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  1. tarheeltwinsfan's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by huhguy
    btw..hows our Santana bet looking?
    I had forgotten that. Do you remember what I said? I may owe you some $.
  2. huhguy's Avatar
    btw..hows our Santana bet looking?
  3. huhguy's Avatar
    ive often thought we need Joe in Center, evidently mgt doesnt think he has the legs for it.

    Willingham plays the ball well..but he doesnt get to some that better legs would.

    I like the idea, Mauer to outfield, especially center
  4. tarheeltwinsfan's Avatar
    You sold some of your baseball cards? Oh Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!
  5. twinstalker's Avatar
    My hope when Arcia was rehabbing was that the Twins would see his strikeout rate was far too high even at AAA and keep him there with the mission that he needed to figure that part out prior to coming back to the Twins. That's still what I would do (demote him). Unfortunately, the Twins don't have any OFers to bring up, except Hicks, who also needs to figure things out at AAA.

    It's probably time to give Mauer an outfielder's glove and consider giving Vargas, already on the 40, a chance as DH and backup 1B for a while. Arcia and Hicks need to spend their time through July down on the farm with specific goals in mind. Arcia can obviously destroy pitching there, but apparently he can't not strikeout a lot there. Fix that and come back.
  6. stringer bell's Avatar
    Turner is having a pretty good run at Fort Myers. The word when he was drafted was that he was a top defensive catcher, but questionable with the bat IIRC. He's up to .249 with a .723 OPS, after being buried below the Mendoza line for much of the first part of the season.
  7. SD Buhr's Avatar
    I think expectations locally were such that everybody knew it would not be a line up that measured up to last year's, but yes, it's been a letdown to this point.

    I do think there is more talent in CR than what they've shown. The starting pitching, outside of Stewart, was simply expected to be much better than it has been. I'm not sure there's a lot of help in that area still to be had outside of perhaps Gonsalves. By and large, the guys here now are going to have to simply pitch better.

    Not sure on Williams. He got off to a hot start his first couple games and then faltered.

    I'll be surprised if we see Gordon this year. More likely he starts in CR next year, as Buxton did. Then again, he's starting a level higher than Buck did, so who knows?

    I do know the Twins like Engelb Vielma, the current CR shortstop, and I imagine they want him to get regular ABs.
  8. jokin's Avatar
    Great write-up, JC. Has to be a little bit of letdown for local fans after last season's success.

    What happened to JDs numbers in May- compared to last season? Perhaps there is more pitching help coming besides Burdi, in addition to the bats you mentioned? Is there a LH arm that has any projectability? And maybe Gordon gets hot in E-Town and gets an early call? But really, in the end result, it looks to me like there just aren't enough guys who project to climb much higher in the system.
  9. TRex's Avatar
    Now that even Seth is saying that BA is over-rated, I was wondering if you could discuss where you would draw the line...

    Obviously, in the extreme of two players with an identical OBP of .360, the player who hits .360 with no walks is more valuable than the one who hits .240, but has a 12% walk rate (I know because of the AB/PA difference it would be higher than 12%, but the math escapes me at the moment).

    However, what if we compare a .300 hitter with that same .240 hitter who had the .360 OBP. In your opinions, at what OBP would the .300 hitter become more valuable?

    I understand the value of a walk in not creating an out, but I think the value of a hit is actually under appreciated nowadays. Walks never score a runner from second (and very frequently third), or move a runner from first to third. And if 30% of a #3 hitter's ABs occur with runners on base, a lot of opportunities for taking an extra base are missed by drawing a walk.
  10. Paul Pleiss's Avatar
    Brandon, I think we've gone just about every which way on Burton, mostly in the thread about this post over on the forums, so I wont rehash that here.

    Thanks to all of you for stopping over to enjoy my writing, or to disagree. The discussion, more than winning or losing, is the fun part for me.
  11. ScrapTheNickname's Avatar
    I wonder if there was a competition for naming the team? What were the other contenders, besides Twins?
  12. jtkoupal's Avatar
    I too have gotten over Burton. He is much too inconsistent. He has good stuff, but he is too hit-or-miss. I agree that there are a handful of guys in AAA Rochester who deserve a roster spot more than Jared does.
  13. curt1965's Avatar
    Send him down to DOUBLE A for 2 weeks. Let him get his confidence back, and maybe a little humility as well.
  14. curt1965's Avatar
    The reason I asked the question: I've been looking forward to seeing and reading his column for years. Love him or hate him, the column is always interesting and oftentimes controversial. It is hard for me to believe a 90 something year old man can write so well....just sayin
  15. Hosken Bombo Disco's Avatar
    I'd bet his odds are greater than 50-50 that he implodes at some point, but for now he's doing ok.

    It was actually about this time last year he had that awful game against the Yankees, and we have the Yankees coming to town in a couple weeks, so brace yourself for what's to come.
  16. curt1965's Avatar
    Well said, gentlemen!
  17. Paul Pleiss's Avatar
    KV, should we then discount his first 28 outings of the season and assume the last 5 are the ones that matter?

    He's been a trainwreck this season. He can't get lefties out with consistency, and he's been putting way to many guys on base. Yes, his June numbers are improved, but what value does he provide even if he can pitch to a 4ish ERA for the rest of the season? There are half a dozen guys in the Rochester bullpen pitching better than that.
  18. Paul Pleiss's Avatar
    This was fun. Thank you Chairman Mauer.
  19. Paul Pleiss's Avatar
    I think it's easy to imagine Escobar sticking around for a few years. With Sano's expected arrival next season sometime, it will be interesting to see what the Twins do with Plouffe. Does he become a bench bat, 3B, corner OF guy? I think Danny Santana will be a key player to watch when thinking about the long term viability of a guy like Escobar. At this point, he's played well enough defensively, has positional versatility and has been hitting great. If he keeps hitting, the Twins will keep playing him everyday. If not, I think he still has value as a utility guy. Maybe could even handle some OF duties with some work int he off-season or spring training. Ben Zobrist type?
  20. ScottyB's Avatar
    What about Matt Tolbert - 4 years, 103 2B, 64 3B, 51 SS, .230 BA, 3 HR, 17 SB, .607 OPS, 65 OPS+ (between Punto and Carroll).
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