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  1. Should Scott Diamond be shutdown?

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    One of the best story lines for the Twins in 2012 has been the emergence of Scott Diamond as a stabilizing force in the starting rotation. In a season where the Twins have used 12 different starting pitchers, Diamond leads the way with 24 starts under his belt. During the first half of the season, it looked like Diamond could make the All-Star team because of his performance after being called up by the Twins. It has been a different story for Diamond in the last ...
  2. The Final Fifteen; What to Watch For

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    It's been a long season for the Twins and their fans. Many years at this time, I would say, "Boy, April doesn't seem like that long ago!" This year, it has been a very, very long season and April does seem like forever ago. However, starting tonight, the Twins will have just 15 more games to play this season, and although it's been a frustrating season, again, there are still plenty of reasons for fans to "play out the string." The best reason is "Because it's ...
  3. Should Twins Sign Scott Baker Now?

    Yesterday, teams looking for free agent starting pitching this offseason were dealt a minor blow by the Texas Rangers. Colby Lewis, the solid starting pitcher of the Rangers, re-signed with them at the bargain price of $2 million plus incentives.

    If that sounds shrewd, itís continuing a trend. Lewis has been outpacing the relatively meager sums the Rangers have been paying him since they signed him when he returned from Japan. In the three years since, he has thrown 500 innings for ...
  4. MicroQuestion - Buster Posey = Joe Mauer 2.0?

    Yesterday, I posited that I believe that Joe Mauer is great. I stand by this, but I can see why some are frustrated with Mauer. Buster Posey, on the other hand, is seemingly working on wrapping up his first MVP award. Posey hits home runs, catches regularly and seems to be that emotional leader that many fans get behind. In his two healthy seasons, the Giants have won a World Series and are now serious contenders to win another one. So, my question is this - is Buster Posey everything fans ...
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  5. Yep looking to 2013 already.

    by , 09-17-2012 at 01:51 PM ("And we'll see ya' ... tomorrow night.")
    I am a very frustrated Twins fan right now. I am looking at what could be a complete overhaul, or a spending spree for 2013. I am not sure what to root for. As of this second you have to look at what the Twins could throw on the mound next opening day roster.

    De Vries?
    Duensing? (Please no)
    Blackburn? (Please no)

    So lets look at diving into free agency this off season, ...
  6. Pedro Florimon lining up to be Opening Day starter

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    "I love having him at shortstop."- Ron Gardenhire, 9/16/12, The Ron Gardenhire Show

    It didn't take very long for Brian Dozier to fall out of the good graces with the Minnesota Twins. The team gave him plenty of opportunities to showcase his talents as the shortstop of the future for the organization but he was unimpressive during his rookie campaign. This has left the door open for another player to step-in and get most of the reps at shortstop during ...
  7. Gleeman and the Geek: Ep 59: Buying Starting Pitching

    Aaron and John talk about Aaron's "healthy" new look, discuss next year's middle infield, tell listeners how they can get a free audiobook, and review the expected free agent starting pitchers and give Aaron's choices, John's choices, and the Twins probable choices. Here are:

  8. MicroThoughts - Joe Mauer

    My Father-in-Law sent me a text yesterday afternoon. Here is what it said:

    "I see iron man Mauer has missed five straight. Most overpaid player in the game. Have a great weekend."

    The "have a great weekend" part was much appreciated, but the rest of the text just made me shake my head. I want to address each part of this text, as I think these are common sentiments expressed by Twins fans.

    1. Iron Man quip.

    Mauer plays ...

    Updated 09-16-2012 at 02:47 PM by Brad Swanson

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  9. Twins Daily v. Internet Porn

    I have been a Twins Daily participant since March of this year. It has sucked me in, and at times it has been educational, captivating and controversial.

    My problem with Twins Daily is that I cannot find the time to fit internet porn into my schedule anymore. I am torn between two worlds and I am not sure what I should do?

    In 2003, after work, I would roll myself a marijuana cigarette, smoke it, have a Rolling Rock beer and watch some internet porn.

    In 2006, ...
  10. 5 BIG If's

    IF Liriano had pitched like we know he can ...
    IF Baker had not been hurt and pitched like the Baker we know ...
    IF Pavano had not been hurt and was the innings eater he was in 2010 ...
    IF Blackburn had recovered his touch ...
    IF Slowey had been the pitcher we thought he was ...

    We would win the pennant this year and maybe even last year,

    Instead we have 5 minor league starting pitchers and only one came up though the Twins organization. (not counting ...
  11. SP Depth Chart - 9/14

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ID:	2350An updated glance at the Twins' starting pitching depth chart, with a couple weeks remaining in the season. Barring any major developments over the rest of the month, this is how we view the team's SP pecking order heading into the offseason:

    1. Scott Diamond. He's gone through some struggles recently, with a 6.64 ERA over his past four starts, but that was to be expected. In addition to the fact that he was bound for some regression, he might be wearing ...
  12. St. Peter's Comments re: Possible Twins Affiliate in St. Paul

    Charley Walters of the Pioneer Press posted a column (click here) with a number of quotes from Twins president Dave St. Peter concerning the possibility of the Twins locating a minor league affiliate in St. Paul, now that the city has funding assured to move forward with building their new stadium. The stadium is being built to Class A standards (which basically deal with things like clubhouse and training facilities and a certain minimum seating capacity).

    St. Peter's quotes and summary:

    Updated 09-14-2012 at 01:03 PM by Jim Crikket

  13. Knowing your Limitations - Lessons from Alfred Adler

    It is common in human nature to be prideful and to want to demonstrate one's abilities. When a person learns a skill, they want to demonstrate that they have that skill. Just look inside any college dorm, and see which dudes learned how to play guitar. It is also very normal for humans to overestimate their abilities to perform certain skills. Often, we can only compare our level of ability to those around us. If those around us cannot play guitar, our skills look better by comparison. ...
  14. What Could Morneau Do With a Healthy 2013?

    Hey all,
    I want to see what Justin Morneau can do with a healthy first half of 2013. His stats are notoriously strong over the first half of a season, and tend to taper off after the All-Star break.

    Consider his last three "healthy" seasons, and and his five "full" seasons:
    1st Half ....................... 2nd Half
    2009: .311/.390/.575 .201/.310/.402
    2008: .323/.391/.512 ...
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