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  1. A Recap of Minnesota Twins Starters This Season

    Originally posted on The Terrific (Minnesota) Twins blog, http://terrificmntwins.blogspot.com/

    The Twins have used eleven starting pitchers this year. The starting pitching has been the downfall for this team. Here is a look at how the Twins got each of their starters, why they are starting, and why they are no longer starting if they are not anymore.

    Nick Blackburn(17 games started)
    Nick Blackburn was drafted by the Minnesota Twins ...
  2. 2013 Starting Rotation

    So who is going to be in the starting rotation for 2013? Seems like this question has been beat to death, but I honestlly haven't read many concrete suggestions. What I see after Diamond is a pile of hot Chicago garbage.
    DeVries has been a revelation and if he continues to pitch well he should get a shot next year, but I still don't trust him with his high home run rate. Blackburn should be cut, Deduno is not a long term starter, but has been fun to watch at times. Duensing belongs in ...
  3. Friday Links-N-Thinks

    The Twins seem to have found a nice little grove over the course of the last week. In their six games since last weekend's edition of "Friday Links-N-Thinks," the Twins have posted a respectable 4-2 record with plenty of offense along the way. Jamey Carroll, Justin Morneau, and Ryan Doumit all hit over .400 in the last week and Morneau, Doumit, and Josh Willingham each had multiple home runs during that span. Ben Revere saw his hitting streak reach 21-games before he was held hitless against Cleveland ...
  4. The Elephant in the Room

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	mauer.jpg 
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ID:	1862Earlier this week, Charley Walters of the Pioneer Press asked Terry Ryan whether the team's recent run of success has affected the way he's preparing for the offseason.

    "Regardless of what you look like right now, you still look at the club and figure out where you're headed and where you need to add," Ryan told Walters. "My focus and our focus will always be, as you go through a season, to look at what you've got and what you've got coming up."
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  5. Thursday's Minor League Round-up

    It was a quiet day in Twins World. No roster moves. Minimal injury (recover) news. But, as it is, no news is better than bad news.

    The Red Wings activated Anthony Slama before their game and intentionally didn’t pitch him, just to irritate the #FreeAnthonySlama crowd.

    If you're interested in checking out the organizational rosters and contracts, Brock and I have been working on a place where you can view it all. He calls it a "monster", for me it's more of an obsession... ...
  6. Why Minnesota Twins' Scott Diamond Continues to Shine

    One of the biggest surprises of the Twins season has to be the performance of starter Scott Diamond. Written off by many as just another “soft tossing pitcher” in the organization, Diamond has shown mastery of the strike zone and has been getting ground outs by the barrelful. This has led to a 10-5 record and a 2.91 ERA – the sixth best in the American League.

    While radar gun enthusiasts and strike out fanatics are not likely thrilled by his skill set, Diamond is proving that it is ...
  7. Minor League Odyssey – Day Nine – Game Six (Fort Myers)

    I arrive this evening curious to see just how exactly they are going to turn bacon into a promotion. I end up being underwhelmed – all it means is that you can purchase a small paper basket of bacon strips for $1 when you buy any other concession stand item. I choose not to indulge, and judging by how many people I saw carrying those small paper baskets around, not many others do either. They also wrapped the ball for the ceremonial pitch in bacon too (I’m not sure why), but it doesn’t seem to have ...

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  8. Players I expect/hope the Twins to not bring back next year

    Carl Pavano (expect)
    As consistent as you sometimes were, Carl, this most recent injury-plagued season has probably cost you a position with the Twins, and, most likely, in the Bigs. While you may have been a nice guy and class act personality who worked well with Drew Butera, the Twins, and every other team, should look to go younger at than a 36-ish somewhat injury-plagued pitcher.

    Matt Capps (expect)
    Well, it has been an interesting run while you were ...

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  9. Willingham x 3

    JW looked overmatched against Cleveland on Wednesday, took 3 called strikes, wow

    The problem is just fatigue, hitting takes so much concentration, the hitter gets mentally fatiqued, give JW two days off, thats right two and he will be fine
  10. The 2013 Twins in the land where ifs and buts really ARE candy and nuts

    Morneau gets traded during the offseason for a starting pitching prospect knocking on the major league door.
    Parmelee can continue his success in AAA throughout the rest of season.
    not if that success doesn't translate into a strong September call-up.

    ​Willingham shifts his bat to the DH role more often following the All-Star break.
    Arcia/Hicks advance to AAA and still produce at the same level and deserve a call-up.
    but ...
  11. Twins Minor League Awards - July

    As I was beginning my trek to Beloit last week, I realized that it was already into August. I have no idea where the entire month of July went, but it was already time to present awards for the minor league hitter, starting pitcher and relief pitcher of the month. To keep things brief, this is a little late, so I’m going to consolidate the reports. Along with the three “winners,” I’ll give a top five as well as post some honorable mentions, if appropriate.

    I apologize for the delay, ...
  12. Player Comparison

    Before I go into detail on these two players, I want you to look at their A-AAA stats, as well as parts of two MLB seasons.

    Player A

  13. Wednesday's Twins Minor League Daily

    Today's Twins game was disappointing on several fronts. The Twins lost a chance for a sweep, Ben Revere failed to extend his impressive hit streak, and Tsuyoshi Nishioka continued to look ... confused at second base. Oh well. Let's take a look at the action down on the farm.

    Shairon Martis turned in a quality start, tossing 7 innings and giving up 2 runs on 5 hits. He struck out 4 and walked 2, but did allow 2 home runs. Deolis Guerra had a tough outing. ...
  14. 10 Reasons I Hate Twins Daily

    Ok, I'm starting off my blogging here with a top ten list... No big deal, since we're on the internet all of our tact and self-respecting ways (maybe just respecting ways in general) get thrown out the window, or lost in transition to the keyboard.

    1. When I have a good idea or observation that I feel a player has made a mechanical adjustment of some sort and want to look deeper to see if I can develop the idea. Parker goes ahead and steals my idea and writes a blog about it. It wouldn't ...

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