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  1. Monday Morning Madness: September 23, 2013

    Originally posted at Kevin Slowey was Framed!

    Twins/A's Recap

    The word "bludgeoned" gets thrown around so often...

    The Gardy 1000

    Is this going to happen? Going into this week, the Twins needed to go 4-10 to finish the season "strong" and give Ron Gardenhire 1000 career wins. As bad as the Twins have been, that seemed reasonable. Star wipe to today and the Twins need to go 3-4 in their last seven to pull it off. Yikes. ...
  2. Episode 112: New Bohemia, 40 Men and Police Stories

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	004.jpg 
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ID:	5671Aaron and John take the podcast to the New Bohemia Octoberfest and talk about last week's Grand Drunk Railroad experience, Glen Perkins buying beers from the bullpen, who the Twins should purge from the 40-man roster, Joe Mauer's ongoing absence, Aaron Hicks not getting a September call-up, why everyone should use Ticket King, when and where baseball started, mailbag questions from listeners, and being hassled by the cops.

    You can listen by clicking ...
  3. The Great Twins Scotch Bet: Ready for the Final Act

    It's sweet of you to keep trying Pedro, really, it is.
    Entering the final week of the season there are many dramatic moments left in Twins territory. We could see a team clinch the central division, we could see a team clinch the wild card, neither of those teams could be us...but still...drama!

  4. Mean Routine (Twins at As - Games 152-155)

    Memory Lane Trips (Twins 6 As 8 -- Game 152)

    In 2006, I watched Boof Bonser take the mound against the Oakland As. I was close to Torii Hunter when he tripped up and misplayed a ball. I watched a good season end.

    Now the As are looking pretty good and the Twins are collapsing their way to 90+ losses. Again. Third time in a row.

    Nighttime is getting dark, and these games are just little tombstones in a season so forgettable you couldn't describe it by mentioning ...
  5. Who Stays and Who Goes

    In a year of ups and downs the Twins will, without question, finish in the bottom half of the standing for the third year in a row, and end the season with possibly more questions than answers.

    Going into the year many wondered if this would be Morneau's last year, if Dimamond could repeat and lead the rotation this year, if Plouffe could tear the cover off the ball as he did the year, could Hicks excel at the majors, how long the middle infield would last and if the rotation ...
  6. End of Year Prospect List (YOB 1990)

    Before jumping into 1990's class, I have to add in a player born in 1988 who I mistakenly skipped over.

    50. Lester Oliveros, RHR, DOB: 5/28/88

    AAA, but 2013 GCL: 6.1 IP, 8 strikeouts, 3 walks.

    Oliveros is making his way back from injury but is still a promising reliever. He should be off to AAA to start 2014 with a chance to make it again with the Twins soon.

    Now, getting on with it.

    There are 13 players born in 1990 who make it on ...
  7. A Day in the Life: Florida Instructional League 9/19/13

    So having my office closed on Thursday's does have it's perks and one being that I can sneak over Hammond Stadium and the rest of the Complex here in Fort Myers. Yesterday, I made it over early (8am) beating most of the players and coaches to the complex as they arrive between 8-8:30am before they have to be ready to start by 9am. There were no games scheduled for the day which when they do involves scrimmages against the Red Sox (Ft. Myers), Rays (Port Charlotte), and Orioles (Sarasota). Instead ...

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  8. 8 Reasons I am not worried about Aaron Hicks and Kyle Gibson

    Originally posted at Kevin Slowey was Framed!

    In case you missed it, a couple of prominent Twins rookies had difficult seasons. Well, difficult might be a massive understatement. Well, massive might be a huge overstatement. I'll calibrate my adjectives later, but we all know that Aaron Hicks and Kyle Gibson performed below expectations. Expectations may have been too high to begin with, but both players struggled to a surprising extent.

    Hicks and Gibson are hardly ...
  9. The Plouffe Paradox

    Last Friday, I attended what will likely be my last game of the year. As you would expect, I ate more than was good for me, and watched the Twins go down in ignominious defeat.

    I also heard a noise I had never heard before at the ballpark.

    There were men at first and second with one out when a ground ball rolled harmlessly to Trevor Plouffe. One out, easy as pie...but did he throw the ball to second base for the double play? No. No he did not.

  10. Under the Knife

    Injuries are tough to deal with, but they are part of the game of baseball. After playing nearly every day for six months, there are bound to be aches and pains. Some things resolve with rest, while others need medical attention. After this year ended, I had a wrist issue I knew I had to get taken care of. I got an MRI and after meeting with Dr. Steubs (the head Twins doc), I was referred to Dr. Berger at the Mayo Clinic. He is an ulnar sided wrist pain expert, so I was hopeful that he could fix ...
  11. Foresight Folly or Fact?

    After sitting on a limb for more than eight months, it's time to see whether my "Cold Predictions" came true or not. Where will I land if my limb breaks? Into the bottomless chasm of MLB prospect shame, of course.

    Name:  sabnn.jpg
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    This list I created last winter (January 12, 2013) was intended to be a prediction of what MLB.com's (J.Mayo, et al.) top-prospect list for the Minnesota Twins would look like following the 2013 season. For comparison purposes, ...

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  12. 2013 Twins Minor League All Star Team

    Last week at Twins Daily, we presented several minor league awards. This week, I wanted to present the organization's minor league all star team. As we have discussed many times here throughout the year, it was a terrific season in the Twins farm system. That can be further illustrated by looking at this All Star team, and a potential lineup.

    How do you think this lineup would compare against All Star lineups from other organizations?

    CF Byron Buxton
    SS Jorge Polanco ...
  13. (Twins at White Sox -- Games 149-151

    Cool Breeze, Eyes Closed (Twins 1 White Sox 12 - Game 149)

    After getting our house Halloween ready the night before, I came home to a perfectly decorated house. The smell of fall blew through the windows and hung in the air.

    It covered the stench of what Liam Hendriks was doing on the mound in Chicago. The Great Dane agreed with me.

    If anyone's excited to see the Twins lose, it's Stella the Great Dane. She was traumatized when I jumped up and stomped around ...
  14. Have the Twins been screwed by umpires?

    Attachment 5629Robot umpires now? You wouldn’t blame Kyle Gibson for wanting them.

    A recent Wall Street Journal article took an in-depth look at Major League Baseball’s strike zone and found that some teams have benefited from an expanded zone while others suffered from shrinkage.

    Brian Costa consulted with the locally-owned Inside Edge, a Minneapolis-based company who specializes in harvesting video data for teams to use, and IE’s evaluating system combined ...
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