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  1. Alex Meyer's "Rough" Start

    Alex Meyer, probably throwing a really, really hard fastball.
    Courtesy of Kevin Pataky at MiLB.
    For a Twins fan, I had perhaps the best seat in the house. Literally 1 row behind me -- same seat number in fact -- Twins' General Manager Terry Ryan sat with a pencil, scorecard and ...
  2. Twins Minor League Report (5/1): Darnell Dominates

    Joe Mauer sat out his first Twins game of the season on Wednesday. It might have been a good day for Mauer to rest since the team has another off day tomorrow. He has also been in a major slump at the plate. The Twins All-Star catcher has only hit .091/.211/.091 over the last nine games. This includes one hit over his last six games.

    Even with Mauer out of the line-up, the Twins were still able to come away with a win and avoid being swept by the Detroit Tigers. Scott Diamond pitched ...
  3. The Future of Ron Gardenhire

    At the end of last season, things must have been a little tense around the Ron Gardenhire household. The Twins were coming off of back-to-back 90-loss seasons and Gardenhire only had one season left on his current contract. It was inevitable for some changes to take place and almost all of Gardy's coaching staff would not be hired back or would be reassigned.

    The sporting world can be cruel when a team isn't performing well on the field. Twins fans weren't used to this kind of shake-up ...
  4. Twins Birthdays--May 1

    Also posted at wgom.org

    Rudy Meoli (1951)
    Roy Lee Jackson (1954)

    Infielder Rudolph Bartholomew Meoli did not play for the Twins, but he was in their farm system for a couple of months in 1979. He was born in Troy, New York, went to high school in Covina, California, and was drafted by California in the fourth round in 1969. He hit .351 in rookie ball, but after that his averages, while solid enough, are not that impressive, especially when combined with the fact
  5. What is the matter with Joe Mauer?

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ID:	3957After a slow start in the season’s opening week, Joe Mauer was once again cracking line drives – right on schedule – but has more recently found himself in one of the worst stretches of offensive baseball of his career and quite possibly the worst since he was a fetus.

    Pardon the arbitrary endpoints, from April 6 to April 20, Mauer had collected 18 hits in 35 at bats (a whopping .514 batting average). In that time, the Twins catcher was blistering the baseball ...
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  6. Kernels 9 Game Win Streak Has Had Some Drama

    The Cedar Rapids Kernels have ripped through nine straight wins as they head in to a two-week long road trip, but it hasn't come without a little drama.

    Take this past Saturday, for instance.

    Most of you have probably already read or heard about the strange finish to that night's 8-7 Kernels win, but for those who haven't here are the basics of what you need to know:

    Adam Brett Walker hit a game-tying three-run home run with two out in the bottom of the ninth ...
  7. 11-11 What the next 21 games will tell us!!

    by , 04-30-2013 at 11:27 PM ("And we'll see ya' ... tomorrow night.")
    2 more @ Tigers
    3 @ Indians
    4 @ Red Sox
    3 vs Orioles
    3 Vs White Sox
    3 @ Braves
    3 vs Red Sox
    Combined Record 65-64 .504

    Looking at what has happened so far this year being 11-11, I find the next 21 games very important on a lot of ways in my opinion. We have a .500 record now, we play decent teams with a combined record of what we do. I think a lot can happen good or bad.

    I really want the Twins to play meaningful games in ...
  8. Twins Minor League Report (4/30): Amazing April in A Ball

    One month of minor league action is in the books, and for the most part, it has played out even better than could have been anticipated. The Minnesota Twins organization’s top prospects are performing very well. Just as important, several of the second-tier prospects have been able to establish themselves early in the season. The Ft. Myers Miracle has the most wins of any team in the minor leagues. The Cedar Rapids Kernels have a roster filled with players who were on the Beloit playoff team a year ...
  9. Time to Put Pelf on the Shelf

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ID:	3951In a season where he's largely stayed in the good graces of the fan base, Ron Gardenhire finally awakened the critics on Monday night.

    With the Twins leading Detroit 3-1 and angling for a big win to kick off their treacherous road trip, Gardenhire sent Mike Pelfrey out to pitch the sixth inning despite the fact that the starter had pretty clearly been surviving on smoke and mirrors all night. Pelfrey had not struck out a single hitter and, in the previous ...
  10. Shamelessly Exploiting Kevin Correia's Hot Start for Pageviews

    Originally posted at Kevin Slowey was Framed!

    Do you like meaningless stats? Do you enjoy cherry-picking? How about fallacy?

    Are you enamored with Kevin Correia and his shockingly awesome start to this season?

    Do you like being asked questions?

    I thought it might be fun to look at Kevin Correia's stats, with an eye toward history and multiplication. If you think that sounds fun as well, please keep reading.

    Pro-rated stats

    Updated 04-30-2013 at 07:33 PM by Brad Swanson

  11. About avatars

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    I've been asked about my daily choice of avatar(s). That joke has pretty much run its course so I'm not going to continue it indefinitely, and I thought I should just put the lengthy explanation here as a blog entry for possible future reference.

    I started out without any visual embellishment to my postings. After a while I decided to try it out, after seeing others' choices. I didn't like my own photo for the purpose, and the first one I ...

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  12. Twins Birthdays--April 30

    Also posted at wgom.org

    Ken Retzer (1934)
    Jeff Reboulet (1964)

    Catcher Kenneth Leo Retzer did not play for the Twins, but was in their farm system in 1965. He was born in Wood River, Illinois and signed with Cleveland as a free agent in 1954. He began in Class D and rose very slowly. He hit for good averages most years, but with very little power. He reached Class A in 1956, but then missed 1957 due to military service. When he came back in 1958, he was once ...
  13. How valuable is Eduardo Escobar?

    When the Twins traded Francisco Liriano to the Chicago White Sox last July, it seemed like the club was getting a bag of balls and some chewing gum in return. There wasn't much to get excited about with names like Pedro Hernadez and Eduardo Escobar. Flashforward a couple of months later and it is starting to look more and more like the Twins got some servicable players.

    Escobar has built himself a nice little niche in the Twins clubhouse. Manager Ron Gardenhire uses him as a late inning ...
  14. Ozzie Guillen, Twins Manager in 2014??

    Hey all,

    This is a crazy idea, but why not?

    Ron Gardenhire's contract is up at the end of this year, and if the Twins Way winds up producing another 90 loss season, it may be time to shake up the culture of Twins Nation.

    Ozzie Guillen would do that in a flash.

    Consider the wave of Latino talent moving up through the Twins system. Ozzie might fit in well with a changing clubhouse. He is popular with the local media, who ate up his Pirhanna quotes: ...
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