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  1. GATG Ep 66 Post-mortem: Starter Jackets and World Series Odds

    Aaron & John are joined by Dana, Heather & Chris to discuss Starter jackets, anti-semitism & World Series odds.
  2. Former Twins Pitchers Fill Free Agent Market

    Pitching, Pitching, Pitching...

    Every club needs it and every club searches to add more pitching in the offseason.

    For the Twins, it will be a challenging offseason. The club needs to fill four starting spots in the rotation and the front office would also like to add some bullpen depth. This can come out of the free agent pool or by trading another player but the Twins have holes they need to fill before the start of next year.

    Yesterday, I looked at the former Twins position players filling the free agent market ...
  3. Rock the Vote: Twins Top Pitchers of All-Time

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    On Tuesday, many of us voted. Maybe your candidate won. Maybe not. But here at Twins Daily, we also voted for the Top 10 Twins Hitters of All-Time. Generally speaking, the top three players were the same on most ballots. It was also interesting to see how people chose to vote 6-10.

    Today, I will present a group of twelve of the best pitchers in the Twins 52 year history. You can see how long each spent with heir Twins, how many innings they pitched ...
  4. Gathering The Pitching Rumors For The Hot Stove

    This weekend is the unofficial start of the Hot Stove Season, because this weekend the MLB General Managers are having their annual offseason meetings in Indian Wells, California. It's not the more hyped "Winter Meetings" that take place next month, but it's still 30 GMs and their assistants, all in the same place, and rumor-mongering galore. Irresponsible, glorious, rumor-mongering.

    Twins fans have more reason than most to pay attention. Terry Ryan indicated in his TwinsCentric interview ...
  5. Let it Sano, Let it Sano, Let it Sano!

    This is a little bit risky. But I have to draw attention to this comparison I am about to make. When the Twins signed Miguel Sano as a 16-ish shortstop from the Dominican Republic back in 2009, he was regarded as the "jewel" of the International Signing Period that year.........

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    Just one short year later, the Nationals drafted and signed a 17-year-old Bryce Harper. Sano is just a tick younger (about 7 months) than Harper. But both ...

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  6. The Underrated Max Kepler?

    Last year, in 2011, MLB.com rated Max Kepler as the the #11 prospect in the system. After the 2012 season and June draft, several glitzy players moved ahead of the #11 spot, but Kepler moved DOWN to the #18 position. I did not agree with his descent on this list at that time. So, I felt obligated to highlight what Kepler did last summer as a 19-year-old in Rookie ball.

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    After a year in 2011 where he was a skinny 18-year-old with a .366 SLG%, ...

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  7. Twins Talkers: Your Twitter Questions

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ID:	2634Rather than spew out some analysis based on hot stove rumors and theories (which I've already done on Shaun Marcum and Kevin Youkilis, by the way), I thought I would take the opportunity to field some burning questions from the Twins Daily followers via Twitter.

    On to your questions:

    Who will be the Twins starting rotation on Opening Day? [@MichaelRHerman]

    As the Twins have said since the season started winding down in September, ...
  8. Predicting the college relievers in 2013....

    We know the Twins drafted a slew of college relievers in 2012 right? Well just how fast will any of these guys be realistic possiblities for the MLB club's pen?? Don't worry, I've got predictions (and my own rating list, with the most potential nearest the top) for each of them here:

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    (Top to Bottom: Jones, Bard, and Duffey)

    1. Zach Jones - RHP This guy was a two-way player (hitter/pitcher) ...
  9. Former Twins Position Players Fill Free Agent Market

    There are plenty of players looking for big free agent money and a half dozen position players on the market have spent time playing for the Minnesota Twins. There are some key pieces to former teams and some other role players mixed in the bunch. A couple of these players are coming off one of their best seasons as a professional but it looks like age might be a factor.

    The Twins have a variety of needs this offseason, such as starting pitching and middle infield depth. With those ...
  10. Assessing Hellickson

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ID:	2627The Rays, possessing a glut of quality starting pitchers and seeking an outfielder who can be an asset at the top of the order, have been pointed at frequently around here as a logical trade partner for the Twins. The Offseason Handbook specifically calls out James Shields and Wade Davis as potential targets in Tampa's pitching corps, and there are several other names that hold appeal.

    According to reports, the Rays hurler drawing the most interest is Jeremy ...
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  11. How fast can any of these "top" prospects move up to Minny??

    My predictions for the Twins' top prospects for the summer of 2013:
    (I am using MLB.com's list, even though I have seen much more accurate lists elsewhere)

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    1. Miguel Sano - will hit 20-30 HR's during a full season at Ft. Myers. Will rank in the top 3 in the Florida State League in the following categories: HR, RBI, SLG%, OB+SLG%.....many Twins fans will be clamoring for Sano to get a Sept. call-up. But that wont happen, ...

    Updated 11-23-2012 at 10:10 AM by mnfanforlife

  12. The Case For Trading Span

    We're approaching the time when a long-time Twins player is going to be traded away. It will likely be Denard Span.

    In our interview for the 2013 Offseason Handbook, Terry Ryan was careful, but stated the obvious. When talking about Chris Parmelee being a regular, Ryan admitted "We're going to try and fit [Chris Parmelee] in there somewhere, without tipping my hand too far."

    Fitting Parmelee into the lineup as a regular means playing him at first base or in right field. ...
  13. Decision 2012: The 2013 Twins Line-Up

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    It's Election Day across our great country and this means people should be getting out and casting their votes. Be informed about the choices you are making and help to decide the future of our country. One of the best parts about today is there won't be any more political ads on TV or the radio. Thank the heavens.

    If you are reading this post, it doesn't matter if you are a Republican or a Democrat because you are most likely a fan of the Twins. ...
  14. Rock the Vote: Twins Top Hitters of All-Time

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    Happy Election Day 2012! It may be happy for you for many reasons. Maybe your candidate will win. Or, maybe you are just happy that you donít have to see any more political advertisements on TV for a couple of years. In any case, be sure to take time today to make your voice heard on a ballot.

    Here are Twins Daily, you havenít read any articles on the politicians, and you wonít. However, on this election day, I did think it would be fun to take another ...
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