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  1. Friday Links-N-Thinks

    Original post from North Dakota Twins Fan

    Since the last time you joined me for an edition of "Friday Links-N-Thinks," the Twins have only one one game and that was on last Friday. It has been a rough week for Twins fans as the team looked to get back on track against the struggling Red Sox. This didn't happen but the one consolation prize is the fact that the Royals come to town this weekend and they have their own share of problems to deal with this season. Hopefully ...
  2. A Spantastic start to his season

    Heading into the 2012 season, the Twins had plenty of question marks throughout the lineup. Among those unanswered questions was center fielder Denard Span.

    The concern was Span, like Justin Morneau to a less extent, would be unable to play consistently throughout the season at a high level. After all, Span’s concussion in the middle of the 2011 season sidelined him for an extended period of time and, when he returned for 14 games in August and September, he provided minimal production, ...

    Updated 04-27-2012 at 01:10 AM by Parker Hageman

  3. Genies, Series Recap, and Other Notes

    Originally posted at k-bro's baseball blog

    Sometimes a baseball team loses games, and sometimes it refuses to win. And this series showed us perfect examples of both.

    Tuesday's game was a genuine clunker by the Twins. It happens. No biggie.

    Monday's and Wednesday's games, however, were totally winnable. And the Twins...didn't.

    As much as leaving men on base drives me nuts, that's not the Twins' biggest problem. Obviously, ...
  4. 2012 Day-by-Day - April 26

    I mistakenly labeled my last blog the day-by-day for April 26, but today is the actual 4/26 update.

    The Twins had a much needed day off. As I'm sure we're all aware of now, Pitching Coach Rick Anderson had a 20 minute, closed-door meeting with all pitchers and both catchers to discuss the current state of the staff. It's really hard to say how effective these meetings are, but if nothing else, this proves to everyone that the fans are not the only people disgusted by the play of the ...
  5. Disengaged

    I must declare from the onset of this article that I am a Twins fan tried and true. from 1997-2000 I was a victim to their horrible performances, In 1998 a burgeoning slugger made the team following spring training. His name was David Ortiz, he didn't do too much offensively to warrant any negativity and he was sent down. From what I can remember, he was not doing things the way they wanted them to be done. The Twins that year had a horrible offense and if my memory serves me right, Molitor was ...
  6. Thursday Night Minor League Lights

    The Twins had a much-needed day off on Thursday. Players were able to stay at home (or in their hotel room, or wherever they’re staying), and get some things done… hopefully that included getting some rest. The team will start a series against the Royals at home on Friday night. Hopefully the Twins bats can tee off against lefty Everett Teaford!

    Here is a look at the Twins minor league scores and highlights from Thursday:

    GAME 1 - ROCHESTER 4, SYRACUSE 5 (8 innings)
  7. Twin's Nicknames

    There is a nice little article today on ESPN about MLB players and their nicknames. I saw Josh "The Hammer" Willingham mentioned, but did not see any other current Twins mentioned. That being said, I thought I would give it a try:

    Matt "I need a night" Capps
    Ryan "Just" Doumit
    Ben "Don't call me Paul" Revere
    Justin "Less yes" Morneau
    Denard "Spic and" Span
    Alex Burnett "Burn it all" ...
  8. Booing Mauer? There Are Reasons Why So Far In 2012, But They're Asinine...

    Much has been made recently about the boo birds in Target Field singling out Joe Mauer while he’s up to bat. It is somewhat hard to understand this early in the season while he’s actually performing pretty well from a grand scheme perspective, batting .319 with a .410 On-Base Percentage.

    He’s played in every game, has knocked in some runners, and has even hit a HR over the limestone wall in right field.

    But people’s eyes (including mine) are seeing something ...

    Updated 04-26-2012 at 03:49 PM by Steve Lein

  9. Separated at birth?

    Another recycled observation from last year, when a certain someone got reassigned...

    Is it just me, or does this guy

    look an awful lot like this guy?
  10. Minor League All Star Team

    Alright, sitting here passing the time and I started thinking about something.. We are nearly a month into the season. I want to hear a minor league first month all star team. Can be any level as long as every position is filled.. curious to see some of these answers!!
  11. 3 Twins Complaints I'm Sick and Tired Of

    I get it: Joe Mauer is getting paid
    $184 million and doesn't hit
    many home runs
    [Originally published at Twins Fan From Afar]

    When a team is losing, like the Twins are so far this season and did all of last season, it's easy to complain. In ...

    Updated 04-26-2012 at 01:04 PM by Seth Stohs

  12. April 25th-Jason Wheeler Start for Snappers

    I am going to write about a oddity for a Twins fan, good starting pitching. Not awesome or eyepopping, but good. Wednesday Jason Wheeler picked up his second victory Wednesday with six innings of 10 hit (8 singles-2 doubles), 2 K, 0 BB and 3 earned run pitching. Wheeler was helped by the GIDP and picked off a runner in order to keep more from crossing the plate. The Snappers held it close until he sixth when they put three runs in breaking the 3 to 3 tie. Wheeler stats sit at 21 innings, 1.38 WHIP ...
  13. Attendance starting to dwindle at Target Field

    The first two seasons at Target Field have been very fruitful from the Twins perspective when it comes to selling tickets in their beautiful new ballpark. In 2010 and 2011, the Twins capped their season ticket sales and it was tough to find an open seat in any section with your naked eye for most of the season. Before a new stadium was built, the organization said they needed ...
  14. Draft a College Pitcher? Are you sure?

    I can’t imagine that there is a worse starting rotation in Major League Baseball than the Minnesota Twins. It was really bad last year. They added only Jason Marquis in the offseason. Scott Baker had elbow surgery that turned into Tommy John surgery. Francisco Liriano, who teased in spring training, has been so bad that he’s having a skipped start after just four starts. The Twins starting staff has an ERA over seven right now.

    Understandably, the thing we hear from most Twins fans ...
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