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  1. Twins Players of the Week

    Originally published at The Tenth Inning Stretch

    This is the fourth installment in this series. You can find all of them here in reverse chronological order. I will be doing these approximately weekly or at the end of every 2 series.

    In the last 2 series against the Royals (abbreviated 2-game series because of a rain out) and at the Angels the Twins as a team hit an underpowered .214/.276/.321 with 1 HR and scored 16 runs. This helped ...
  2. Carroll, Span among best on defense

    Original post from North Dakota Twins Fan
    There have been plenty of low-lights so far for the Twins with last night's no-hitter by the Angels Jared Weaver being at the top of the list but there have been some positives for fans to see in the first month of the year. Denard Span and Jamey Carroll have provided some strong defense up the middle for ...
  3. Twins Minor League Hitter of the Month - April

    Earlier this week, I handed out the “awards” for Twins minor league relief pitcher and starting pitcher of April. In each case, I was able to profile six pitchers and there were good numbers. Today, I am going to profile five Twins minor league hitters who had solid Aprils. Unlike with the pitchers, it was really tough to come up with hitters. If I’m being honest, it was a two-player race for the April Hitter of the Month. And, today, when the Twins have an off day after being shut out two straight ...
  4. Why didnt Drew Butera pinch hit?.....

    My goodness...I would like to say we have hit rock bottom, but i doubt it! Thanks Terry Ryan, we had the wonderfull Clete Thomas in the lineup and Drew Buter on our bench..lol Please, some one please, explain to me how any of you can have any faith in this joke of an organization?.....what is our future plan? What is our present plan?.....This is with out question the worst run twins team I have ever seen....at least in the early 80s we had a young core andtok there lumps before they got good.....what ...
  5. Jered Weaver No-Hits Twins

    The Twins were hoping to salvage game three of their series in Anaheim against the LA Angels. Instead, the Twins got another poor start and the bats were shut down. In fact, the bats managed to do nothing. Jered Weaver, one of baseball's best starting pitchers, threw a no-hitter against the Twins.

    The Angels won the game 9-0, but Weaver kept Twins fans interested in the game with his efforts. In fact, he kept the national television audience on their toes.

    In the eighth ...
  6. Just Better Than Awful

    Even prior to tonight’s shellacking, the Twins collective ERA sits at 5.59, last in the major leagues. On the Gleeman and the Geek show last week, I asked “Can a team that ranks towards the bottom of the league in pitching even pretend to be competitive?” It turns out they can.

    Since 2000, there have been five teams that made the playoffs even though they ranked in the bottom third of the league in ERA. One of them was the Twins. In 2009, after a tense game 163 versus the Tigers, the ...
  7. Change needs to happen. Rant about MN Politics and the MN Vikings

    by , 05-02-2012 at 10:55 PM ("And we'll see ya' ... tomorrow night.")
    I saw the disgust on Gardy's face when pulling Hendriks in the 3rd inning. I too was disgusted, had to change the channel. I actually told my wife I felt bad for Gardy. I would feel bad in the situation he is in, when his hands are tied. What do you do, you have to make the trek out there before the 6th inning every game as your team is not in any game. I went through the bad times for the Twins, but the thing is I expected losses, they were underdogs, but yet they fought tooth and nail to ...

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  8. "Blown to Smithereens" The Bill Smith Story

    I hope no one can actually feel righteous in blaming Bill Smith for all of the Twin's current woes. Although Bill Smith held the title of General Manager from 2007-2011, my feeling is he was more of a figure head than a voice.

    Being that Smith was more of a financial administrator than a field administrator, I believe that Terry Ryan had his hand in the drafting and trades post 2007.

    Free agency and contracts: This one is a bit confusing, but after TR resigned, Smith signed ...
  9. 2012 Day-by-Day - May 2 MINOR LEAGUE ONLY

    I've stayed up late for the last two West Coast games, with the team down 6-0 in the 4th against Weaver, I'm retiring for the night and only doing a Minor League day-by-day. I'll add in the MLB game in tomorrow's edition.

    Hitter of the Day:
    Miguel Sano - 3B - BEL - A: 3-5 2B (6), 2 RBI, 2 R

    Pitcher of the Day:
    Cole DeVries - RHP - ROC - AAA: 6.1 IP 6 H, 2 ER, 0 BB, 4 SO

    Todays MINOR LEAGUE ONLY Day-by-Day:

  10. Wednesday Minor League Daily

    The Twins conclude their 3 game series against the Angels tonight. Here's the link to the TwinsDaily game thread. Hopefully Liam Hendriks can right the ship for Minnesota, without Justin Morneau (who hopefully will be back for Friday's game against Seattle) and Danny Valencia (back stiffness). It would be good not to be swept by the Angels. It would also be good to keep Albert Pujols from doing any damage. It's not looking good so far (6-0 Angels in the 4th, and the Twins have no hits), but perhaps ...

    Updated 05-02-2012 at 10:52 PM by Twins Fan From Afar

  11. Premature Speculation

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Coupled with the lousy start, the constant Jim Wacker-esque obscure positive spins and excuse making, there is a growing sentiment around the Twins fanbase that sweeping changes need to be made within the organization, starting with management. Short of Lou Brown rising from the grave to turn around the Twins season, it might be time to start thinking about putting Gardenhire and his staff out to pasture at season's end. While it's easy put the blame on the ...
  12. Hendriks vs Trout... I've Seen This Before

    Barring something unforeseen happening, when Twins starting pitcher Liam Hendriks toes the rubber Wednesday night, he’ll be staring down Angels’ top prospect Mike Trout, who’s been hitting in the leadoff spot for the Halos since being promoted a few days ago.

    Talk about déjà vu flashbacks.

    Liam Hendriks
    Just over two years ago, the Beloit Snappers opened their season against the Angels’ ...
  13. Time to address the coaching staff

    I like Gardy so it's hard for me to point the finger at him completely, and, as good of a Manager as Gardy may be, he can only do so much with the lack of talent dealt to him by GM genius Terry Ryan. With that being said, I was not at all happy with the way the team pretty much mailed it in the last month and a half of the season of last year and 23 games into this season, I'm already disgusted with this organization from top to bottom. If Gardy is going to remain the manager, he must starting holding ...
  14. The Pohlad family starring their favorite puppet Terry

    The Twins are now 6-17 and it's not a fluke, it's a small dose of reality. Terry Ryan had plenty opportunities in the offseason to improve this team, especially the pitching staff, and didn't do it. Examples? Erik Bedard, 1 yr $4.5 mil. (Same as Matt Capps is being paid this year) would've instantly become our best starter, but wasn't on Terry Ryan's radar. Chris Capuano, who we made a feeble effort (low balled him so he signed elsewhere) is 3-0 with an era that our current pitchers can only dream ...
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