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  1. 2012 Day-by-Day - April 21

    Tough loss for the Twins tonight, getting outmatched by one of the best, if not most underrated pitchers, James Shields. With the help of his arsenal of pitches featuring one of the best changeups in the games, he goes 8+ Innings, 7 strikeouts, 2 walks 5 hits and 1 earned run (while Rodney was pitching). First game in a while the bats didn't come alive, which gives more credit to Shields. Rubber match tomorrow and the Twins are depending on Liriano's left arm and full mind to get the series win. ...
  2. Free Joe Benson

    I know Joe Benson needs to learn how to command the strike zone better, but... oh wait, you say that isn't Joe Benson playing RF? It's who?... Clete Thomas? Who's he? And why is he playing so much when we have the likes of Joe Benson and Chris Parmelee?

    Disclaimer: I know, I know, Benson and Parmelee could both use more seasoning in AAA and both need to playing every day. I get it, I really do. GO TWINS! Go Clete Thomas!
  3. Spaceman Helmuts necessary. Opening Day Line-Up 2015

    This just may be a waste of everyone's time, but what the hell - it could be fun, boring or whatever... Let's Do It!
    Opening day Line-Up 2015 (I will include a closer):

    C - Chris Herrmann
    1B - Chris Parmelee
    2B - Eddie Rosario
    SS - Brian Dozier
    3B - Miguel Sano
    LF - Joe Mauer
    CF - Aaron Hicks
    RF - Joe Benson
    DH - Justin Morneau

    SP - Mark Appel
    C - Glen Perkins

    Let the games begin!
  4. Saturday Night in the Park (Game Notes)

    It was a terrific pitcher’s dual through five-and-a-half innings. In fact, Carl Pavano was one out from getting out of the bottom of the 6th inning. Then came a blooper and an error. The Rays had a 3-0 lead, made it 4-0 later, and despite a late run for the Twins, they fell 4-1 to the Rays. In reality, after the Rays got the lead, thing were not pretty for the Twins. Jamey Carroll committed his first error. Danny Valencia misplayed a ground ball. Jeff Gray inexplicably did not allow a run in the ...
  5. Burnett's "New" Pitch

    Coming in to the 2012 season, it seemed like Alex Burnett had no shot of making the roster. A 6.97 ERA and over two baserunners per inning was not indicative of a pitcher worthy of a place in any team's bullpen, but due to the injuries to Joel Zumaya, Scott Baker, Kyle Waldrop, and Jason Marquis' daughter, Burnett found himself in the exact same place as he had been the past two years: on the Twins' Opening Day roster.

    Now, you can't take away very much from spring training statistics, ...
  6. COMING SOON: Adopt-a-Prospect

    Recently, we have seen the “Adopt of Prospect” concept run on various team sites for baseball, and for hockey. We liked the ideas as well, and we want to bring it to Twins Daily. Here is what we were thinking. We use this thread to come up with any ideas or suggestions for this.

    Then on Monday morning at 10:00 central time, we will set up a separate Forum section called Minnesota Twins Adopt-a-Prospect. Seth will initiate a forum in which Twins Daily members can “adopt” a player. The ...
  7. Hangin' in there

    If only we could ask for a mulligan on the Baltimore series...... Twins are 5-9 going into today's game where i expect Pavano to pitch us a series win and then we'll roll with Liriano and see if a miracle happens in St Pete. 2 outta 3 in TB means were looking at 7-10 going into a homestand with a very beatable Boston and KC teams. Asking for 2/3 in each of those series seems reasonable and then as May rolls in, we're sitting at 11-12. Considering many thought April was going to be disatrous for ...
  8. Who is Hot in the Twins minors? 2012 version 1

    Originally published at The Tenth Innning Stretch
    This is the first version of the 'who is hot in the Twins' minors' series for 2012. I have been doing this for a few years now and 3 weeks into the 2012 season, there are enough IPs and PAs and is about time I get the first version of 2012 out. I will be updating those in pretty much monthly basis.

    About a month into the minor league seasons now, it is not surprising to confirm that the Twins have a nice pitching ...
  9. 2012 Day-by-Day - April 20

    Another comeback victory from the parent club. I have no research to back me, but it seems to me this team has had more success coming back late in games and not giving up. Given how much was talked about losing character guys, especially Cuddyer, this group has really shown some fight early in the season. There have been a handful games they had no shot in winning, but others they ended up losing that they had no business even being close. Tonight's another example. After a devastating home run ...
  10. Yum... another bite of Beef Willingham

    5 games in and this road trip has already surpassed mine and I am sure most Twins fan's expectations. Without the jacks, Liam looked pretty good tonight. His control was somewhat off, but he attacks it. He pitches fearlessly and intelligently. I like what I see and I hope to see some more with better results. Hendricks, as we all know will not miss a lot of bats, but he has something we have not had in a few years - a pitch to contact pitcher who is not afraid to attack the strike zone and for ...
  11. Friday Night Game Notes (Twins Win and Sano Shines!)

    The Twins improved to 5-9 with a 5-4 win over the Tampa Bay Rays at Tropicana Field. Denard Span, Jamey Carroll and Joe Mauer each had two hits, but it was again Josh Willingham who played hero in this game. With the Twins down 4-2 in the 7th, the bases were loaded with two outs and Willingham came to the plate. With two strikes, Willingham drilled a opposite-field doubles to drive in three and give the Twins the lead. It extended his hitting streak to 14 games. Matt Maloney, Jared Burton, Brian ...
  12. Twins Players of the Week

    Originally Published at The Tenth Inning Stretch

    This is the second installment in this series. You can find the first one here and all of them here in reverse chronological order. I will be doing these approximately weekly or at the end of every 2 series.

    In the last 2 series against the Yankees and Rangers the Twins as a team hit a respectable .279/.328/.434 with 6 HR and scored 28 runs. This was not enough to get them to finish better than 2-5 in these ...
  13. Lots of Thoughts!!

    by , 04-20-2012 at 03:47 PM ("And we'll see ya' ... tomorrow night.")

    Detroit 9-4
    Cleveland 6-5
    Chicago 6-6
    Minnesota 5-9
    Kansas City 3-9

    Any Surprises after 14 games?

    In my mind this is about exactly where I figured, with the exception of Chicago being lower by a couple games and KC winning a couple more games. Given the Twins schedule I predicted after 35 games 14-21, we will see where that ends up.

    I wanted to make a couple comments on a few thoughts that have been thrown ...
  14. Bullpen Farmhands

    Quote Originally Posted by SirLoin View Post
    If you listen to the likes of Bonnes and Gleeman (which I do), Jeff Gray is the relief pitcher equivalent of Drew Butera. That being said, I'd like to get some insight on some relief pitcher prospects we have in the system. The first two that come to mind are Deolis Guerra and Cole DeVries.

    Guerra - Just how hard does this guy throw? He's been downright nasty so far in AA. He's had a cup of coffee with Rochester, as a starter I believe. How much longer does he have to keep up this
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