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  1. This Day in Twins History - August 8

    Originally posted earlier at This Day In Twins History ? August 8 | Twinstrivia.com

    - With the score tied at 3 apiece at Municipal Stadium in Kansas City, A's rookie third baseman Ed Charles steals home with two out in the ninth to score the winning run in a A's 4-3 win over the Twins. Ray Moore and Jerry Zimmerman were the Twins battery at the time.

    8/8/1974 - The Royals - Twins game at Royals Stadium is briefly interrupted by President Nixon's resignation ...
  2. Slidin' to the Sea (Twins versus Royals 109-111)

    Crumb-Faced (Twins 0 Royals 13 Ė Game 109)

    I abandoned this game at 6-0, and all I missed was Jamey Carroll pitching a clean ninth inning. And a whole bunch of suffering.

    Checking the box score to see who stunk on the mound is like lining up elementary kids to see who has chocolate on their face after the cookie jar was emptied. This time, Correia and Pressly are crumb-bearded and cookie-handed.

    Iíve never been a pitcher at any level. Is there a point in ...
  3. Twins Birthdays--August 8

    Also posted at wgom.org

    Ray Fontenot (1957)
    Dave Meier (1959)

    Craig Breslow (1980)

    Left-hander Silton Ray Fontenot appeared in 15 games for the Twins in 1986. He was born in Lake Charles, Louisiana, went to high school in LaGrange, Louisiana, and was drafted by Texas in the 34th round in 1979. He was traded to the Yankees in October of that year in a multi-player deal that included, among others Mickey Rivers, Oscar Gamble, and Gene Nelson. ...
  4. Is Pedro Florimon Meeting or Exceeding Expectations?

    On Tuesday, we took a look at Minnesota Twins second baseman Brian Dozier and noted that his performance is certainly trending in the right direction, and that continued on Wednesday night in Kansas City. Today, weíll shift to the other side of the infield and try to determine whether Dozierís keystone combination partner Pedro Florimon is meeting or exceeding expectations.

    If Iím being honest, my expectations for Mr. Florimon were not terribly high. In fact, when I posted my 2013 Twins ...
  5. Twins Minor League Report (8/7): Robb Tosses Shutout

    While the Twins finish up their series with the Royals, there could be some reinforcements on the way. Josh Willingham and Darin Mastroianni are both on rehab at the Triple-A level and this could mean both men are back with the big league club in the near future. A healthy Willingham could be a sight for sore eyes to Twins fans.

    Miguel Sano returned to the line-up of the Rock Cats last night after missing four games with a tight hamstring. He wasted little time making his mark as ...
  6. Player Development question for Discussion

    Miguel Sano has been tearing it up in AA the last few weeks as he has raised is average from .180ish to .243 as of today and his OPS has increased 100 points or so too. His power in AA has been constant where he slumped initially on arriving but hitting for average the last several weeks. I doubt he gets called up to the Twins this season as he doesn't need to be added to the 40 man roster. However, Rochester is in a playoff race while New Britain is not. Would it be better for Sano to finish ...
  7. Twins Birthdays--August 7

    Also posted at wgom.org

    Ron Henry (1936)
    Gary Dotter (1942)

    Mike Poepping (1950)
    Danny Graves (1973)

    Catcher Ronald Baxter Henry played for the Twins in 1961 and again in 1964. He was born in Chester, Pennsylvania and began his professional career in 1954 with independent Class C Boise. He went to the Milwaukee Bravesí system in 1955 and stayed there six years. He looked like a pretty good player, really; he hit over .300 twice, and had ...
  8. Twins Minor League Report (8/6): Rock Cat Bats Bash

    When youíve followed the Minnesota Twins farm system for as long as I have, you canít help but root for the underdog. Itís easy to be a fan of Miguel Sano, Byron Buxton and other top prospects, no question about that. But the fun part of following the farm system, for me at least, is that there is no one way to the big leagues. There are many different paths. Andrew Albers is the newest example of a guy who didnít exactly make a direct trip through the minors to the big leagues. What a story! He ...
  9. This Pen is Mighty, and Mighty Cheap

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Name:	glen-perkins.jpg 
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ID:	5130Late-inning leads have seemed so rare for the Twins that it's easy to overlook just how effectively the bullpen has been able to protect them. But make no mistake, Minnesota's relief unit has been among the finest in baseball this year.

    Only 44 times in their 110 games have the Twins carried a lead into the seventh inning, but in those games they are 34-7. When entering the eighth with a lead, they are 38-5. When entering the ninth with a lead, they're ...
  10. Burton Rewarded For Sticking With His Stuff

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Name:	Burton2.jpg 
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ID:	5128The ball explodes out of the pitcherís hand.

    You immediately pick up the spin and conclude it is close enough to a fastball that he must be trying to go upstairs with a low-90s four-seamer. However, in the middle of your stride, you recall the hitting coachís scouting report that says the pitcher has a tendency to turn to the changeup at any point. Suddenly, the spin doesnít quite look like that four-seamer and you realize: Oh god, itís not the fastball. ...
  11. The Miguel Sano Quandry

    If you can't tell, Miguel Sano is a kid
    [Originally published at Twins Fan From Afar]

    If I told you that there was a Twins prospect at AA New Britain batting .243, you probably wouldn't blink an eye. If I told you he
  12. Mauer and the Monster

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    Hope for the 2013 season has faded, but Joe Mauer's dominance in the batter's box continues. Among many changes to the lineup, batting him second - not third - has been one move that Gardenhire has stuck to. But while it will lead to an increase in plate appearances, the switch, among other factors, has led to a decrease in runs batted in. Several influences contribute, but the basics are obvious: an RBI requires a runner to be on-base. ...
  13. Between the Chalk: Inside Kyle Gibson's Struggles

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    Seven starts into his major league career, things have not gone as planned for Twins rookie Kyle Gibson.

    Gibson entered this season as one of the organizationís most hyped pitching prospects in recent memory. That probably says more about the sad state of Twins starting pitching in recent years than it does about Gibson himself, given his likely ceiling as a number three starter and the fact that he is less than two years removed from Tommy ...
  14. Twins Birthdays--August 6

    Also posted at wgom.org

    Ron Davis (1955)
    Chris Heintz (1974)

    Right-handed reliever Ronald Gene Davis pitched for the Twins from 1982-1986. Born and raised in Houston, he was drafted by the Cubs in the third round in the January draft in 1976. He was a starter in the minors, and a rather mediocre one, but did substantially better when moved to the bullpen in 1978. What prompted the move was Davisí trade to the Yankees in June of 1978 for Ken Holtzman. ...
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