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  1. Random Spring Training Thoughts from Fort Myers: 3/23/2013

    [I]Originally published at [URL="http://tenthinningstretch.blogspot.com/2013/03/random-spring-training-thoughts-from_23.html"]The Tenth Inning Stretch[/URL][/I]
    Actually I spent the day at Port Charlotte, watching the Twins beat the Rays; thus, no minor league report today other that the 5 guys ([B]Jason Christian, Nate Hanson, Chris Colabello, Bruce Pugh[/B] and [B]Dan Turpen[/B] - of Kevin Slowey trade fame) who made the half an hour trip up North to fill in as needed. ...
  2. Our Minnesota Twins (Part 3)

    As always this post can be seen in it's more easily formatted glory at our original site (where you can vote for a Twins player to go into our "Hall of Fame"...which given the calibre of my writing is a rather dubious honor)

    It's time continue our introductions to this year's Minnesota Twins...if you're just joining us: we're here to answer that increasingly common question on Twins' fans (chapped) lips: "who the heck is that guy?" And we'll do it in the most Minnesotan
  3. Inside a Target Field Promotions Meeting: A Screenplay

    Originally posted at Kevin Slowey was Framed!


    A room full of executives readies themselves for an important meeting. WILSON, JOHNSON, THOMAS, SMITH, and DAVIS each take a seat at the table. DAVIS sits at the head of the table and the others surround him. Everyone looks nervous about the events to transpire. WILSON, JOHNSON, THOMAS, and SMITH each have large, white poster boards, covered for now. There is obvious tension ...

    Updated 03-23-2013 at 02:54 PM by Brad Swanson

  4. Random Spring Training Thoughts from Fort Myers: 3/22/2013

    [I]Originally published at [URL="http://tenthinningstretch.blogspot.com/2013/03/random-spring-training-thoughts-from.html"]The Tenth Inning Stretch[/URL][/I]
    I am officially at Fort Myers, where I will be through Monday, attending Twins' games and checking on the minor leaguers. Unlike last season, when I pretty much presented a photo diary with 20+ images a day and some commentary, this season I will be doing something different: I will be presenting some of my ...
  5. What now for Joe Benson?

    The Twins made a few more cuts today, which is common during these final days of Spring Training. Joe Benson was cut and that is very disappointing to me. Benson is a player that I have been excited about for many years and a player who was given the opportunity to win the open center field job, after the trades of Ben Revere and Denard Span. Benson was not impressive this Spring. I don't put a lot of stock into Spring Training stats, but a .151/.286/.283 line with 15 strikeouts in 63 plate ...
  6. Liam Hendriks making final pitch for rotation spot

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Hendriks2.jpg 
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ID:	3564On Thursday night, the Minnesota Twins showcased two of their potential starters for their remaining rotation vacancy – Liam Hendriks and Cole Devries.

    Together, the pair silenced the Yankees’ bats over eight innings, allowing just one unearned run over eight innings.

    Of course, spring training is not about the results but the process. For Hendriks, that process included peppering in more non-fastballs. As was discussed during the Fox Sports ...
  7. Twins Birthdays--March 22

    Al Schroll (1932)
    Eddie Bane (1952)
    Eric Rasmussen (1952)
    Cory Lidle (1972)

    Right-hander Albert Bringhurst Schroll appeared in eleven games for the Twins in 1961. Born in New Orleans, he attended Tulane and signed with Boston as a free agent in 1951. He remained in the Red Sox system through 1959. He moved around a lot, playing for two teams in 1951, three teams in 1952, two teams in 1956, and five teams in 1957. Schroll reached AAA in 1955 and did fairly well, ...
  8. Friday Links-N-Thinks

    It is hard to imagine that this time last year there were temperatures in the 70s or higher for parts of Twins Territory. There are only a handful of days left until Opening Day and there seems be plenty of snow left on the ground. Fans in North Dakota and northern Minnesota are still digging out of the most recent blizzard and it's hard to believe baseball is only a few days away.

    The World Baseball Classic wrapped up in the middle of the week so most players are back in camp for ...
  9. Position Analysis: Left Field

    Name:  willinghammer.jpg
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Size:  28.9 KBLikely Starter: Josh Willingham
    2012 Stats: .260/.366/.524, 35 HR, 110 RBI, 85 R

    Potential Backups: Darin Mastroianni, Ryan Doumit

    Since joining the Minnesota Twins last winter, Josh Willingham has been destroying long-standing conceptions in addition to baseballs.

    There was a belief that prominent free agents wouldn’t sign in Minnesota. Yet Willingham, coming off a big season in Oakland, came aboard on a favorable three-year ...
  10. Tigers looking to trade Porcello

    I'll try this as a blog entry instead of a forum post.

    The Tigers continue to shop Rick Porcello to no avail. MLB Trade Rumors states that the Padres turned down a chance to trade either Huston Street or Luke Gregerson to get him. Other deals have failed to materialize. I suppose the equivalent from the Twins standpoint would be Glen Perkins, factoring in the NL and the Padres home park. Would you make that deal, if the Tigers also saw it that way (and were willing to trade intra-division)? ...
  11. Starting Rotation

    We all have seen pitchers that seemed to have difficulty in Spring Training, find their stuff once the season starts. We've see players hit for high average and then can't hit above .200 in real games.

    If we go by Spring Training results so far, the starting rotation would be:

    Sam Deduno
    Cole DeVries
    PJ Walters
    Liam Hendriks

    ahead of Worley, Pelfrey & Correia.

    Wouldn't that be a wonderment.
  12. Twins Birthdays--March 21

    Also posted at wgom.org.

    Fernando Arroyo (1952)
    Tim McIntosh (1965)
    Cristian Guzman (1978)

    Right-hander Fernando Arroyo pitched for the Twins from 1980-1982. Born and raised in Sacramento, he was drafted by the Tigers in the tenth round in 1970. He pitched very well in the low minors, stumbled in his first year at AAA in 1974, but had a 2.62 ERA and 1.16 WHIP there in 11 starts in 1975 when he was promoted to Detroit in late June. He didn't do so badly for ...
  13. Sam Deduno: New and Improved?

    Earlier this week, the Dominican Republic took home their first championship in the World Baseball Classic. Japan won the title in the first two years of the tournament but this year it was all about the Dominicans. They went undefeated through all of the rounds and ended up celebrating on the field in San Francisco.

    One of the breakout stars for the Dominican was a current member of the Twins organization. Sam Deduno made three starts for his country and his numbers look great. He ...
  14. The Next in a Long Line

    “It excites me a lot. Look at that line. Those guys have all been mentored by the guy in front of them. Me being mentored by Denard Span means I'm the next one in line. I've still got to get to the big leagues, still have to earn my place as a big league center fielder.”

    Those were the words of Aaron Hicks at Twins Fest when asked what it meant to follow in the Minnesota Twins centerfield lineage of Kirby Puckett to Torii Hunter to Denard Span.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	KirbyPuckett.jpg 
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