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  1. 2014 Twins lineup and offensive expectation

    Pitchers and catchers report!

    There are very few sweeter words in the English language. Time to roll out your Major League, Bull Durham and Field of Dreams DVD's (possibly For Love of the Game). Don't tell me I'm the only one!

    I have no illusions of a World Series appearance for the TC boys this year. I think it's clear we are a year or two away. And while arguments could be made the Twins haven't done enough to address all of their short comings this offseason, there is ...
  2. Starting the 2014 Season

    by , 02-15-2014 at 03:23 PM ("And we'll see ya' ... tomorrow night.")
    After a grueling unwatchable 2013 season our Minnesota Twins signed two of the biggest free agent signings in Twins history, Ricky Nolasco and Phil Hughes. We all know that, we added Pelfrey to the mix, and we already had Correia. 4/5 of the rotation is set, good news for Twins Territory, right?

    Thinking about the off season moves, and the moves the Twins made during 2013, it seems we were set up to make some major moves in free agency, I don't think the Twins had a choice. ...
  3. TD Top Prospects: #1 Byron Buxton

    Unanimity. That's something you don't come across too often.

    When Greg Maddux's name came up on the Hall of Fame ballot last month, he did not gain unanimous induction despite being one of the most obvious Hall of Famers ever. When Joe Mauer was the clear-cut best player in the league in 2009, he was not the unanimous choice for MVP. Opinions are subjective, and in any vote or ranking, there are bound to be dissenters.

    Except when it comes to naming the current best ...
  4. Projecting the Twins Starting Pitching Upgrade in 2014

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    The polar vortex seems to have abated but Iím still left cold when I think about the Twins winning only 66 games last year, pairing a frozen offense with a starting rotation that compiled an ERA so far north of 5.00 that Robert Peary should have led an expedition to it. In an effort to warm their fansí waning interest, Minnesota uncharacteristically spent a real chunk of money in the off season (okay, it was the additional MLB TV ...
  5. time right to trade with mariners?

    Seems like they could use a stop gap in rotation after first 2 days of camp 2 starters down/iffy. Do they have a ss prospect that would match in a trade for one of worley/gibson/deduno or maybe one of our 4 lh aaaa ceiling Guys?
  6. Who is the Newest Twins' pitcher Brooks Raley?

    Originally posted at The Tenth Inning Stretch

    Multiple reports today, including a formal announcement by the Twins' twitter, indicate that the Twins selected LHP Brooks Raley off waivers from the Cubs' organization.

    Who is Brooks Raley?

    Brooks Raley was drafted by the Cubs in the 6th Round of the 2009 draft from Texas A&M, 8 picks after the Twins selected C Chris Herrmann from Miami, and there is a good possibility that the pair will form ...
  7. The Twins of 2014: What to Expect When You're Expecting

    To leadoff (baseball term), it occurs to me that some of my past posts have sent no small amount of ire in the direction of the Twinsí front office, and the man at the helm: Terry Ryan.

    Many probably heard of his cancer diagnosis this week, and there is nothing like news like this that immediately points out how trivial baseball is within the grand scheme of things. All reports ...
  8. TD Top Prospects: #3 Alex Meyer

    The rarest and most coveted type of prospect in the Minnesota Twins' system has been the hard-throwing, dominant starting pitcher. Shortcomings in this area have been reflected in the big-league rotation, where a lack of front-end talent has been a primary downfall during the club's recent stretch of misery.

    There is no greater need in this organization than a pitcher with the ability to develop into a legitimate No. 1 who can miss bats and regularly shut down opposing lineups. ...
  9. Twins Hangouts: Tuesday, February 11

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    Join Seth and Jeremy tonight at 8:30 right here to view the latest Twins Hangouts episode. Tonight's show will focus more on the minor league side of things.

    Please leave questions (or comments) below!
  10. Gleeman and the Geek, Episode 131: Position Battles

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ID:	6474Aaron and John talk about potential spring training position battles, Miguel Sano's timetable, late-signing free agent pitching, new theme songs from New Zealand, a sponsor's resume, bar crawls, Terry Ryan's cancer diagnosis, mailbag questions from listeners, choosing an Olympic sport to pair up in, slumming it on other podcasts, and how to stupidly avoid moving at all costs. You can listen by clicking below, or download us from:

  11. TD Top Prospects: #4 Kohl Stewart

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ID:	6472The 2013 Draft is going to be judged almost completely on the ascension of pitcher Kohl Stewart. Thatís as intriguing as a $4.5 million bet on a roulette ball, hopping red to black. So much reward. So much risk. So little control.

    The 100 Word Primer
    Stewart was last yearís first round draft choice, fourth overall. After signing with the Twins, his first couple of months as a professional did not disappoint. He had the mid-90s fastball. He struck ...
  12. Joe Mauer and Increasing Strikeouts

    Members of the Minnesota Twins struck out 1,430 times last season. In the history of the Twins organization, no team had struck out more than 1,121 times (1997 team). That was the only year since the team moved to Minnesota that the club recorded more than 1,100 times.

    Over the last three seasons, Minnesota strikeout totals have increased every year. It has been a rough couple of seasons and there have been some inexperienced players trying to make their mark at the big league level. ...
  13. Did Terry Ryan Act Too Aggressively in Free Agency?

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ID:	6467Now there's a funny question to ask.

    Terry Ryan, who has long been billed by his detractors as stingy and overly conservative when it comes to free agency, drawing criticism for exhibiting too much aggression in his approach to the open market? Not long ago, such a notion would have been difficult to comprehend.

    Yet, it is fair to wonder if the Twins made the correct choices now that we've seen Matt Garza sign with the Brewers for far ...
  14. February Mailbag

    Originally posted at Kevin Slowey was Framed!

    I'm not really one to brag, but this mailbag is starting to take on a life of its own. I have not one, not two, not three, but FOUR questions from people who are not me. Sure, three of those questions are from the same person, but who are you to pick nits? In fact, what would you do? Wha-wha-wha-what would you do? I know what I'm going to do. Answer these questions:

    I really enjoy reading your blog - keep up the good work! ...
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