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  1. Fishing for Holes in the Roster

    When a team has lost 90 games in three consecutive seasons, there can be plenty of finger pointing. For the Twins, there are questions to ask about how this current roster was created and what the team can do as they try and move forward.

    Where are the holes in this roster? What needs to be done this offseason? Are there internal options to help remedy the situation? All of these questions and more need to be answered before the team heads to Florida for spring training.
  2. November Mailbag!

    Originally posted at Kevin Slowey was Framed!

    Welcome to another Minnesota Twins mailbag. There has been so much juicy Twins news in the past month, I just couldn't resist asking questions to qualified Twins analysts. Unfortunately, with the iOS7 upgrade, none of my emails, texts, tweets or vines actually send, so I'll just have to answer my own questions this time. This should be a nice change of pace.

    Would you move Joe Mauer to first base to alleviate any potential ...
  3. Transitioning from Recovery to Rehabilitation

    Happy Halloween to all, I hope you enjoyed the costumes and loads of candy. In keeping with the post surgery articles, I'll give an update on what's going on. I got my cast off a couple of days ago at the Mayo Clinic, here's how it went.

    The drive down to Rochester felt much faster this time because I was shedding a cast rather than getting one put on. The inability to scratch itches and straighten my elbow had gotten old.

    I went to the same unit as last time and met my ...

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  4. Various 2014 Twins Prospect List

  5. Mauer to centerfield...

    I believe Joe could play cf, would love to see him there. I would also like to see him take balls at 3b. Thoughts?
  6. Moneyball, the 2014 Draft, and the Future of Twins Pitching

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    The Twins need top-notch starting pitchers if they are to compete in the latter half of this decade. Last year, Twins starters paced all starting staffs with a 5.26 ERA, while taking the loss in whopping, major league-topping 74 games. So, something has to change. But how?

    The most effective way to bolster starting pitching, long-term, is through the draft. Drafted players have greater longevity, and they come cheaper than buying developed

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  7. Free Agent Pitcher Profile: Ervin Santana

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	ervin-santana.jpg 
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ID:	5916The Royals took a gamble last offseason when they traded for Ervin Santana, who was coming off an ugly season in Anaheim where he went 9-13 with a 5.16 ERA while coughing up a league-leading 39 home runs. Kansas City didn't have to give up much in the deal, but they did take on a $12 million commitment to a pitcher in the wake of a poor season. For a club that's hardly been known for aggressive, win-now type moves, the splash certainly drew some attention (especially ...
  8. Hot Stove - Starting Pitching, Talk to Contact style.

    Episode 57 of the Twins baseball podcast, Talk To Contact (@TalkToContact), is now available for download via iTunes or by clicking here.

    This week Eric and Paul are joined by Jay Corn (@jay__corn, that's right, two underscores!) to talk Twins baseball. This will be our fist dive into the post-season hot stove, and this week we talked about available starting pitching and which pitchers we thought, if ...
  9. Winter League Update

    You may have seen Cody’s update earlier today on how the Twins prospects have done while playing in Arizona so far this fall.

    There are some other leagues underway in the warmer parts of the world and here’s an update on those players.

    This only includes players that are under contract to the team. Expected minor-league free agents are not included. *Stats through 10/28, in order of #Impressiveness

    Dominican Winter League:
    • Jorge Polanco: 7 G,
  10. 1994 Offseason in Review

    Originally posted at Kevin Slowey was Framed!

    State of the Team

    1994 Record: 53-60, 4th in the BRAND NEW AL Central

    1995 Outlook: Will there be a season? If so, where will Shane Mack be?

    Players Lost - Free Agency

    The seeds for the 1994 off-season were planted in 1993 when the (at the time) current collective bargaining agreement expired without a new agreement. A strike was a legit ...
  11. Gleeman and the Geek, Episode 117: Coach Molitor & Recapping Ryan Interview

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Name:	Molitor_Paul_Waving_US_720.jpg 
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ID:	5910Aaron and John talk about Paul Molitor finally joining the Twins' coaching staff, Terry Ryan's interview with Twins Daily, missing the point on payroll, being invited to podcast at Cub Foods, starting a comedy club club, MLB vs. NFL television ratings, avoiding dancing at all costs, getting ready for Jason Isbell, swapping social lives, and how to deal with people not realizing you're joking with special guest Randball's Stu. You can listen by clicking below, download us from iTunes ...

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  12. Cape cod 2013 minor league all stars

    A list of 2013 Minor League All Stars who are also Cape Cod Alumn
    Drafting at the college level not all bad............

  13. Would Twins Be in WS if?

    The below list is from the Twins 2013 Minor League All Stars. The question is:

    If the 2013 statistical numbers of the MiLB players on this list were projected to possible similar numbers in 2016 @ the MLB level - Would the Twins be in the World Series? Take into account that the MiLB players are probably 20 - 30+ games short of an official MLB season as it pertains to numbers.

    CF Byron Buxton
    SS Jorge Polanco
    2B Eddie Rosario
    3B Miguel Sano
    DH Chris ...
  14. The 2013 Twins By the Only Stat that Matters (Pt. 3: Pitchers & Front Office)

    This is the first in a series of three articles evaluating the Twins 2013 Season. First we introduced the stat, then we used it to analyze hitters, finally we'll use it to analyze pitchers and staff members.

    Anyone can evaluate a player's performance in the field, but what about their performance in the field of entertainment?

    The Twins completed their third straight 90-loss season, but rather than chastise the unproductive and cheer the talented, I'm here ...
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