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  1. Consecutive Scoreless Innings to Start a MLB Career?

    Hey all,

    Just in case you start counting Andrew Alber's scoreless inning streak, the record for consecutive scoreless innings to start a major league career is 39. Brad Ziegler posted that number for the Oakland Athletics from May 31 to August 14 of 2008. I think Caleb Thielbar went 20 innings without giving up a run to start his career. Thielbar did set the record for consecutive scoreless appearances as a Twin. Albers is currently at 17.1 scoreless innings.

    Any idea of ...
  2. Performance, wRC+ and #PowerBananas: why Miguel Sano is the best MLB prospect

    Originally published at The Tenth Inning Stretch
    The art of evaluating performance inside a baseball diamond has undoubtedly changed the last few years with the infusion of science (math & statistic notations.) In the "good old days" if someone "hit 300", with more than 30 home runs and either more than 100 runs scored or 100 "ribies", he had a great season. That was the measuring stick that separated great from very good. And it still does, ...
  3. Punto & Danny DeVito! The Shredder meets The Penquin!

    Check out this dynamic duo!

    Nicky Punto and Danny DeVito celebrate Punto's second homerun of the year, as the diminutive DeVito was sporting Punto's #7 jersey. Awesome!! It seems Punto is finally getting some Hollywood cred after being thrown under the MTC here in Minnie! (click on the post-game interview)

    Danny DeVito really likes watching Nick Punto play (Watch) - MLB - Sporting News
  4. Twins Birthdays--August 13

    Also posted at

    Mudcat Grant (1935)
    Tom Prince (1964)

    Right-hander James Timothy “Mudcat” Grant pitched for the Twins from 1964-1967. He was born in Lacoochee, Florida, went to high school in Dade City, Florida, and was signed as a free agent by Cleveland in 1954. He pitched quite well in the minors, going 70-28 with an ERA under 3.20 and averaging over 200 innings per season. He made the Indians out of spring training in 1958. Grant was a ...
  5. Not Such Minor Signings

    Every year, every MLB team fills out their 40 man roster. As that is happening, they are also adding minor league free agents and offering them nothing more than an invitation to big league spring training. That is enough to be seen, to get an opportunity.

    Generally speaking, news of these minor league signings is treated fairly ho-hum. However, the last few years, the Minnesota Twins have done a great job of adding veteran minor league talent. Usually, those players are guys who help ...
  6. Watching the long ball is something I am not used to in my life

    by , 08-13-2013 at 12:04 AM ("And we'll see ya' ... tomorrow night.")
    I only know the "Twins Way". The Twins way in my lifetime has pretty much been this:

    Solid pitching, pitch to contact guys, throw strikes, eliminate the free pass.

    Solid defense, the Twins more the most part of the last 20 years has been very solid, and preached.

    Sac/bunting guys over, taking the extra base, hit and run. "Piranha" "Domeball". Doing so requires guys good with the bats, hitting with RISP.

  7. Grady's "The Twins Way"

    Ron Gardenhire should stay, although despised by some he deserves to stay. His methods, year in and year out, have proven to be effective in winning and ethics. The "Twin's Way" is what he calls it and for him it's defense and pitching that top his list in "The Twin's Way". And this year he has once again shown us "The Twin's Way.

    Last year the Twins were one of the worst teams winning and defensive wise, having the 4th worst fielding percentage of .983 ...
  8. Twins Minor League Report (8/12): Gonsalves Deals in Appy Debut

    For those of you that read this regularly - and clamored for Andrew Albers to get his chance - you were probably pretty excited to see him as good as he was tonight for the Twins. Staff Ace? If a guy that doesn't hit 90 and is the definition of "pitching-to-contact" isn't exactly what the Twins are looking for in a Staff Ace, well...

    Today was also a big day for current minor leaguers recognized around baseball.

    Let's take a spin around the minor leagues.

  9. Dozier, Rosario and the Future at Second Base

    It has been quite the 12-month span for Twins second baseman Brian Dozier.

    On August 14th of last season, the Twins had seen enough of him at shortstop with the big league club. They demoted him to Rochester after 340 plate appearances in his rookie campaign. Many thought he would be back as a September call-up but the call never came. Dozier was forced to live with a bad taste in his mouth for the entire offseason.

    Brian Dozier entered the 2013 season not knowing if ...
  10. With the departure of Carroll, Twins lose professional defender

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Carroll.jpg 
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ID:	5180Earlier in the season, I tracked down the recently traded Jamey Carroll in the Twins’ clubhouse and picked his brain on the art of fielding.

    A player’s offensive production tends to attract the lion’s share of the attention while the contributions with the glove go under-appreciated – especially if a player is not necessarily flashy. As Bill James once said, “Offense is making things happen. Defense is keeping things from happening. People would much rather ...
  11. Twins Birthdays--August 12

    Also posted at

    Lew Ford (1976)

    Outfielder Jon Lewis “Lew” Ford played for the Twins from 2003-2007. He was born in Beaumont, Texas, went to high school in Port Neches, Texas, attended Dallas Baptist University, and was drafted by the Red Sox in the twelfth round in 1999. He hit well in their minor league system (although as a 22-year-old in the NY-P league and a 23-year-old in the Sally League). The Twins acquired him in September of 2000 for Hector ...
  12. Monday Morning Madness - August 12, 2013

    Originally posted at Kevin Slowey was Framed!

    Over the course of consecutive weekends, the Twins have proved that they can defeat teams of the quality of the Houston Astros and the Chicago White Sox. I'm not sure what that means, but I guess it could signify that the Twins have vacated their position within the dregs of the league; a position they had held for the prior two seasons. Whatever the wins mean in the cosmos, they are enjoyable for us fans no matter what. Why is there ...
  13. Swiftian satire must be attempted only by people actually named Jonathan

    In response to a forum reply that I felt crossed a boundary, where the writer questioned the courage of Andrew Albers, instead of just deleting the post I decided to try a bit of "see how you like it". Since it stirred up some controversy, I am posting here the private message I later sent:

    Brock and I were both basically reacting to one sentence:

    Albers could have at least had the balls to fight for it if he really wanted it. ...

    Updated 08-12-2013 at 12:43 AM by ashburyjohn

  14. My wife asked me "Why do you 'have' to watch the game?"

    by , 08-11-2013 at 11:13 PM ("And we'll see ya' ... tomorrow night.")
    I got married almost 2 years ago. I had two things that were a must as we got married. 1. When the Twins are on, I am going to watch them. 2. I have to have a man cave. Those are pretty easy things to ask for in a marriage. My wife is not a sports fan at all. Her current, but traded favorite Twins player is still Nick Punto, her current favorite current Twin is Brian Dozier. I also said out loud about a week ago " I really hope we don't trade Perkins" Her response was " ...
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