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  1. old nurse's Avatar
    Cardinals value pitch framing, Suzuki does not. That would leave Baltimore which has 2 no hit catchers. If they are happy with how they are playing there would be no trade possibility there. I can't imagine how they could be happy. Baltimore overpaid on Feldman. Maybe lightnnig can strike twice
  2. Spikecurveball's Avatar
    What a joke. We need guys like Kendrys. Just gave him away. Should have resigned him.
  3. Rosterman's Avatar
    Basically he was 40-man roster fodder in Seatlle. Now he is the same in Minnesota. Is he out of options going into 2015 or 2016?
  4. Oldgoat_MN's Avatar
    Pryor has a career SO/9 of 9.8.

    Bet Anderson can bring that down.

    So, they got Pryor just for the challenge he presents!
  5. huhguy's Avatar
    agreed,,,that had to be the rationale
  6. tarheeltwinsfan's Avatar
    This is a very persuasive argument for trading a good player at a critical position. The flip side is that the Twins do not have a replacement who has shown he is ML ready, plus Zuke would be a good leader for the young pitchers next year, assuming we can sign him for next year. The contract extension talks have "fizzled fast" according to one report. All things considered, I say trade him quickly to a contender for some prospects, while many teams still think they are contenders.
  7. tarheeltwinsfan's Avatar
    He was costing the Twins $72,549 per game. I understand your point is that maybe the Twins could have gotten more in return...but I say cut your losses and trade him for whomever as fast as you can. Apparently that is what the Twins did.
  8. Eric R Pleiss's Avatar
    New logo?
  9. Shane Wahl's Avatar
    I like it when guys show dramatic improvement at a level. He posted terrible numbers in 2013. I mean it was really, really bad. Even last year, however, he didn't strike out very much and his BB/K rate this year is very good.

    He was also drafted in the 11th round last year, so there is that. I do like throwing in a long shot or two in there as well.
  10. goulik's Avatar
    The only stat on Molina that stands out to me is the two triples. What do you know/see in Molina that stacks him up with the other 5?
  11. TKGuy's Avatar
    Excited to see him in CR next year! Great post
  12. h2oface's Avatar
    suzuki transitions to garver in 2016......... trade pinto.
  13. stringer bell's Avatar
    I liked what I saw of Swim in ST. He seems to have a good compact swing and seems to have a plan at the plate.
  14. Thegrin's Avatar
    I couldn't disagree more. Whether this is a 90 loss or 90 win season, fans love the idea that if the Twins have a chance to win a game, Perkins can come in and close it. This puts hope in our hearts and butts in the seats. Trading Perkins would send a terrible message to Twins fans everywhere.
  15. beckmt's Avatar
    I agree, but just do not think it will happen.
  16. lightfoot789's Avatar
    I agree with minor league players (Arcia) and others. Let them play. Dominating AAA doesn't help them adjust to whatever the problem is at the MLB level. I never hear about the adjustments the coaches are making with the batters approach. It is always why isn't the player making the neccessary adjustments? You see coaches make in game adjustments all the time in football and basketball. I would like to know - What are the Twins telling these minor league struggling athletes to do (adjustments)? Not just patience - but slow this down - speed this up - move hands here - move feet there - etc. etc.! Arcia, Colabello, Pinto, Hicks are too good to be this bad on a regular basis. IMO
  17. Twins Twerp's Avatar
    Buxton...i swear...i need to be put on watch if he is down again. I swear.
  18. Hosken Bombo Disco's Avatar
  19. Pius Jefferson's Avatar
    Is this a serious thread?
  20. RonCoomer's Avatar
    Considering that Deduno has 12 more career starts than Gibson (41 vs. 29, respectively), the Twins have given him more of a chance to succeed simply because he's been around the club longer. Anyway, even though Deduno has a lower ERA this year, Gibson has been looking better on several metrics:

    In 2014 Gibson is doing slightly better than Deduno in terms of FIP (3.84 vs. 4.09), WHIP (1.28 vs 1.41), and BB/9 (2.5 vs. 3.9). He's also doing negligibly better with K/BB--1.80 for Gibson vs. Deduno's 1.77, despite Deduno's higher K/9. If you look at their career lines some of these differences are even more stark in favor of Gibson. So I'd say that Gibson has done more and has most definitely earned his spot in the rotation over Deduno.
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