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  1. Gleeman and the Geek: Ep 65: Warm & Fuzzy WolfHammerl

    The Minnesota Twins add some coaches and drop some players. From Surly Darkness Days, Aaron and John review their beers against thrash metal, break down the changes, wonder what the new coaches mean, debate the relative value of Ron Gardenhire, recap their motorcycle adventure, review the players who have been droppped, collect on old debts, speculate on might fill the 40-man roster spots, wonder if Scott Baker will re-sign and tease the next podcast including an interview with Terry Ryan. Here ...
  2. Podcast, Talk To Contact Episode 10, Hot-dish and the 40-man roster

    Episode 10 of the Twins baseball podcast, Talk To Contact, is now available for download via iTunes or by clicking here.
    (This post originally appeared at www.puckettspond.com)

    This week Eric and I are joined by Chuck Ruether of www.AllSportsAlways.Blogspot.com to discuss the recent coaching assignments and 40-man roster predictions. We go on to discuss the arbitration process and take a look at
  3. If Twins Will Trade Justin Morneau, There's A Way Toward Contention

    According to the Washington Post, the only legitimately good first baseman on the free agent market, Adam LaRoche, is in talks to re-sign with the Nationals. In the 2013 Offseason Handbook, I think the next best option we found was Carlos Lee, who slugged just .365 (and is 36 years old.) What’s more, there aren’t a lot of good options on the free agent market to move to first base. For instance, Kevin Youkilis is available at third base, but if he can play third base (and it looks like he can) he’ll ...
  4. Arizona Fall League - Peoria at Mesa 10-25-12

    Posted at Twinkietown is my write up with pictures and videos from Thursday's AFL game between Peoria and Mesa.
  5. Adopt a Prospect #8: The End of Luis Perdomo

    Admittedly I am several months late in posting and several dollars short in sentiment (being swamped with student essays makes for an all too convenient excuse), but allow me to say the following.

    1) Perdomo played fairly well both in the minor leagues and (after a rocky beginning) the majors--albeit during the most inconsequential innings of the most inconsequential games of an inconsequential season.
    FINAL STATS: Minors 72.666 IP over 45 Appearances; 1.046 WHIP; 2.7 BB/9; 8.4 ...
  6. Down on the Pond: Arizona Fall League

    The Twins sent seven of their minor league players to go play in the Arizona Fall League that kicked off earlier this month. Teams each send a handful of their prospects to play in Arizona and each year several teams join together and field a team for the AFL (6 team league located in, you guessed it, Arizona). The Twins players play for the Peoria Javelinas (a 40-80 pound skunk pig, for those of you who are curious you can check out the wiki page) who join with players from the Cincinnati Reds, ...
  7. GATG Ep. 64 Postmortem: Geek On Wheels

    John show of his motorcycle minutes after the podcast - and moments before he realizes he's killed the battery, which will undoubtedly be talked about at length in Episode 65.
  8. Keith Law and his thoughts on Kyle Gibson

    Here is a little piece from Keith Laws chat on ESPN.

    I know you had mentioned on Twitter that Kyle Gibson looked good when you saw him out there, what kind of ceiling does he have? Is it 2 or 3, or lower?
    Klaw (1:15 PM)

    Based strictly on that one look, he's no worse than a three. I'd like to see him maintain it, but damn, that was an impressive outing
  9. The Tumultuous Twins Tenure of Matt Capps

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    Wednesday marked the end of a sad love affair between the Twins and relief pitcher Matt Capps. The team turned down his multi-million dollar option for next season and instead decided to pay him a $250,000 buyout of his deal. Capps will become a free agent at age 29 and his time with the Twins looks to be over. It was an up-and-down ride for Capps during his stint in Minnesota but it seemed like plenty of more ups than downs. He came to the Twins in the middle ...
  10. What’s the Orioles’ priority for 2013?

    The 2012 season will be remembered by Orioles supporters as one that would provide plenty of hope, but ultimately end in disappointment.

    Though they progressed to the post-season courtesy of a Wildcard victory over Texas Rangers, progress was halted by the New York Yankees in the division series, with a failure to win game four ending their hopes of a World Series push.

    Ahead of the pre-season a record of 93-69 had been enough to secure second spot in the ...
  11. Roster Reconstruction Begins

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    On Wednesday, the Twins started their offseason reconstruction by removing several players from the 40 man roster.

    First, they declined Matt Capps’ option for the 2013 season by buying it out. There is no surprise there.

    Next, the Twins drooped several players from their 40 man roster. Pitchers PJ Walters, Esmerling Vasquez, Luis Perdomo, Kyle Waldrop, Jeff Manship and outfielder Matt Carson are no longer on the 40 man roster.
  12. Twins Purge Matt Capps And Seven Others From 40-Man Roster

    The Twins cleared eight players from their 40-man roster yesterday in moves that affected suspects, prospects and Matt Capps. Because there were actually forty-three players on the 40-man roster, the moves left five spots open which will be filled throughout the offseason by free agents and other new players as well as Twins prospects that the organization wants to protect.

    Of the eight, the biggest name was former closer Capps, who was acquired by the Twins by trade in 2012 and has ...
  13. Contemplating bringing Scott Baker back

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    The Twins held their organizational meetings last week and there are plenty of decisions for the club to make about the pending offseason. Some of those decisions might have already been revealed as the club announced the new members of their coaching staff and the readjustment of the men that were left after the firing frenzy. Phil Mackey from 1500 ESPN has the complete rundown of some of the items discussed by the organization but one of the most interesting ...
  14. Five Offseason Predictions

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Name:	spanruns.jpg 
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ID:	25541) The Twins will be one of the first teams to sign a pitcher, and it will be a relatively big name.

    This certainly wouldn't be business as usual, and I don't actually think it'll be Zack Greinke. But the front office has been frank in its dissatisfaction with the current starting pitching situation, and has expressed an urgency to address that unit during the offseason. In his recent interview with John Bonnes for the Offseason Handbook, Terry Ryan hinted ...
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