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  1. What Will Opening Day Be Like?

    Originally posted at What Will Opening Day Be Like? | Troy's Twins Dugout
    Hello Twins fans and it's another season upon us! tomorrow, some of you fans and players alike will be braving the cold at Target Field. I wonder if they will postpone the game because the weather forecast is expected to be in the 30's with windchills in the 20's.

    Wel, to tell you the truth, it doesn't feel like baseball weather here in Minnesota. Although Target Field is cleared of snow, there's still snow ...
  2. Top Stories for 2013: #1 Gardy's Gauntlet

    Twins manager Ron Gardenhire is on the hot seat.In many ways, Ron Gardenhire’s present situation reflects the paradox faced by the 2013 Minnesota Twins.

    After two straight 90-loss campaigns, the long-tenured manager has been put on notice. He enters this season without a contract extension in place. Several of his assistants have been reassigned or released, and it’s been made clear that his performance will be under stringent evaluation. If we don’t see tangible improvement over the last two miserable ...
  3. Diamond Divination: Predicting the 2013 Twins April and May

    Just for fun, I've gathered up my looking glass, my Ouija board, my Magic 8 ball, and put together a sneak peek into April and May. As I've felt with nearly everything I've predicted for the Twins in the last two years, I hope to heck I'm wrong. Be curious to see what you all think:

    Pitching: Starting pitching will be borderline atrocious, sucking any possible enthusiasm from the casual fan base. Worley’s WHIP will be well above 1.60 and Pelfry will be alternately marginally ...
  4. Twins In Stereo.

    The Twins take the field tomorrow for the first time in 2013's regular season. It'd be an awful lot easier to find some hope for the year if the snow wasn't so stubborn in getting off of my lawn.

    Starting tomorrow, I'm going to record my impression of every Twins baseball game on this, my TwinsDaily blog. I'm taking a page from Stephen King and Stewart O'Nan, who documented a Red Sox season in their book Faithful.

    Red Sox won the World Series when they wrote that book. ...
  5. Twins 2013 Spring Training Photo Diary

    Originally published in full with 56 pictures at The Tenth Inning Stretch
    Like all good things that have an expiration date, the Twins' 2013 Spring Training had to end today. Tomorrow the games mean everything as the Twins are opening the season in a frigid Target Field against the Detroit Tigers.

    As in the last few years, I attended Spring Training (you can find all my 2013 Spring Training posts here) and took several pictures. This is pretty much my photo
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