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  1. Shaking Pitchers, Series Recap, and Other Notes

    Originally posted at k-bro's baseball blog

    Did you know that it was possible for the Twins to win multiple games at Yankee Stadium? During the same year? The same series?

    I bet you thought that only happened in video games. But it really happened. Really.

    Not only did the Twins exceed expectations with this series, they also made it fun to watch. All the hitting is great. I like a lot of Twins hitting. Keep hitting, Twins. And if you want me ...
  2. Three-Bagger: M&M Revival, Capps' Health & Perspective

    * It's funny how the timing works out sometimes.

    On Monday, I wrote a post here discussing the offense's struggles, noting that they stemmed largely from a lack of production from Joe Mauer and Justin Morneau. At that point, both lineup cornerstones had contributed minimally, which was a big reason the Twins were averaging just 3.1 runs over their first nine games.

    My conclusion: "It's too early to panic with either of these players, but up to this point they haven't really ...
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  3. 3 HR's? Come on Man!!!

    I'm not mad that Curtis Granderson hit a couple of homers off Anthony Swarzak on mistake pitches. Heck, I'm not mad that Curtis Granderson got a couple of singles, one of them a seeing eye infield dribbler after hitting 3 (count 'em 3!!!) home runs. I'm FURIOUS that
    Curtis Granderson was allowed to hit his 3rd home run off Jeff Gray without even so much as MOVING his feet in the batter's box. Is this on Gardy? Is this on the pitcher? Is this on Mauer? I go with Gardy. He's the skipper, ...
  4. 2012 Day-by-Day - April 19

    Twins score early, but couldn't come up later in the game to get another run or two to get a win. Regardless, splitting the 4 game series in New York after the series sweep against Texas is a good sign. Starting pitching obviously needs a fix, and I don't see where that's coming from.

    Down on the farm, the losing trend continues as it is the first day in the 2012 season that all 4 teams in the organization, MLB down to A, lose a game. Sano blasts his 6th home run and proves his power ...
  5. The Buddy Files Vol. 1.2---Yes I am still worried

    How much would I like to see the Twins take 3 of 4 at Yankee Stadium? More than I'd like to be the one to personally fire Gardenhire and get "the Franchise" out of town. OK maybe not that much but it would probably make my pants a little tighter.

    But I'm still worried by this team. I am reasonably sure that the heart of this lineup can produce this season. The starters are always a little concerning for me and the bullpen is an absolute heart attack on a nightly basis. This ...
  6. 5 reasons why Luke Hughes got a rotten deal by the Twins

    [I]Originally published at [URL="http://tenthinningstretch.blogspot.com/2012/04/5-reasons-why-luke-hughes-got-rotten.html"]The Tenth Inning Stretch

    By now the fact that the Twins have designated Luke Hughes for assignment to clear a 25-man roster for Jason Marquis is old news. I have always felt that Luke Hughes was a player with a lot of potential but for some reason the Twins did not see that and unfortunately might be added to a list of players including ...
  7. Mixed messages might have messed up Liriano

    Original post from North Dakota Twins Fan

    In the aftermath of a disastrous outing from Francisco Liriano on Tuesday night at Yankee Stadium, there has been plenty written about the lanky left-hander for the Twins. The Twins watched Liriano struggle out of the gate in 2011 and now the same story is playing out at the beginning of 2012. In his first ...
  8. How Ben Revere Got to Rochester

    When the Twins long 2011 season came to an end, there were a lot of questions. Who would be back? Who would be healthy? However, in general, one of the players who was expected to remain with the Twins was Ben Revere. Throughout the offseason, it was just a given that, even thought he didn’t hit well in 2011, he improved his game in September and his range and speed made up for any other deficiencies. The biggest question early in the offseason was whether the Twins should have Revere play ...

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  9. 2012 Day-by-Day - April 18

    Twins do it again in New York. Win 2 of the first 3 guaranteeing at least a split against the Yankees in the Bronx. Marquis struggled early on, understandably with his emotions of 1st game back after his daughter's bike accident, first game as a Twins and first start in New York, his boyhood team. Thankfully the bats were alive early and got him the lead. He held them in the 1st thanks to a double play, and they continued to stay in the game, but never got the big hit to take the lead. Capps made ...
  10. A Neanderthal's Rebuttal

    I wrote this in 2003, but somehow haven't revisited it for a while. Give the recent stadium kerfuffle, it seems like a good story to revisit, especially because it reflects a core tenet of this site: sports ARE important, and we don't shouldn't apologize for thinking so.

    Reject the fundamental assumption. After that, the arguments start answering themselves.

    This Sunday morning I was awakened by our 3-year-old son, at the customary time of 0-dark:30.
  11. Wednesday Night Game Notes

    I know that most Twins bloggers (myself included) were not a big fan of the Twins signing of Jason Marquis. I get that. However, if you cant appreciate the emotions that he must have gone through tonight in his first start in Yankees Stadium, in his first start with the Twins, in his first big league start since his daughters ghastly bicycle accident, then Im really sorry! So, he gave up three runs in the first inning after the Twins scored four in the top of the first. He gave up four runs in ...
  12. Joe Mays, Francisco Liriano and Ricky Bobby

    On April 16th, 2000, I went to the Dome to see the Twins take on the Orioles. Joe Mays vs. Sidney Ponson - what an auspicious pitching matchup that was! Mays took the mound and proceeded to lose the game with dizzying speed. Homer, single, double, 2-run single, groundout, 2-run homer. 6 batters and 20 pitches into the game, hed allowed 5 ER on 5 H.

    Undoubtedly, someone was up in the bullpen. Perhaps there were some derisive cheers when TK walked out to the mound. After all, this was ...

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  13. With Baker done, where do the Twins go from here?

    With pitcher Scott Baker out for the 2012 season with upcoming Tommy John surgery, the Twins are now down to just Carl Pavano, Jason Marquis and Francisco Liriano remaining from their original starting rotation. Marquis is slated to make his Twins debut against the Yankees today after missing the first part of the season so be with his daughter as she recovers from a bicycle accident and Liriano is fresh off a dismal 2.1 inning start that saw the Twins fall 8-3 in New York on Tuesday night. While ...
  14. Rock Cats Lose 2-1, Streak Halted at 6, and Where is Wimmers??

    [Originally published at Twins Fan From Afar]

    The New Britain Rock Cats lost a close game this afternoon, 2-1, to the Portland Sea Dogs. This was a pitcher's duel, to be sure. Starter Steve Hirschfeld pitched 7 strong innings for the Rock Cats, striking out 7 and walking none, to lower his ERA to 1.06. He surrendered just three hits. Blake Martin struck out 2 in a scoreless 8th. Luis Perdomo blew the save after allowing two walks and a double in the 9th, and then lost the game when, ...

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