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  1. Twins Birthdays--June 13

    There do not appear to be any players with connections to the Minnesota Twins who were born on this day.
  2. Happy to be an Idiot

    Arcia made my post of yesterday look like complete stupidity, heres hoping to look stupid for the rest of the season!
  3. 1,000,000 Reasons

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Fotolia_16304314_S.jpg 
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ID:	4415You would think that when Twins Daily hits a milestone like one million views over a month, like we did yesterday, it would cause a lot of elation. And usually, you would be right.

    But this time, it was a little overwhelming. Because while I forget details about the beginnings of blogging I still remember certain feelings vividly.

    I remember the emptiness of hollering into the void. I remember the elation of finding an ...
  4. The Sano & Rosario Show: Game 2

    In the nightcap it wasn't just Miguel Sano and Eddie Rosario that I was excited to see. This was also my first time seeing righty Trevor May in person.

    May consistently hit 93 with his fastball in the 1st inning, and was moving it in and out pretty effectively. Same control problems we have all heard about, though. Had a 4-pitch walk and a wild pitch in the first inning. 20 pitches to get out of it. The second inning, though, was much better -- 14 pitches 1-2-3.

    Updated 06-12-2013 at 11:26 PM by Twins Fan From Afar

  5. Twins Minor League Report (6/12): Double-A Debuts

    With two rainouts on Tuesday, there was a duo of double headers on Wednesday night. Miguel Sano, Eddie Rosario, and Angel Morales all made their Double-A debuts. Jason Wheeler helped the Miracle to win even with a new core of players in their everyday line-up. The Kernels had a chance to clinch a playoff birth.

    Earlier today I released an updated list of the top 10 prospects in the Twins organization. There was a new name at the top of the list and two other players sneaking into ...
  6. The Sano & Rosario Show: Game 1

    New Britain only amassed 3 hits in the first of two 7-inning contests tonight, but to be completely honest, that wasn't the main -- or perhaps even secondary -- story. No, make no mistake, fans and reporters (including this fan/reporter) were here to see Miguel Sano, Eddie Rosario, and Angel Morales, the newest additions to the Rock Cats. I was fortunate to be in attendance, to take a few pictures, and even awful video, of the debuts.

  7. Baseball team gets renamed in honor of a Twins' player. Just not who you think.

    [I][B][SIZE=2][FONT=book antiqua][/FONT][/SIZE][/B][SIZE=2][FONT=book antiqua]Originally published at [URL="http://tenthinningstretch.blogspot.com/2013/06/local-baseball-team-gets-renamed-in.html"]The Tenth Inning Stretch[/URL][/FONT][/SIZE][/I][B][SIZE=2][FONT=book antiqua]
    [/FONT][/SIZE][/B][SIZE=2][FONT=book antiqua]
    It is really wonderful to see professional baseball players to be good corporate citizens and invest in their communities, appreciating what they ...
  8. Yangervis Solarte vs. Brian Dozier

    In the 2011 season, the New Britain Rock Cats featured a dynamic lineup for the second half of the season which consisted primarily of Brian Dozier (SS), Chris Herrmann (C/LF), Chris Parmelee (1B/RF), Joe Benson (CF), and Yangervis Solarte (2B/LF). None of these five would see any AAA time in 2011 and only Parmelee and Benson saw September action with the Twins. After the season, the Twins committed to Brian Dozier going forward and Yangervis Solarte left as a minor league free agent, signing with ...
  9. Numbers don't Count: Draft Analysis in 5 words or less

    It's that time once again, every year we "analyze" the Twins drafting decisions by summarizing the strengths and weaknesses of players. Rather than do that with any depth, direction or purpose (which is soooooo not our style), we rapidly blurt out 5 words and pass them off as "analysis" or "humorous"..hopefully you agree (and appreciate my endless attempts to reinvigorate the cliched "never give up on lefties)

    Thanks to the many fine folks at Twins ...

    Updated 06-12-2013 at 11:18 PM by John Bonnes

  10. 25 Minnesota Twins Drafts in 25 Days: 2013

    Originally posted at Kevin Slowey was Framed!

    The 2013 MLB draft has come and gone. The Twins have added somewhere between 20 and 40 new players to their organization and I have no clue who 99% of them are. I do have access to Baseball Reference and the internet as a whole. In an effort to better acquaint myself with some future Twins, I will also subject each of you to a bunch of clumsily constructed jokes and feeble attempts at punnery. In that way, we all benefit.
  11. Twins Birthdays--June 12

    Also posted at wgom.org

    Gerry Arrigo (1941)
    Jim Strickland (1946)
    Scott Aldred (1968)
    Damon Hollins (1974)

    ​Left-hander Gerald William Arrigo pitched for the Twins in the early 1960s. Born and raised in Chicago, he signed with the home town White Sox in 1960. After a fine season in Class D Clinton the Twins chose him in that off-seasonís first year player draft. He did not do particularly well in 1961 but was called up for a month anyway, working ...
  12. Twins Top 10 Prospects: Post-Draft Edition

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    At the end of last week, the Twins added some strong talent to their organization through the MLB Draft. Minnesota's farm system was already considered one of the best in baseball and having another top 5 pick can only help to improve their top level talent.

    My last prospect ranking came back when I was helping to put together the "Minnesota Twins Prospect Handbook." There have been a few changes to the list as players begin to move closer to the ...
  13. Twins' broadcaster Dick Bremer discusses advanced stats in the booth

    Fox Sport North's Dick Bremer and Bert BlylevenWith the exception of one seasons in the early 1980s, Dick Bremerís rich, jovial voice has been the definite sound of summer for Minnesota Twins fans in the Upper Midwest since 1983. His professionalism, knowledge and ability to entertain a wide audience for many years are the reason the Minnesota Broadcasters Hall of Fame recently selected him for induction.

    This honor, without question, was well deserved.

    It is interesting to think how people ...
  14. Twins Minor League Report (6/11): More Woes for Worley

    Rain was the winner of the day for two Twins affiliates. The much-anticipated AA debut of Miguel Sano and Eddie Rosario will have to wait another day. Things continued to get much tighter atop the Midwest Leagues Western Division standings as Beloit won for the eighth straight game. Were the Cedar Rapids Kernels able to keep up?

    We are starting to hear about the Twins signing some of their draft picks and likely several more will sign by the end of the week. The short-season teams are ...
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