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  1. Rumor Mill Round-Up: 12/17

    After adding Mike Pelfrey over the weekend, the Twins have now signed three free agent starters to join Kevin Correia in the rotation, adding around $25 million to the 2014 payroll in the process. At this point, one would figure that Terry Ryan is done investing in the rotation and ready to turn his attention to the offense.

    And yet, the pitching rumors continue to persist. Here's a quick glance at all the latest offseason rumblings involving the local club:

    * I ...
  2. Winter Meetings and Expectations

    I typically take a little business trip to the Tampa/St. Petersburg FL area in December and did so last week.

    After years of hearing about how interesting baseballís Winter Meetings are, this year I found myself within reasonable driving distance of those Meetings when they officially opened up. That being the case, I decided I would check the situation out for myself.

  3. Five reasons that the Twins re-signing of Mike Pelfrey could be a steal

    Originally published at The Tenth Inning Stretch

    Late last week it was communicated, but not officially announced that the Minnesota Twins have reached agreement with Mike Pelfrey for a 2 year contract. The contract is for a base amount of $5.5 million per season and with the potential of additional $3.5 million in incentives through the life of the contract. Additional details about the incentives will be announced when the signing will be official.

    There ...

    Updated 12-17-2013 at 09:55 AM by Thrylos

  4. Finding Positives in Pelfrey

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ID:	6183On Saturday, the news that we've been expecting for weeks finally arrived: the Twins have agreed to terms with Mike Pelfrey on a two-year contract. Ever since it was initially reported back in November that Minnesota had made a multi-year bid for the right-hander, there has been little question that a reunion was in store because, frankly, it seemed unlikely any other team would match.

    The move has been met with criticism from many fans and analysts, ...
  5. Jimmy Rollins being shopped

    MLBTR has an item stating that the Phillies would be willing to trade Jimmy Rollins. In the article, it's stated:

    "Rollins, 35, struggled at the plate in 2013, batting .252/.318/.348..."

    Meanwhile our resident starter pleased some fans with his progress, posting .221/.281/.330.

    I don't particularly advocate trading for Rollins, as I assume the Phils want prospects the Twins won't want to part with and the Twins won't want to invest $11M a year in ...
  6. Twins Rotation Starting To Look Crowded

    Over the weekend, word came out that the Twins would sign Mike Pelfrey to a two-year $11 million deal. This is the third free agent starter the Twins have added this season as the team already agreed to terms with Ricky Nolasco and Phil Hughes. With Kevin Corriea under contract for another year, Minnesota's starting rotation is filling up rather quickly but there are still some questions to about the final rotation spot.

    The Twins had one of the worst starting rotations in all of baseball ...
  7. Gleeman and the Geek, Episode 124: Jason Kubel and Mike Pelfrey

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ID:	6181Aaron and John visit HammerHeart Brewing Company and talk about Jason Kubel's return to Minnesota, the insanity of a two-year offer to Mike Pelfrey, the challenges and rewards of starting a brewery, losing Liam Hendriks on waivers, a sold out Meltdown event, the bizarre roster decisions the Twins will face on Opening Day, Ron Coomer's new job, joining Stitcher, and the joys of having someone bring you beer. You can listen by clicking below, download us from iTunes ...
  8. Betting Against The House

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Name:	Pelfrey_Mike_walking_US_720.jpg 
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ID:	6177The latest casino project in Las Vegas is going to cost seven billion dollars. That is in incredible gamble (*1), but there are reasons that investors make it. One is that in the long run, the house always win. But the second is equally important: in the short run, anyone can win. If that wasnít true, nobody would go to the casino, and there would be no reason to invest.

    Mike Pelfrey, who the Twins will be signing for $11 million over two years, is an investment ...
  9. Revelations in depth

    The Twins have apparently made some changes in their official team depth chart. Rumors have swirled about Ryan Doumit not wanting to catch; that may be confirmed, because he is no longer listed as a reserve catcher on the Twins depth chart.

    Also, the two Chris' are not on the right field depth chart list; both Parmelee and Colabello are listed on the 1B depth chart under Joe Mauer.

    However, Doumit is listed at catcher on the active roster, and Parmelee is ...
  10. What Are the Twins Doing... and Why?

    It has been a weird offseason for the Twins, hasnít it?

    Iím not complaining. mind you. Itís refreshing to see General Manager Terry Ryan being aggressive in the free agent market to address the teamís starting pitching needs. Signing Ricky Nolasco to a four-year contract with a fifth year vesting option was more than a little out of character for the Twins.Adding Phil Hughes on a three-year deal two days later was almost downright giggle inducing.

    (This article was ...
  11. Top 20 Prospects

    As the Handbook receives it's finishing touches - and if you follow Seth on Twitter, you know it will be available very soon - I decided that I should put my list on here to get picked apart. Seth and Cody already made their choices public, so what the heck.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    20. Francisco Romero, P
    Romero is a long ways away and still has plenty of question marks, but the upside is evident.

    19. Kennys Vargas, 1B
    I'm probably lower on Vargas ...
  12. Hendriks to Cubs- Mooney via Gleeman

  13. Twins Sign Jason Kubel to a Minor League Deal

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ID:	6160Consider it phase two of Terry Ryanís sinister plan, Getting The Band Back Together: According to 1500ESPN.comís Darren Wolfson, the Twins have inked Jason Kubel to a minor league deal.

    In November Pioneer Press's Mike Berardino wrote that outfielder Jason Kubel, who was released by the Cleveland Indians earlier in the day, would be interested in a reunion with the Minnesota Twins.

    ďYeah, for sure,Ē Kubel said. ďI loved it here. I really miss
  14. On Terry Ryan, Truth And Gravity

    In Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, Robert M Pirsig dwells on a topic about which we often argue at Twins Daily: Truth. (*1) Given a finite amount of data Ė and there is always only a finite amount of data Ė the human imagination is capable of creating an infinite number of explanations for what that data. But ultimately, one strikes us as The Truth. It can feel like an epiphany, an absolute. But itís really just the prettiest of the explanations of which we can conceive.

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