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  1. Troy's Twins Chat Tonight

    Hello folks, My dad and I will talk Twins baseball once again. The show starts at ten and we'll take calls as always. The hot topic for tonight will be instant replay.

    To listen to the show, click on the following link.
  2. Draft Series - Part 1: Locals

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    This is the first in a series of weekly installments leading up to the June 5th through 7th draft. The focus is intended to be very Twins-specific.


    As we are all well aware, the Twins have been very active in drafting players out of their own backyard. While this includes Joe Mauer and Glen Perkins, it's also happened 10 times in the last five drafts. That is only the players drafted directly from the state and doesn't count players ...

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  3. Gleeman and the Geek, Episode 141: Mauer, DL Moves and Babygirl

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ID:	7139Aaron and John's take a break from KFAN at Mason's and walk through the Twins various DL moves, review the trade for Eduardo Nunez, convince David Brauer to listen to the Talk To Contact podcast, wonder at the world going bat s*** crazy about Joe Mauer, notice Brian Dozier's power surge, call random strangers "Babygirl," consider surgery on Aaron's torn ACL, and find out how to sell Joe Mauer a car. You can listen by downloading us from iTunes, Stitcher or find it at ...
  4. Red Wings at IronPigs 3 game Redux: Part I: Alex Meyer.

    Originally published at The Tenth Inning Stretch

    I had the opportunity to watch the Rochester Red Wings' last 3 games (the double header last night and this afternoon's game) in my back yard against the Lehigh Valley IronPigs over the weekend. My list of must dos were to see whether Alex Meyer was as good as he was this Spring, in real game situations and to see what Eduardo Nunez was all about. Happily to say, that I have done that and more and I am ready to share. ...
  5. Why I Always Come Back

    It hasn't been easy being a Twins fan the last few years (though if you're committed enough to the team to find my little corner of the blogosphere, I hardly need tell you that).

    It's been even less easy to be a positive Twins blogger, to dedicate time and energy to finding the silver linings in a team that often looks outmatched in almost every facet of the game. My writing life would be easier, and probably more pleasant, if I could just sign off from the blog, let it wither ...

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  6. Twins Game Attendance: The Honeymoon is Over


    The Twins were 3-3 heading into opening day at Target Field, which frankly seemed a bit surprising considering the way they started the season. There seemed to be a faint hint of optimism about the team.

    Could Chris Colabello could give us the ďfeel goodĒ story of the season? Is Jason Kubel back? Would Jason BartlettĎs injury spare us from having

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  7. Jason Kubel Off To A Fast Start

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ID:	7110Letís just say Jason Kubelís to Minnesota return was not exactly met with wild enthusiasm from the Twins fandom.

    Based on the previous seasonís production -- a stomach-turning batting line of .216/.293/.317 (avg/obp/slg) with just five home runs in 290 plate appearances -- you could not fault anyone on the outside looking in. Nevertheless Kubel and those close to him maintained that, at 31-years-old, the left-handed outfielder-slash-designated hitter was ...
  8. Samuel Deduno and Strange Decisions

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ID:	7107In 2013, the Oakland Athletics averaged 9.7 runs per game in their seven tilts against the Twins, and 4.5 runs per game against all other opponents.

    Oakland's reign of terror against the team that ruined its happy ending in Moneyball continued this week, as the A's thoroughly dismantled Minnesota in a rather sparsely attended home-opening sweep.

    After investing $84 million into the rotation during the offseason, the Twins have received painfully ...
  9. Twins Minor League Report (4/10): Eades-y Does It

    It was another fantastic day in Twins Territory.
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    "How do you feel about winters in Minnesota, Ryan?" "You're joking right?"

    Iím obviously talking about todayís weather in comparison to the weather that we had over the past six months. Oh, you came to read about baseball? Well, in that case, just be happy that you have a job that required you to work this afternoon. If you happened to watch the game, Iím sorry. The Aís completed their ...
  10. Where do Twins rank in MLB ticket prices?

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    I have been keeping track of Minnesota Twins ticket prices for some time and you can see my work on the Twins Ticket Price History page. Based on how I calculate Twins ticket price averages I have the Twins with an average ticket price of $30.68. TMR (Team Marketing Report) publishes their MLB FCI (Fan Cost index) each year and this year according to their formula they have the Minnesota Twins with ...
  11. I'm starting a new division.

    This will make things interesting for the bad teams and puts something in front of them that they have a reasonable chance of achieving. If your record gets too good you get relegated to a major league division and replaced with the next worst team.

    MLB "AAAA" Division Standings

    Team Wins Losses GB
    Diamondbacks 3 8 0
    Astros 3 6 ...
  12. Talk to Contact: Opening Week Review featuring Jeremy Nygaard

    For the first time in a long time we have a full week of Twins baseball to talk about on the podcast. We talk about Ron Gardenhire's 1000th managerial win, a couple of disabled list moves that brought both Chris Herrmann and Darin Mastroianni back to the Twins, and pontificate on what early season attendance numbers mean for the club going forward. You can download the new Talk to Contact (@TalkToContact) episode via iTunes or by clicking here.
  13. Game Thread: Twins v A's, 4/9@ 12:10pm CT

    Quote Originally Posted by crarko View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Winston Smith View Post
    6. Think about Burton and 6a. think about Tonkin.
    Was in fact thinking it's time for the Tonkin Resolution.
    The one regarding his golf game?
  14. Why is Joe Mauer Such a Lightning Rod?

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ID:	7093It happened again on Tuesday. A local mainstream writer put out a column that was, to some extent, critical of Joe Mauer, and the reactions from fans were highly visceral on both sides.

    The piece in question came from Patrick Reusse, suggesting that the impetus is on Mauer (who still hasn't driven in a run this year) to step up and carry the team back to respectability.

    Some saw it as a reinforcement of the reservations they have long held about ...
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