was supposed to be one of the left-handed power bats to join Joe Mauer in the middle of the batting order. A devastating knee injury kept those dreams from becoming a reality and it's looking more like his time is over in Minnesota.

  7. Issues in the Outfield

    The Indians’ David Murphy should send the Minnesota Twins’ front office and coaching staff a bottle of champagne. After all, the struggling left-handed outfielder hast just six doubles this season but two of those came courtesy of the Twins when they have infielders positioned in the outfield.

    While the 2014 Twins infield numbers have flourished, the outfield has languished.

    The Twins’ outfield was a defensive liability last year. In 2013, they posted an unsightly -35.3 ...
  8. Potent Poet-ables

    (Originally posted on twinsandlosses.com)

    Haikus written for each of the Twins Opening Day 2014 starters

    This was our lineup,
    An ode to Opening Day,
    Looks different now.

    C – Kurt Suzuki

    We all know his age,
    Yet still showing he has it.
    Mauer wants his knees.

    1B – Joe Mauer

    Moved to first this year,
    He found that sweet swing again!
    Uh oh, back spasms.

  9. Joe Mauer and Increasing Strikeouts

    Members of the Minnesota Twins struck out 1,430 times last season. In the history of the Twins organization, no team had struck out more than 1,121 times (1997 team). That was the only year since the team moved to Minnesota that the club recorded more than 1,100 times.

    Over the last three seasons, Minnesota strikeout totals have increased every year. It has been a rough couple of seasons and there have been some inexperienced players trying to make their mark at the big league level. ...
  10. Wille’s Way: Starting At Catcher For Your Minnesota Twins….Matt Wieters?

    When the Minnesota Twins announced earlier this week that Joe Mauer would be making the permanent shift from catcher to first base, few blinked an eye. Twins’ fans deep down—no matter how much we tried to fight it—knew that one day this was going to happen. Mauer’s end-of-the-year injury certainly didn’t help his odds of remaining at catcher for the remainder of his career and at the end of the day, Mauer is simply too valuable for this team to be sitting on the disabled list; thus, the move to ...
  11. Thoughts on the Twins? One baseball agent's perspective on Minnesota's front office

    Josh Johnson will be one of the game's more sought after free agents.Baseball agent Matt Sosnick speaks strongly of loyalty, honesty and trust in his industry.

    His agency, Sosnick Cobbe Sports, was grown from scratch in the hills above the San Francisco Bay and relies on building relationships, sticking with clients regardless of on-field performance and adheres to principles such as automatically dropping players who engage in detrimental activity like domestic violence. He discusses his clients as friends rather than means ...
  12. 2014 Minnesota Twins Offseason Blueprint

    There are plenty of ways to go about trying to fix the Twins team but some patience might be required as the club waits for some younger pieces to work their way through the minor leagues. The Twins Daily crew put out some solid information in the 2014 Offseason Handbook. One of the best parts to read about this document is the blueprint plans put together by the writers.

    There are plenty of options for the Twins but here is how I would go about trying to fix the team. Some of these ...
  13. Would Signing Kubel Make Sense?

    The Minnesota Twins struck out 1430 time last season, the third most strikeouts in the history of the game. On the offensive side of the ball, the team scored the third fewest runs in the American League while the pitching staff allowed the second most runs to be scored. The club also left the third most runners on base of any team in the AL.

    There needs to be some changes to the roster and the pitching staff is the biggest priority. Numbers like the ones discussed above make it clear ...
  14. Fishing for Holes in the Roster

    When a team has lost 90 games in three consecutive seasons, there can be plenty of finger pointing. For the Twins, there are questions to ask about how this current roster was created and what the team can do as they try and move forward.

    Where are the holes in this roster? What needs to be done this offseason? Are there internal options to help remedy the situation? All of these questions and more need to be answered before the team heads to Florida for spring training.
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