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  1. Top 65 Twins Prospects (41-50)

    Continuing my top 65 prospects. Here are 50-41:

    50. Jason Wheeler, LHS, DOB: 10/27/90 2013 A+: 143.1, 3.70, 91/58 (6.2/3.0)

    Wheeler walked more and struck out fewer in fewer innings at Fort Myers than his 2012 effort in Beloit. He has logged 300 innings in the past two seasons with a 3.57 ERA. I have to imagine he is heading back to Fort Myers to improve his K/BB rate in 2014.

    49. Dan Rohlfing, C/corner OF, RH, DOB: 2/12/89
    2013 AA/AAA (combined stats): ...
  2. Michael Pineda Trade

    The Yankees might be losing thier best player in Robinson Cano. That being said: They have no second basemen in their minor league system who are worthy of even playing 2nd base at the MLB level. Why not trade for Michael Pineda and give up one of our stud 2nd basemen and another prospect or prospects for a potential top pitcher? Does this sound possible? The Yankees can always pay for Top pitching to supplement this season and beyond. Not as easy to find a stud second baseman and we have 2-3. ...
  3. My Twins 2014 Blueprint

    Its the new rage, everyone has an opinion, why not all blueprint it. Besides I enjoy reading everyones thoughts and debates following. Im going to go with a bit of a 2 part as I see some big changes being made midway through the season.

    Offseason: The Twins have holes at 1B, DH, & glaringly at starting pitching.

    I would love to see them move Dozier to bring back an Alex Meyer type but don't see it happening. Given they have Rosario back in OF in the AFL & Kepler ...
  4. Red Sox thankful to not have to chase players like Santana or Nolasco

    I personally don't think the Twins should chase 30+ yr old pitchers. Only exception to 'add an arm' is when you're contending and one piece could make the difference.

    Here's an article found on a Boston Red Sox forum. Thought it was interesting they, who have little to no need for pitching (they did chase on Ryan Dempster though - which didn't turn out very well) and tried to get a few games out of Jake Peavy (in season trade).

    Lackey was a signing, ironically, at age ...

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  5. Thoughts on the Twins? One baseball agent's perspective on Minnesota's front office

    Josh Johnson will be one of the game's more sought after free agents.Baseball agent Matt Sosnick speaks strongly of loyalty, honesty and trust in his industry.

    His agency, Sosnick Cobbe Sports, was grown from scratch in the hills above the San Francisco Bay and relies on building relationships, sticking with clients regardless of on-field performance and adheres to principles such as automatically dropping players who engage in detrimental activity like domestic violence. He discusses his clients as friends rather than means ...
  6. Infield Free Agents and Ryan Eades, ep 58 of Talk to Contact

    Episode 58 of the Twins baseball podcast, Talk To Contact (@TalkToContact), is now available for download via iTunes or by clicking here.

    Cody is back with Paul and Eric this week to talk Twins baseball. The off-season is in full swing with qualifying offers out to free agents, the world series parade over and the 2013 no longer visible in the rear-view mirror. We discuss which, if any, infield free agents make ...
  7. Why Not? Here's my Blueprint

    I’ve never told anyone this story…
    Mostly because I just made it up...
    And also because if I didn’t make it up, you still wouldn’t believe it…


    I had never been more excited to attend a baseball game than I was to attend Game 1 of the 2010 American League Division Series against the Yankees. It was the first playoff game to ever happen at Target Field and my seats were great.

    I remember that funny feeling – nothing like Game 163 – when things ...
  8. Hughes, Arroyo, and Vargas

    According the Twins are reportedly interested in pitchers Phil Hughes (Yankees), Bronson Arroyo (Reds), and Jason Vargas (LA Angels). Hughes and Arroyo are expected to receive multi- year deals and large sums of money in that contract, which could scare off the Twins when trying to sign these guys.

    Phil Hughes, 26, RHP, is coming off an acceptable year that would be a definite upgrade for the Twins if they were to sign him. In 2013 he went 8-3, with a 3.52 ERA, ...
  9. Impatient: Influx in Infancy

    With a fresh coat of snow on the ground, my mind is further chilled by the cold (and dead) state of the Minnesota Twins pitching rotation. How did we get so bad, so fast? The answer to that question will not solve the problem that lies ahead. The real question is “What is the solution to this pitching predicament?” In one word: Time.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    The Twins have never been known to spend lots of dollars on baseball players, or starting pitchers, for that ...

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  10. MLB 2014 Draft: Assessing Value of a Shortstop vs a Pitcher in 2014

    In lieu of the possible trade rumors (and likely just rumors) of the Cardinals availability of starting pitchers Lance Lynn and Shelby Miller in hopes of finding a top shortstop.

    The 2014 rule 5 Draft in June is already being touted as a pitcher heavy draft. The amount of high school pitchers throwing 92+ mph is easily 15 and counting, while the college pitchers heavily populating preliminary mock drafts with some showing as many as 15 1st round college pitchers taken already. It's ...
  11. Naming names: The three starting pitchers the Twins should sign in free agency

    Originally posted at The Tenth Inning Stretch

    It is not a secret, that the biggest problem the Minnesota Twins had in the past few woeful season, as far as players are concerned, is the lack of a reliable rotation. While a lot of fans are looking at 2015 or 2016 as the potential contenting point for the Twins, when Miguel Sano and Byron Buxton "come to age", the dirty secret is that there are not (other than Alex Meyer and potentially Kyle Gibson above A ...
  12. 2014 Minnesota Twins Offseason Blueprint

    There are plenty of ways to go about trying to fix the Twins team but some patience might be required as the club waits for some younger pieces to work their way through the minor leagues. The Twins Daily crew put out some solid information in the 2014 Offseason Handbook. One of the best parts to read about this document is the blueprint plans put together by the writers.

    There are plenty of options for the Twins but here is how I would go about trying to fix the team. Some of these ...
  13. Shortcuts

    "There isn't any shortcut to get where we want to go."

    Although the above quote from Terry Ryan was published back in February, the sentiment has been a common refrain for the Twins' general manager throughout his ongoing efforts to rebuild a broken product in Minnesota. No shortcuts.

    And why not? It's a nice-sounding way to quell the growing calls from a disgruntled fan base for aggressive measures to restore the franchise to contention. Shortcuts sound bad. They ...
  14. Velocity to blame? That's not Twins rotation's biggest problem.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Diamond.jpg 
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ID:	5961As plain as the nose on your face, the Twins could clearly see that a sizeable portion of their 2013 troubles was a direct result of the team’s rotation.

    “Missing bats and big impact” could have been a mantra of the starting five, or at least a bestselling bumper sticker for a select number of the fan base which thrives on the pessimism.

    The evidence of the staff’s lack of strikeouts is clear to anyone who does a cursory search of Fangraphs ...
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