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  1. Episode 143: Not Swinging and Built Like A Fire Hydrant

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ID:	7285Aaron and John talk about th Twins' no-swing approach, Alex Meyer's new pitch, car problems, dumping Mike Pelfrey, waiver wire madness, Josmil Pinto's first 40 game, ugly rotation numbers, seeing each other out in the wild, Paul McCartney, and how not to party. You can listen by downloading us from iTunes, Stitcher or find it at GleemanAndTheGeek.com.
  2. Finding Room For Arcia

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ID:	7282A right wrist injury that bothered Oswaldo Arcia late in the 2013 season flared up again earlier this month, causing the young outfielder to miss a couple weeks of action just as his season was getting started.

    Now, Arcia is by all accounts ready to put the wrist ailment behind him. He took batting practice on Target Field without incident Friday and then headed to Rochester, where he began his rehab assignment by going 3-for-3 as the DH on Saturday. He played ...
  3. Market inefficiency: Creativity needed

    Right now, one of the 30 best shortstops in the game, coming off a championship season - who should be earning a multi-million dollar salary and starting on a daily basis - is cooling his heels without a team. Other, inferior players occupy starting spots on teams across the league, including, most obviously, the Twins.

    By now, most folks are aware of the circumstances that have forced Stephen Drew to sit out the opening part of this season. His signing is attached to a draft pick ...

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  4. The Twins are Winning by Walking

    Despite the fact that more than half their games have been on the road and five of their seven series have been against clubs that finished with winning records last year, the Twins are above .500 after 21 games.

    They've managed to win despite starting pitching that has been astonishingly bad. Nearly everyone expected improvement from the rotation after large offseason investments were made, but so far the Twins have gotten a 5.91 ERA from their starters, a regression from last year's ...
  5. Noworleyasko

    How long will Nolasco be allowed to damage twins? I think the answer is for a long time. He looked terrible today. Last year Gardy continued to pitch Worley, even though it was apparent that meant a certain loss. So hopefully Mrs. Colabellos son will keep saving these pitchers but how long can that last?

    Col..will slump sometime..then ruh roh...
  6. Draft Series - Part 2: The Top

    This is the second in a series of (somewhat) weekly installments leading up to the June 5th through 7th draft. The focus is intended to be very Twins-specific.
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    We’re getting to the point of the draft season where the focus really gets scaled down to a handful of players. Teams drafting at or near the top will send out their most-trusted decision makers to get an idea of how they stack up compared to the best around the nation. The Twins are no different. ...
  7. Write-in Campaign for Chris Colabello for All Star Team

    Per http://blogs.twincities.com/twins/20...l-star-ballot/

    Chris Colabello will not be on the All-Star Ballot.

    It's not too early (well, OK maybe just a bit) to start the write-in campaign.

    Being elected by the fans to the All-Star game would seal the deal on a Disney inspirational sports drama starring Mark Walberg.

    Who's with me?
  8. Twins Minor League Report (4/24): Polanco's Big Day

    The Twins were powered to a win by some clutch hitting from Sam Fuld and a 3-run dinger from Aaron Hicks. Nolasco was not great, but he pitched well enough for the Twins to escape with a victory to climb a game over .500 for the seconds time this year.

    The Twins are back home tomorrow to begin a weekend series against the Detroit Tigers.

    Rochester 8, Pawtucket 1
    Box Score
    The Redwings raced out to an early 2-0

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  9. Unsung Heroes

    Health, some youngsters and a re-tread or two, FA SP signings, I had hopes for the 2014 Twins to make a little noise, and at least hover around the .500 mark for the season, with the possibility of finishing a few games above. A preview, if you will, for what might be coming over the next season or two with solid and elite prospects on their way to flush out the roster and competitive hopes.

    Poor showings, especially offensively, had me feeling down and re-assessing my thoughts the ...
  10. Mike Pelfrey Is Out Of Control

    Mike Pelfrey was far from the most popular Twins free agent signing this offseason, between the subpar 2013 numbers and the feeling that his signing prevented the Twins from pursuing other, higher upside free agents - it was tough to spin the return of Pelfrey as a net positive. Factor in the notion that the Twins bid against themselves and effectively overpaid Pelfrey with a 2 year, $11 million contract and the sour taste from Twins fan's was understandable.

    From an outside perspective, ...

    Updated 04-30-2014 at 01:14 PM by iTwins

  11. ESPN Power Rankings

    I need some help. I do not understand how ESPN reaches and sets the Power Rankings on a weekly basis. Last week on the day the Power Rankings came out, the Twins, yes our beloved Twins, led the league in OBP (.353%) Walks, and were one run behind the White Sox for the league lead in runs. Yet, the Twins were ranked 27th. REALLY??
    I should add I am not under any illusions about how good the Twins are, especially their pitching staff, but can somebody help me with the 27th ranking out of 30 ...
  12. Where is Twins Hangout?

    Twins hangout was posted but now I cant find it. WILL NOT LISTEN TO G@G no matter what...
  13. 5 Players the Twins gave up on waaaaaaay too early.

    Originally posted at Kevin Slowey was Framed!

    Pining for the past is something we're all guilty of. It's hard to see guys like Torii Hunter, David Ortiz and Carlos Gomez enjoying success with other franchises and not wonder what could have been. When those former players are breaking out or enjoying pseudo-Hall of Fame careers, it's hard to just look the other way. Heck, this one guy keeps writing about guys like Clete Thomas and continuously linking to it. Like this link, which you can click. ...
  14. Things You Need To Know About Joe Mauer

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ID:	7232The narrative for Joe Mauer this offseason was that the transition to first base was going to heal his legs, provide him with superhuman power, and maybe help him find the missing Malaysian plane in his spare time.

    So far, none of that has happened.

    To Twins fans, the most relevant is the power. Through 19 games this year, he has just three extra base hits in his back pocket - two doubles and a home run. Beyond that, Mauer has not accumulated ...
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