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  1. OMG! This would make my season from Valencia if he did this all year.

    by , 03-10-2012 at 06:52 PM ("And we'll see ya' ... tomorrow night.")
    Last year I was the biggest Valencia hater!! I wasn't sure why they wouldn't put 3 players to the left of 2nd base when Valencia batted. All he did was try to hit the ball to the upper deck in left field, I was very, very annoyed by his at bats all season. If Danny Valencia can use the whole field in his at bats I will definitely come around to him as a batter. This is very good news that he is working hard on doing that, last year I was rooting for Hughes to take his spot, or at least give ...
  2. Twins Bench Battle Dashboard; 3/10/12

    Originally posted at The Tenth Inning Stretch

    I have been creating dashboards to look at the progression of the Spring Training battle for the 3 bullpen sports for the Twins (You can read about the rationale and details here.) I decided to create a dashboard for the 2-3 bench position battles. To quantify position players performance I am using another Bill James' measurement, the "Batting Game Score", as modified by Baseball Reference. I made 2 changes on the ...
  3. Are the Twins in danger of entering a cycle of mediocrity?

    As I read posts about the decisions the Twins have made and predictions about their roster, I wonder if they are in danger of entering a cycle of mediocrity. They have been there before, signing older players on the down side of their careers with the thought they would be the necessary difference in the coming season. Ultimately they were not and the Twins entered the following season with the same holes and questions.

    Of course there are many motivators for signing the veterans. Sometimes ...
  4. 2012 Minnesota Twins Prospects #14 Chris Herrmann

    Originally posted at ontheroadwithshawn.

    Source: Herrmann's Google Plus page
    14. Chris Herrmann, Catcher/OF, 24 years old

    2011 Stats: .269/.385/.399 with 8 HRs and 10 steals in 13 attempts between Fort Myers and New Britain.
    Last Year's
  5. Updated Twins Bullpen Battle Dashboard; 3/10/2012

    Originally posted at The Tenth Inning Stretch

    You can read the basic premise in detail behind this dashboard here. This is the most current iterration after yesterday's game vs the Cardinals:

    Here is a ranking of the combatants based on average game score:

    Terry Doyle 56
    Matt Maloney 54.5
    Jared Burton 53.5
    Liam Hendriks 53.5
    Aaron ...
  6. Twins first 35 games, and some futures bets on MLB

    by , 03-09-2012 at 05:59 PM ("And we'll see ya' ... tomorrow night.")
    I am looking ahead a little bit, but if you look at the Twins schedule early in the year, look out! The begin the season in Baltimore, that is fine, but then look what the schedule holds for us in order: Home, Angels (3) Home, Rangers (3) Away, Yankees (4) Away, Rays (3) Home, Red Sox (3) Home, Royals (3) Away, Angels (3) Away, Mariners (3) Home, Angels (3) Home, Blue Jays (4) That is very ugly, if you look realistically at that beginning I am seeing a start for the Twins record after ...
  7. Cardinals 3, Twins 2: The Hits Keep on Not Coming

    Yeah, it's only the second week of March. But early in spring training, positive signs have been hard to come by for this offense.

    Today at Hammond Stadium, the Twins snapped a string of 27 consecutive scoreless innings, but did so without a run-scoring hit. Their two runs both came on bases-loaded walks. The latter took place with two outs in the ninth inning, drawing the Twins within a run of the Cardinals before Rene Tosoni grounded out to second on the first pitch of the next at-bat ...
  8. Autograph Seeking

    Though I’ve never been a huge “autograph-hound”, I have enjoyed hanging around the “Down on the Farm” section at TwinsFest. I do that mostly to get a chance to converse with the players, but I also usually get a ball or 8x10 signed as well. As I started to find 8x10 photos of players online and at TwinsFest, I figured it would be worth a shot to send them down to Spring Training and see what happened.

    I thought I’d start a list and share it; ...

    Updated 03-17-2012 at 05:34 PM by Jeremy Nygaard

  9. Projected Twins Roster

    If you follow the tremendous work of 1500 ESPN's Phil Mackey, you know that every Sunday, he posts an updated 25 man roster projection. Phil is in Ft. Myers and talking to players, coaches and front office personnel, so he may have some insider information. But, I think that we can all do our own roster projections because until we get to April and the team has to announce their 25 man roster, anything can happen. I hope to post my projection updates each Friday and hope that you will leave your ...

    Updated 03-09-2012 at 09:29 AM by Seth Stohs

  10. Arriving in Ft. Myers for Spring Training - Tim Shibuya

    What was I supposed to expect going into my first Spring Training? As my report date neared, I decided I had no clue what to expect. And as I thought more about it, that is how it seemed it should be. Where would the fun in life be if we knew everything that was going to happen? So I embraced the surprises at every turn and figured the less I plan (outside of waking up in time for the bus) the better it would be.

    As I got off the plane in Ft. Myers on Tuesday, bag after bag with the ...

    Updated 03-09-2012 at 09:06 AM by Seth Stohs

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  11. Friday Links-N-Thinks

    It was a fun week for Twins fans as the first spring training games of the season were broadcast on television. This gave people their first view of the players who will comprise the roster of the 2012 version of the Twins. One of the fun things about spring training games is that a variety of fringe members for the 25-man roster are fighting for their chance to make it to the big leagues. Some players will succeed and others will fail but that is part of life as a professional baseball player. ...

    Updated 03-09-2012 at 08:22 AM by Cody Christie

  12. Francisco Liriano, Glen Perkins & Friday Links

    [Originally posted at Twins Fan From Afar]

    The Twins' offense hasn't really showed up this far in Spring Training, but yesterday, Francisco Liriano had a great 3-inning start against Tampa Bay, striking out five and, most importantly, walking none. Additionally, the three innings took only 34 pitches to get through. Sure, many in Tampa Bay's lineup weren't major league hitters, but it's still encouraging and hopefully is a sign of things to come.

    The big Twins news ...
  13. Updated Twins Bullpen Battle Dashboard; 3/9/2012

    This was originally posted at The Tenth Inning Stretch and reposted here
    You can read the basic premise in detail behind this dashboard here. The summary is that I have created a visual dashboard that uses Bill James' Game Score to measure the performance of each pitcher who is vying for a spot on the Twins' 25-man roster (you can see their profiles here) and track their performance through spring training.

    Performances are classified as "above average" (green ...
  14. Glen Perkins and the future

    Question: Why is this graph smiling?

    Answer: Because its owner just locked in $10.3 million guaranteed.

    On Thursday morning, the Twins announced that they have extended Glen Perkins through 2015with an option for 2016. Heading into 2011, based on his substandard results such as his strike out rate, this would have been unheard of, a Twitter punch line among baseball ...
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