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  1. Monday Morning Madness: June 9, 2014

    Originally posted at Kevin Slowey was Framed!

    Weekend Recap

    Ugh, not great. The Twins got two pretty poor starts from their two most consistent starters and dropped two of three to the lowly Astros. Houston has one of the worst offenses in the AL, but they looked like a powerhouse last weekend. Oh well, it's just one series. The Twins did make a pretty significant move to upgrade their roster, so that's nice.

    Kendrys Morales

    And one that came ...
  2. Twins Top 10 Prospects: Post-Draft Edition

    Minnesota added some top-notch talent to the organization at the end of last week. For the third year in a row, the Twins had a top five pick in the MLB Draft. Minnesota's farm system was already considered one of the best in the game and adding top tier talent can only help the organization.

    My last prospect rankings were released in conjuncture with the "2014 Minnesota Twins Prospect Handbook." There have been some changes since that time as minor league teams are almost halfway ...
  3. Oswaldo Arcia Is Very Good (But He's Not Quite There Yet)

    Click image for larger version. 

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ID:	7743For the Minnesota Twins, Oswaldo Arcia represents the promise of a better tomorrow. With the candles from his 23rd birthday cake still smouldering, Arciaís exquisite power display in fewer than an entire seasonís worth of baseball games has been a refreshing welcome to a fan base that has not had many legitimate offensive prospects to rally around since Joe Mauer and Justin Morneau. Historically, his power numbers at this age ranks among some of the best Twinsí sluggers. ...
  4. The Rundown: Morales and Contending in 2014

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    On Sunday, the Twins announced the signing of free agent DH/1B Kendrys Morales to a prorated $12M deal that will pay him roughly $7.5M over the rest of this season. With Morales no longer tied to draft pick compensation following last week’s first-year player draft, the timing of the deal was not a surprise. The fact that he signed with the Twins, however, certainly qualifies as one. For one thing, it was widely assumed that Morales would sign with ...
  5. Gleeman and the Geek, Ep 149: Kendrys Morales and Draft Picks

    Aaron and John talk about the Kendrys Morales signing, Josmil Pinto's future being in flux, John's amazing dance moves at the KFAN party, Jason Kubel being let go, Nick Gordon and the Twins' draft picks, when to cut bait on Kevin Correia, trolling the Joe Mauer waters, wedding dock collapses, mailbag questions from listeners, and when not to get married for money. You can listen by downloading us from iTunes, Stitcher or find it at GleemanAndTheGeek.com.

  6. Deduno needs to be de-done-o

    Too much quality on the farm to keep running Samuel out there. Bring on the most ready farm hand now. I see no reason to wait.
  7. Strength of Schedule- Tigers vs Twins

    If you classify MLB by Upper (teams with > than 3 games above .500), Mid (those at least <=3 + or - .500), and Lower (teams > than 3 games below .500) you can compare the following through the Twins first 60 and Tigers first 58 games:

    Winning %
    Twins Tigers
    Upper = .429 .385
    Mid = .448 .576
    Lower = .700 .750

    % of games played
  8. Twins Minor League Report (6/7): The Meyer and Rosario Show

    The big news of the day in Twins territory was the signing of free agent 1B/DH Kendrys Morales, but the Twins also shutout the Houston Astros at Target Field behind a strong start from Kyle Gibson. He improved to 5-5 on the year and lowered his ERA to under 4.00.

    In the minors, one top pitching prospect matched Gibsonís performance while another made his 2014 debut. Letís get to it:

    Rochester 3, Gwinnett 2
    Box score

    Rochester ...
  9. Twins serious about contention...

    Assuming we get the Morales...we have seen, this lineup just became very formidable. One question is, when will Pinto play?

    With Suzuki slowing down, I guess Pinto will catch a little more..but wow...tell me who has a better lineup than us, with Morales in the middle!

    Also have you noticed Santana looking much better in CF? Im excited about the Minnesota Twins..(Does the State pay Gladden to say that all the time?) MINNESOTA...most of us know where the Twins hail from, ...
  10. Moving On

    We laid down on the floor for our last official night. The last night was spent the same as the first-on something other than a real mattress. Full circle.

    I always told myself I would be done playing if I experienced a long period of time without enjoyment. Passion and heart are what got me to such a point in my career and without them, it would become increasingly difficult. As this season wore on, I started to lose that heart and passion for playing the game I love. Managers, coaches ...
  11. Johan down again

    I know ESPN is moronic sometimes but I couldn't believe that I was reading an article where they judged a pitcher based on wins. I thought we were four to five years past that. I'm not asking for advanced stats either, just maybe ERA and strikeouts?

    Its especially frustrating because Johan was robbed in 2005 for the Cy Young by this very wins mentality. He had an ERA a full .6 lower than Colon (2.87 vs. 3.48), pitched 9 more innings and struck out over 80 more batters but ...
  12. Nice to Arcia Again*

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    (Originally posted on twinsandlosses.com)

    ďThatís approaching Jim Thome territory.Ē

    Those were the words that Dick Bremer used to describe Oswaldo Arciaís mammoth four hundred and twenty-two foot grand slam to right field against the Brewers on Thursday night.

    Despite losing the last game in this yearís Border Battle, there are a multitude of good things to take away from the four game series: the Twins took two games ...

    Updated 06-08-2014 at 01:05 AM by Twins and Losses

  13. The No Juice Podcast, Episode #8: Destination Wetting

    This past weekend, No Juice Podcast co-host Dan Anderson was wed in Crosslake, Minnesota.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    The pre-ceremony activities went awry however when the large wedding party decided to take an ill-advised photograph on an unsupportive dock. Hilarity ensued. What followed was a whirlwind of internet and mainstream media notoriety. Almost every news outlet around the globe ran the video. Unless you live in some remote Inuit fishing village, you probably have ...
  14. Twins Minor League Report (6/5): Gilmartin Shines, Again

    The Twins took an early four-run lead courtesy of an Oswaldo Arcia grand slam that nearly landed in the Target Field Plaza OUTSIDE of Gate 34. Unfortunately the home team, dressed handsomely in powder blue throwback uniforms, could not hold the lead as Correia and the bullpen let the lead slip away and the Twins failed to rally.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    (photo credit Scott Blanchette)

    Thursday was a big day for the future of the organization ...
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