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  1. A New Voice

    I have long been a steadfast Gardenhire supporter. He has been a very good to great manager during his tenure. I realize a lot of fans are calling for his dismissal because of the last year of Twins baseball and some having been wanting his head on a platter for a much longer period of time. At this juncture, I now agree it is time for a change in coaching and managerial leadership.

    Ron Gardenhire:
    • Gardy has lost his voice: No matter how hot around the collar or critical
  2. Tuesday Night Game Notes

    The next time someone says that the Twins (or whichever team) is wasting roster spots by signing minor league free agents and hoping, remind them of Jerome Williamsí performance against the Twins on Tuesday night in LA. Formerly one of baseballís top prospects (12-13 years ago), Williams has been signed as a minor league free agent several times. He should be proud of his three-hit shutout against the Twins. He had Twins hitters baffled all night (insert joke about how difficult that really is to ...
  3. 2012 Day-by-Day - May 1

    May starts as April ended...

    Hitter of the Day:
    Ben Revere - OF - ROC - AAA: 3-5 2B (1), 1 RBI, 1 R, 1 SB

    Pitcher of the Day:
    B.J. Hermsen - RHP - NBR - AA: 7IP, 4 H, 1 ER, 1 BB, 5 SO - Double-A Debut

    Today's Recap:
  4. Game 23 - Twins @ Angels - 05/01/12

    Mistake please delete

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  5. The Diary of a Snapper Off Day

    Baseball dominates a lot of our time in Beloit, so when we have a day off, we are left without an idea of what to do. An early game yesterday followed by an off day left me with loads of free time, but no clue how to fill it. What could I do to fill a day without baseball?

    I woke up early to help Jhonathan Goncalves make a trip to the dentist. He is one of the happiest and nicest guys I have ever met. I was friend/teammate/translator for the morning. The best way to learn a language ...
  6. Twins Drop Burroughs. But Why?

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	burroughs.jpg 
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ID:	828The Twins announced today that they have designated infielder Sean Burroughs for assignment to make room for Drew Butera on the 25-man roster. This one is a head-scratcher.

    You can certainly make the argument that Joe Mauer's knee tenderness necessitated a call-up for Butera, as he may serve as more of a second catcher than third catcher for the time being. It's just tough to understand why the Twins felt the need to dump Burroughs when there was no good reason ...
  7. A Fan's Crummy Team Manifesto

    Considering the Twins record this year, I too believe it is time for the fans to revolt. I think that a 6-16 record after a 99 loss season is reprehensible, and should in no way be tolerated in the state of Minnesota. I mean who do the Pohlads think we are? The Pirates? The Royals? That being said I have created a step-by-step guide in exactly how we should respond to our current situation.

    1) The Twins fans need to form a PAC for the exclusive purpose of throwing out of office ...
  8. 2012 Minnesota Twins Take of the Week - Week 3

    by , 05-01-2012 at 12:40 PM (TwinsTakes.com Blog on TwinsDaily.com - Our Takes, Your Takes, TwinsTakes.com!)

    Photo Credit:Michael Donovan viaCompfight

    Giving up a ton of hits, home runs and an ERA of 5.77 = LOSING!

    It also equals a Redundant take! I know last week the take of the week was on the starting pitching and it would be great to have a different take this week but the pitching is the obvious

    Updated 05-01-2012 at 12:48 PM by TwinsTakes-RD

  9. Anatomy Of A Mauer Boo

    Iím not particularly fond of how Minnesota treats its sports stars. The Puckett-like love affair is rare. More often, we pick nits. Kevin Garnett doesnít score enough, or isnít clutch enough. Joe Mauer doesnít hit for enough power or doesnít show enough leadership. Fran Tarkenton canít win the big one, Harmon Killebrew is too quiet, Rod Carew is self-absorbed Ö the list goes on and on.

    (There are forces at work here that are slicker and far more powerful than subjective analysis. ...
  10. Timely hitting

    A digression from the discussion on Morneau's wrist, concerning an opinion that the Twins were one timely hit away from winning the 4-3 game with the Angels, that I'll post here now.

    Twins had 8 hits, Angels had 8 hits. Was it a matter of timeliness?

    Angels 1st: double, followed by single. One run scores.
    Angels 4th: single, followed by homer. Two runs score.
    Angels 7th: homer. One run scores.
    Twins 8th: hpb, double, single, single, single: Three runs ...
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  11. How long until the revolution starts?

    Six and Sixteen. The worst record in Major League Baseball. Let that sink in for a second. Now....

    We gave the Pohlads their precious stadium, and I can only imagine they've all developed Scoliosis from sitting on their cash-filled hands because they haven't done a thing to put an appealing product on the field in the last two years. They just sit back and light their cuban cigars with the $20 we plunked down for a hot dog and a beer at their monument to excess. We're quickly ...
  12. Random Tuesday Twins Thoughts and Tidbits

    Here is this week's installment:

    • Tonight Fransisco Liriano will make his next start after he has been skipped in the rotation. I hope the gods of Fastball grand him command, control and deceitfulness
    • Luke Hughes was designated for assignment by the Athletics yesterday to make room for Brandon Inge. The Twins have the opportunity to re-sign him and right a wrong
    • Interesting to see Jason Marquis being the Twins' most reliable starter so far in this
  13. How Good Should Our Minor League Teams Be?

    [Originally published at Twins Fan From Afar]

    I've been thinking about this question lately. Baseball farm teams are, by nature, really interesting. General managers don't set the rosters, or even acquire the players. And I bet if the Rock Cats GM gets a call from Terry Ryan suggesting that he play the back-up shortstop because "something may be in the works," the back-up shortstop will get a lot of playing time, regardless of what that does to New Britain's chances. In the ...
  14. Twins Minor League Starting Pitcher of the Month - April

    Last night, I posted my choice for the Twins minor league relief pitcher of the month, Deolis Guerra. I also mentioned five other bullpen guys that deserved recognition for their strong starts. This morning, Iíll post my choice for the Twins minor league start pitcher for April. There were some pretty good options, but in the end, the choice was pretty easy. As always, I welcome feedback in the Comments if you have any thoughts, questions, or want to Ďvoteí for your choice.

    From a ...
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