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  1. Terry Ryan Interview - Submit Your Questions

    I realize that Ryan relies on his generalize and cover-all-the bases type of response to all questions, like “there are a lot of starters we need to look at” or “we need to make sure we put the right people in the right place”, but I too would be interested in more specifics.

    The biggest question I have is about multi-year contracts for a starting pitcher. Given the reluctance to for a three of four-year contract in the past, does anything change with the Morneau contract going off ...
  2. Searching the market for "affordable" pitchers

    In an interview over the weekend with 1500 ESPN, Terry Ryan spoke about one of the Twins biggest needs during the offseason. The starting rotation for the Twins was in shambles in 2012 due to combination of factors like season ending injuries, poor play, and inconsistencies on the mound. Scott Baker, Carl Pavano, and Jason Marquis were supposed to comprise three-fifths of the starting rotation coming out of spring training. Baker wouldn't make it out of Florida after injuring his elbow and undergoing ...
  3. Hicks off to a fast start in Venezuela

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    The story lines at Twins Daily and in most Minnesota media circles on Wednesday was the performance of Kyle Gibson so far in the Arizona Fall League. Simply stated, through two starts, he has been remarkable and given Twins fans reason to hope. As you know, Gibson is joined in the AFL by pitchers Logan Darnell, Caleb Thielbar and Michael Tonkin as well as hitters Chris Herrmann, Evan Bigley and Nate Roberts.

    To this point, the focus has been on the ...
  4. Waiting Impatiently For The Offseason

    I’m having trouble getting into the second round of the playoffs. I don’t really want either the Yankees or the Tigers to make the World Series, which means I can’t even root for the American League. The official team of The Voice Of Reason™ - the Phillies – is also out for the first time in years. But part of it is because I’m ready for the next act.

    The offseason.

    Oddly, I don’t think I’ve looked forward to an offseason this much in years. For starters, it’ll be nice ...
  5. Kyle Gibson continues to shine in AFL

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    When the Twins decided to send Kyle Gibson to the Arizona Fall League, it was considered an interesting choice since most teams tend not to send their top pitching prospects to this environment. The AFL can be a tough atmosphere for a pitcher to find success because most teams send their top hitting prospects and the parks tend to be a little more hitter friendly. Since Gibson is making his way back from Tommy John surgery, he didn't get many innings under his ...
  6. Twins' Kyle Gibson heating up in Arizona

    Just over a year removed from his Tommy John surgery, Twins pitching prospect Kyle Gibson has made two encouraging starts in Arizona, firing 92-to-95-mph bullets and keeping the game’s top prospects off-balanced with an 83-86-mph slider.

    That’s right: Hitting 95 miles per hour according to the Pitch F/X system in Arizona.

    Let’s take a look at why his AFL performance should give Twins fans hope.

    According to, Gibson has been aware of the velocity increase ...
  7. Gibson Causing Giddiness

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ID:	2516Given the vast number of tribulations that have surrounded seemingly every injury affecting a player on the Twins' roster over the past couple years, folks have understandably placed low expectations on Kyle Gibson's rehab process.

    The young hurler is a member of the organization's sizable faction of Tommy John victims over the past several years, and with all the setbacks that we've grown accustomed to seeing, fans across Twins Territory have conditioned ...
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  8. Twin Season of the Past - Shane Mack 1992

    Shane Mack was my little brother's favorite player. It was perfect because Kirby Puckett was my favorite and Mack was almost like the little brother to Puckett. Well, maybe that isn't perfection, but it is poetic if nothing else. Regardless, in most cases, there comes a time when the little brother "catches up" to the big brother. They start to be more competitive in head to head sporting events, they get taller/bigger and they get more confidence. Often, you can tell who grew up ...

    Updated 10-16-2012 at 07:05 PM by Brad Swanson

    Twin Season of the Past
  9. Examining the Twins Offseason Checklist

    The big wigs in charge of the Twins organization will be gathering in Florida next week to go through the paces of the team's organizational meetings. From there, the men in charge of the franchise will try and make a plan to dig the Twins out of the hole they have been in for the last two seasons. Some of the items on the team's checklist have already been crossed off in the weeks following the end of the regular season. Now it's time for the Twins to continue making some of the changes that will ...
  10. Tigers Garcia gives hope for Twins Arcia

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    Although there have been many storylines throughout the playoffs to this point, on the may not be getting enough play is that the Detroit Tigers have handed over so much playing time to 21-year-old Avisail Garcia. Consider, he began this season in the Florida State League and played just 55 games at Double-A Erie. The Tigers called him up to the big leagues on August 31, making him eligible to compete in the post season.

    Garcia has just three ...
  11. Brian Harper’s Index — 2012 Minnesota Twins by the Numbers

    [Originally posted at VeryWellThen.Com]

    Harper’s magazine begins each issue with a list of number-oriented factoids called Harper’s Index. Below is VeryWellThen.Com’s third annual series of number-oriented factoids about the Twins baseball season. Here on the Twin-ternet, such a list has to be called “Brian Harper’s Index.”

    The single-season homerun record for Target Field (set by Josh Willingham in 2012): 21

    Number of Twins wins at
  12. Thinking the Unthinkable: Trade Joe Mauer?

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    This is what happens when the offseason rolls around and I really have no rooting interest among the four remaining MLB teams in the respective League Championship Series. I write 2000 words about something that will never, ever happen. At least that’s what happened to me Sunday.

    But it’s not my fault. I’m blaming my fellow Knuckleballs blogger, Eric, and this Sunday morning Tweet:

    Nick Cafardo

    Updated 10-16-2012 at 01:41 PM by Jim Crikket

  13. Delmon Young: Detroit's Mr. October?

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    A strange thing happened during the first game of the American League Championship Series over the weekend. It didn't revolve around Derek Jeter breaking his ankle although this is an intriguing story line for the media to follow. For Twins fans, a man familiar to their organization became the all-time leader in postseason home runs for a team with a history that stretches back to the beginning of the 1900's. There have been some rough seasons as part of the Tigers ...
  14. Where Should Payroll Sit in 2013?

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ID:	2508Since they moved into Target Field, the Twins have seen payroll rise and fall, from $96 million in the opening season, up to $112 million the following year, down to $94 million in 2012.

    The rise to $112 million last year was purportedly the result of a push to take the next step after falling short in the 2010 postseason. The subsequent scaling back by nearly $20 million was easy enough to figure; the Twins had lost 99 games which led to reduced revenue ...
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