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  1. Gleeman and the Geek: Ep 60: Tickle Me Pink

    Aaron sips a pink libation. John begs their listeners to take a quick survery for recruiting sponsors. Then they chat about whether Sam Deduno belong, whether the Twins can and should re-sign Scott Baker, how one characterizes the starting pitching market, Liam Hendriks first "W," the MLB television deal and what it means for the Twins payroll, the switch from Beloit to Cedar Rapids, and honors bestowed by Baseball America on some Twins prospects. Then they answer mailbag about the Minnesota ...
  2. MicroThoughts - Detroit Tigers

    I have had the honor of watching the Detroit Tigers play 23 innings in about the last 24 hours. Wait, honor is the wrong word. What is the opposite of honor? The Tigers are brutal. I know their record is much, much, much better than the Twins' record, but they are brutal. They have 3 great starting pitchers: Verlander, Fister and Scherzer (who can be pretty hit or miss). They have three great hitters: Cabrera, Fielder, and Jackson. They have one player who is regularly in the lineup that ...
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  3. Arcia, Hermsen receive Twins minor-league honors

  4. This is the Zodiac Speaking (Entry #1)


    Being a leader can be a pain in the ass. One can subscribe to this term as an added amount of pressure that makes the execution of oneís tasks or job much more difficult. It is not a job for the majority of us. The Twinsí lack a leader who is a player. Maybe all Free Agent efforts need to be put in that basket, whether it be a pitcher of position player.

    The Twinís need good starting pitching, much like a severely stricken diabetic needs dialysis. That does ...
  5. MicroThoughts - Dedone?

    I'm sitting here watching Samuel Deduno regress before my very eyes. In a way, it is sad because it would be fun for a 29 year old journeyman pitcher to suddenly harness the talent that he obviously has and become a dominant starter. The reality is that this rarely happens and while Deduno's results were good in his first couple months, the underlying stats did not support his success. He still walks way too many batters and doesn't strike enough batters out to mask it. He is starting to give ...
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  6. You Just Don't Sano Part 1

    Miguel Sano steps into the box. He is just a huge man. The game is tied at 1 and the opposing pitcher is locked in, but Sano already has 3 hits, including a double that hit the top of the fence. The pitcher has been working him away, and Sano is taking what he is getting, driving all three hits to right-center. He really has become a good all-around hitter in this league. The pitcher deviates from the game plan for just one pitch, comes inside, and Sano absolutely launches it to the seats in ...
  7. More Thoughts on the Twins/Kernels Affiliation

    The Cedar Rapids Kernels held a press conference Wednesday to introduce their new Major League affiliate, the Minnesota Twins. It was actually more of a public introduction to which the press was invited, but that was certainly the right approach by the Kernels. Affiliation changes are big deals in the local communities and when your organization hasnít had a change in 20 years, itís an even bigger deal.

  8. Friday Links-N-Thinks

    A couple of milestones happened for the Twins during the past week. The team won a series against the Indians but as part of that series, Josh Willingham crushed his 35 home run of the season and Liam Hendriks picked up his first victory at the big league level. These might not seem like very important numbers but the story behind those numbers gives a little bit more meaning to these milestones.

    For Willingham, he became the first Twins player to hit 35 home runs since Harmon Killebrew ...
  9. What makes Ryan Zimmerman the face of a franchise?

    In 2005, and following several MLB trade rumours, Ryan Zimmerman was among the first ever group of players to be drafted in by new franchise the Washington Nationals.

    He was immediately sent down to the minor league to hone his skills, but it wasnít long before the former University of Virginia student was making headlines at the very top of Major League Baseball.

    His statistics at the bat and in the field as the ball clubís starting third basemen are impressive, and his ...
  10. Is Samuel Deduno a lock for the 2013 rotation?

    The front office will likely do some shopping-n-swapping to infill the rotation this winter however one member of the Twins staff who is almost certain to get an opportunity to win a role next spring is Samuel Deduno.

    For the most part, Dedunoís unexpected and head-scratching success has continued across his 13 starts. He has struggled to get ahead of hitters (54% first pitch strike rate compared to the 60% league average) and then falls deeper behind in the count (8% of all his plate ...
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  11. The Hammer Pounds Again

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    Rightfully so, the big story from the Twins 6-4 win in Cleveland was Liam Hendriks. The right-hander won his first big league game in his 18th big league start. It was a tremendous moment for the Australian.

    However, it was also a huge night for another Twins player. He went 4-5 with a home run and four RBI. He had two RBI singles, and the home run came with a runner on.

    Itís been a huge season for the powerful outfielder. After last night, ...
  12. Career of lost opportunities for Alexi Casilla

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    As the offeseason is approaching, there are plenty of decisions the Twins will have to make in the coming months. The team needs to address some gapping holes in the starting rotation, there are issues with the middle infield, and even the training staff might need to be replaced. There are plenty of things the Twins could do to make some subtle improvements for the 2013 campaign. It isn't like the club's revenue stream is going to allow them to go out and spend ...
  13. Deep Starting Pitching Market Is A Lucky Break For Twins

    I may have exaggerated a little. I know Ė shocking for a blogger.

    For months Iíve been saying that this free agent class of pitchers is almost historically deep. That might be a little strong, unless you think history only goes back as far as 2007. Because based on the dollars that were thrown around, 2006-2007 was an unbelievably lucrative free agent starting pitching market Ė for the players. It didnít work out nearly as well for the owners.

    The top two contracts given ...
  14. Point/Counterpoint - The Last Two Weeks of the Season

    Point - The Twins should try to pass Cleveland for 4th place in the Division

    The final two weeks of the season are extremely important for the Twins' momentum as they move into 2013. Currently, the Twins are in last place in the AL Central and the entire American League. This embarrassing situation is one that the Twins should work hard to remedy over the course of the next two weeks.

    There are plenty of exciting players to watch on this team and the future seems very ...
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