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  1. Riffing on the Rotation

    As April has shifted into May, the Minnesota offense has cooled off a little bit but continues to get the job done. On Friday they were shut out for just the second time all year, but they bounced back to score 11 runs in a pair of wins on Saturday and Sunday. The series victory over the weekend brought the Twins back within a game of .500.

    The offense seems sustainably effective, with Joe Mauer starting to heat up, Oswaldo Arcia preparing to return, and several other lineup fixtures ...
  2. Cliff Notes to the 2014 Twins: Ch. 1 April

    We know how it is. Life is busy: with work and family and social engagements, there are a lot of demands on your time. So, if you've missed some developments in the first month of the season, you're perfectly normal. Missing baseball games is not unlike missing reading assignments for school, so we're happy to provide this series of Cliff Notes to summarize, explain and analyze the story that is the 2014 Twins Season.
    "Chapter I: April"

    Summary: At the beginning of the
  3. Yohan Pino to help?

    Ok, go ahead, call me crazy. I get it. But is it possible we're missing something here that could prove helpful?

    When the Twins re-acquired Pino this off season I offered a simply "meh" like the rest of you. AAA filler who might not finish the year or even make the club if a few things break right. But with his incredible start I had to sit down and take a look at his career numbers.

    He has a career 3.7 to 1 SO to BB ratio and a career BA against of .239 including ...
  4. Twins Minor League Report (5/3): Pino's Still Perfect

    Something clearly hadn't been right with Mike Pelfrey in his recent starts and the Twins finally did something about it on Saturday morning. Pelfrey was placed on the disabled list with a left groin strain. Sam Deduno will take Pelfrey's spot in the rotation after he has continued to pitch well out of the bullpen.

    Danny Santana is the man taking Pelfrey's spot on the active roster. The Twins plan to use him in a variety of roles especially since the club already has two other shortstops ...
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