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  1. Gleeman and the Geek, Ep 83: Gardenhire's Fate, WBC Watching, and Full of Beans

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Size:  38.1 KBAaron and John talk about Ron Gardenhire's future, the latest with Jim Thome, Tom Kelly's opinion of Brian Dozier, Liam Hendriks' place in Australian history, late-night World Baseball Classic watching, storming the court, Joe Mauer's twins, questionable television viewing habits, one half of the podcast's "official couple" looking for new league members, going global, and being full of beans. Here are:

  2. The Snowed In Opening We've All Imagined.

    Weather reports tell me something wicked this way comes. I've got two gallons of gas for the snowblower and just enough left in my own tank to dig out from this one.

    Downtown, Target Field better be ready. Come April, we're all coming over to watch the game.

    With the weather waiting to pummel us yet again, how many of us are imagining a Wintery Wasteland Opening Day nightmare? Ever since they announced the stadium, the truly pessimistic of have smirked small, bitter smirks ...
  3. 2013 Twins Spring Training Battle Dashboard: Version 1

    Originally published at The Tenth Inning Stretch (and with a little better colors)

    With the Twins' Spring Training about half a month old and eight official games in the books, it is about time that I start posting these dashboards again keeping track of how the players who are batting for positions are doing. It might seem that Spring Training has been going on for a while, and it has because of the World Baseball Classic. For comparison, last year the first Twins' ...

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  4. Do you know your Twins pitchers?

    Posted at www.twinstrivia.com

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    There is still plenty of snow on the ground here in Minnesota and the temperatures are below freezing but Spring Training is underway and the Twins are playing exhibition games down in Ft. Myers where it is nice and warm. The home season opener at Target field against the Detroit Tigers is less than a month away and a few days ago I saw a video clip of the Twins grounds crew removing the snow from Target Field as ...
  5. Introducing the Gagne Threshold

    Originally posted at Kevin Slowey was Framed!

    The most recent episode of Gleeman and the Geek touched on a familiar topic for Twins fans. The middle infield has been a consistent area of need for the Minnesota Twins, since the days of Greg Gagne and Chuck Knoblauch. It was discussion of Gagne that specifically interested me. I remember Gagne as a kid. He was a player that I never really thought a whole lot about. Now that I am older, I understand his value. The Twins haven't had ...
  6. Playing on the Radio.

    I think Twins magic begins with a car radio, a commute of erratic, skidding traffic, and staring at the sun while waiting for red lights.

    Returning to baseball life is a greater gift to the fans living in places where the offseason is covered in snow and loneliness.

    When the bat cracks and the crowd cheers, we know the small city filled with red- and blue-clad fans will be born around Target Field. There will be beer, hugs, and shouting.

    At that moment, the ...
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  7. Vance Worley and the need for a third pitch

    Vance Worley is poised for his second unofficial start for the Minnesota Twins today.

    Compared to the other recent additions to the rotation, the 25-year-old right-hander’s first outing in the Grapefruit League was very positive. He worked two innings, allowed a pair of hits but didn’t allow any runs. Feedback from his new manager was good.

    “I like him. He looks like a gunslinger with that windup,” Ron Gardenhire told reporters following the team’s 5-4 victory over the ...
  8. How Max Kepler can help conquer Europe

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    Earlier this week a post went up on ESPN's Sweetspot Blog about the importance of one player to the future of baseball in Europe. Mariners infielder Alex Liddi has only played 53 games in the major leagues but he is the first player born and raised in Italy. He has hit .224/.278/.397 during that stretch which aren't exactly eye-popping numbers. Still the article said, "If baseball is going to grow in Europe, it's going to be because of people like him."
  9. Talk to Contact EP 27 - Spring Training and 70-Grade Brownies

    Episode 27 of the Twins baseball podcast, Talk To Contact (@TalkToContact), is now available for download via iTunes or by clicking here.
    Eric and Paul discuss the Twins news of the week, ranging from the Oswaldo Arcia injury, the CF competition, Joe Mauer's twins to the Baseball Prospectus prospect rankings. They are joined this week by Kristen Brown (kbrobaseball.blogspot.com) to talk about spring training, ...
  10. For Better or Worse: Ryan Doumit

    The Minnesota Twins have been aware of Ryan Doumit for more than fifteen years, but it was only in the last 15 months that he was in the organization. In 1999, the Twins drafted outfielder BJ Garbe with the 5th overall pick in the draft. In the second round that year, the Pittsburgh Pirates drafted Doumit from the same high school as Garbe, Moses Lake High School in Washington.

    Ryan Doumit debuted as a 24-year-old with the Pittsburgh Pirates in June of 2005. For the next three seasons, ...
  11. Handling Gibson

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ID:	3377As they try to rebuild their shattered starting pitching corps, the Twins are relying on Kyle Gibson to become a fixture in the rotation. Whereas the rest of the organization’s top pitching prospects are widely considered to be at least a year or two away, Gibson is ready now.

    After being sidetracked by Tommy John surgery, he’s returned throwing harder than ever and – much like in his first big-league camp in 2011 – he is impressing coaches and onlookers ...
  12. Rosario, Carew and the Jump from Single A to the Majors

    Hey friends,

    I am willing to admit that it's way too early to get our hopes up regarding Eddie Rosario and his 5 for 8 outburst against AA to AAA level pitchers. Some of the heavy hitters on this site have commented that it's absurd to believe that we could hear--once again--chants of "Eddie, Eddie" as early as this spring in Minnie. I get it.

    But don't tell me it can never happen. http://www.baseball-reference.com/mi...d=carew-001rod

  13. Calling All Bribes

    You can vote for the "Hall of Fame" discussed in this blog (and see this post with all kinds of other goofy photoshops) on our main blogger page.

    After the debacle of the Hall of Fame's "non-election" and last weekend's Academy Awards, there is but one honor left to bestow before the baseball season begins: the Peanuts From Heaven Hall of Fame! Yes, we still offer induction to all those who make the game fun to watch (even if they weren't exactly "good" ...
  14. Joe Mauer Is Having Twins

    For years, it's been clear that the Twins belong to Joe Mauer. It's nice to to get a little divine confirmation.

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    Late last night news broke that Joe's Mauer's wife, Maddie, is pregnant with Twins. (Oops. I meant "twins." The capitalization has become a habit. Though I suppose it is possible that she could be pregnant with future Twins. Gotta love Mauer those genes.) According to Joe, everything so far is "so good." Yes, yes it is Joe. For all of us. ...
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