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  1. Returning Jeter's 3000th Hit? Ethics and Baseball

    Hey all,

    Baseball is a form of theater. For example, we have our small-market Rebellion battling against The Evil Empire. These are the Meta narratives that we construct, in order to make sense and meaning out of a box score, or a trip to the ballgame with peanuts and Cracker Jacks with our children, or a beer with the guys.

    So, take a break from the Hot Stove League, and consider (don't ponder, us Viking fans have done enough of that!), consider the question of Jeter's ...
  2. Is The Window Open For Another Twins Trade?

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Name:	Morneau.jpg 
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ID:	2901The Minnesota Twins’ offseason has been interesting to say the least.

    With the team trading away not one but two of their major league ready center fielders, the writing on the wall at 1 Twins Way appears to read that the focus is on the future. Outwardly, the Twins are sending the message that they are doing what they can to build a competitive team in 2013 but also taking measures to fortify the club for the coming years. Behind closed doors however, the ...
  3. Twins Should Strike While Stove is Hot

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ID:	2899As the slow early weeks of this offseason dragged on, we kept hearing the same refrain:

    Just wait until Zack Greinke signs. Then all of the dominoes will begin to fall.

    True story. We're seeing it now. On Monday, the Dodgers announced they'd signed the game's premier free agent to a monstrous six-year, $147 million deal. In the days since, other top names have begun to quickly come off the board.

    On Thursday, the Angels landed Josh ...
  4. Alberto Callaspo

    With the Josh Hamilton signing the Angels will likely have to move a position player. Could the Twins acquire Callaspo to play 2B? Should they? His history suggests that he is a below average fielder at 2B but he has a 275/335/384 career line. Otherwise he seems to be a decent fielding 3B. He is signed for this year at 3.15 M.
  5. What could Nick Punto bring to the Twins?

    Word came out on Thursday that the Los Angeles Dodgers were looking to deal away Nick Punto. Shortly after this happened, the Twitter universe exploded across Twins Territory with thoughts of the former infielder returning to Minnesota. The Twins might need to add some depth at their middle infield positions and there has been plenty of talk about the club bringing in someone to push Trevor Plouffe for the starting job at third base. Punto could be the man ...
  6. Top 60 Prospects for 2013

    This is under the assumption that no more prospects are going to be added to the system before the beginning of the 2013 season. So here are the top 60 prospects in the Twins organization:

    1. Miguel Sano
    2. Aaron Hicks
    3. Oswaldo Arcia
    4. Byron Buxton
    5. Alex Meyer
    6. Eddie Rosario
    7. Jose Berrios
    8. Kyle Gibson
    9. Max Kepler
    10. Trevor May
    11. Joe Benson

    Updated 12-13-2012 at 10:47 AM by Shane Wahl

  7. Twins Hall of Fame Ballot

    The Minnesota Twins Hall of Fame began in the year 2000 when they inducted former owner Calvin Griffith along with Harmon Killebrew, Rod Carew, Tony Oliva, Kent Hrbek, and Kirby Puckett. Since then, one or two people (players or other Twins-related personnel) have been added each year. Last year, Camilo Pascual was named to the Twins Hall of Fame.

    Recently, the Minnesota Twins put their online ballot for the 2013 Twins Hall of Fame. The ballot includes 18 former Twins players. Ten ...
  8. Gleeman and the Geek: How To Podcast

    Want to try your own Minnesota Twins (or movie or technology or whatever) podcast?

    Great. You can start with this video. John walks Aaron through the same process we've used to record 70+ Gleeman and the Geek episodes, from the hardware through editing and to hosting. It's just a couple minutes long and at a high level, but hopefully it'll give you enough information to try it yourself.

    For reference, here are the basics: ...
  9. Top 12 Twins to wear #12

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Name:	TovarCesar.jpg 
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ID:	2884
    Today's date is one of those weird dates that only come along once in a lifetime. It is the twelfth day of the twelfth month of the twelfth year of the 2000's or in other terms, the date is 12-12-12. Last year on 11-11-11, I counted down the top 11 players to ever wear the number 11 for the Twins. This was fun because it looked at players from every decade of Twins baseball. It covered guys like Chuck Knoblach, Jacque Jones, and Ben Revere. I even named Tom Nieto ...
  10. Kevin Correia: Pavano 2.0 or Marquis Redux?

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Name:	Kevin+Correia+Minnesota+Twin.jpg 
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ID:	2883
    The Twins got one step closer to filling out their starting rotation this week with the addition of Kevin Correia. He signed a two-year deal that was worth $10 million. Free agent starting pitchers have been doing pretty well so far this offseason but this deal still seems like a lot for a mediocre pitcher. Minnesota needed bodies to fill out the rest of their rotation and Correia will be given every opportunity to succeed with his new club. It just might not be ...
  11. Kevin Correia: Throwing Good Money After Bad?

    Hey all,

    Here’s what I don’t understand: let’s call it “throwing good money after bad.”

    Blackburn’s $5.5 million contract is bad money. The Twins still had—had money in their purses after dropping about $26 million in 2012 contracts that went off the payrolls or were traded away (Pavano, Baker, Liriano, Span, Nishi, Casilla). Now, by signing Correia, that’s down to $21 million.

    I expected to see a pitcher or two get Willingham money (3 years $21M), or Pavano money
  12. Is Lame Duck Gardy Good as Gone?

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Name:	gardenhire.jpg 
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ID:	2873For the first time in his tenure as manager, Ron Gardenhire will enter the 2013 season without a contract extension in place that carries him beyond the coming year. Lacking job security, Gardenhire spoke openly last week about the possibility of moving on.

    "If I don't make it through this year, I'll be OK," Gardenhire told reporters during the Winter Meetings. "I've had a great opportunity here, I love the Minnesota Twins, I love where I'm at and hopefully ...
  13. All The Way May?

    Name:  May_6.jpg
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Size:  20.6 KBWhen the Minnesota Twins traded Ben Revere to the Phillies, they acquired one pitcher to help them in the present (Vance Worley) and one for the future (Trevor May).

    In Worley, the Twins landed a somewhat seasoned middle-of-the-rotation starter who has above-average movement. But Worley had recent elbow issues, necessitating the addition of the Phillies’ top prospect, May.

    May’s pedigree is strong. His velocity ranges up to 95 complimented with ...
  14. Morneau to Texas?

    Forgive me bloggers for I have sinned. It has been 3 months and 17 days since my last post. I attribute this to 1) being busy 2) the state of the Twins having me down in the dumps and 3) laziness. However, recent trades have me excited again and wondering who's next to be moved.

    I've been hearing a lot about a connection between the Orioles and Morneau but I'm wondering if he could possibly start drawing interest from Texas. Texas has been chasing Zach Greinke, Josh Hamilton and a ...
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