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  1. 2012 Minnesota Twins Prospects #10 Chris Parmelee

    originally posted at ontheroadwithshawn and TwinsTarget.

    source: twinkietown
    10. Chris Parmelee, First Base/Outfield, 24 years old

    2011 stats: .287/.366/.436 with 13 HRs for New Britain.
    Last Year's Rank: #18
    Acquired: Drafted by the Twins
  2. Spring Training Comes to an End, by Tim Shibuya

    This blog was written by Twins minor league pitcher Tim Shibuya. The right-hander was the Appalachian League Pitcher of the Year last year, and he will be starting for the Beloit Snappers as the 2012 season begins. Here are his thoughts as spring training comes to an end:

    As the end of Spring Training nears, the positives and negatives that you only think about at the start of camp start to become a reality. Friends you have played with for a while might get moved to a higher ...
  3. Fort Myers Miracle Projections

    The Fort Myers Miracle had a rough season in 2011, with a disappointing 63-76 record under manager Jake Mauer. Some of the frustration was due to injuries and others were due to just plain and simple lack of production. The Miracle will be back in 2012 with some familiar faces as the Miracle try to get back in the playoff hunt. They also will infuse some new talent that should make the summer very exciting for fans that turn out to HammondStadium as the Miracle try to return to the playoffs in 2012 ...

    Updated 03-31-2012 at 02:41 PM by Seth Stohs

  4. Great Job Security.

    The Twins announced today catcher Drew Butera and infielder Michael Hollimon were optioned to Rochester leaving only 31 active players left in camp. Opening day in Baltimore is only six days away and more roster decisions will be made soon. It appears reliever Alex Burnett could find himself on the roster again because of injuries. Perhaps no other player in recent memory has job security like that of Burnett. Critics keep telling us he is young (24), has great stuff, but just needs to work ...

    Updated 03-31-2012 at 11:49 AM by Fanatic Jack

  5. T-Hunt: Is he "Misremembering things"?

    Here is something interesting about game 2 of the 2004 Division Series against the Yanks:

    CBS Sports’ Jon Heyman, the longtime Sports Illustrated baseball writer, talked to Hunter and Michael Cuddyer about the Yankees’ hold on the Twins. Hunter, while getting the situation slightly wrong (the Twins weren’t trailing by a run, the score was tied), said that someone on the bench was asked to pinch hit for Kubel but declined.

    On the bench at the time were catcher/first
  6. 2012 Minnesota Twins Prospects #11 Levi Michael

    Originally posted at TwinsTarget and Ontheroadwithshawn.blogspot. com

    source: acc.blogs.starnewsonline.com
    11. Levi Michael, Shortstop, 21 years old

    2011 Stats: .289/.434/.434 with 4 HRs and 14 steals in 15 attempts at the University of North Carolina.
  7. Twins Report from Fort Myers. March 30th edition: Punto and the Red Sox and Goodbye

    This post was originally posted in its entirety at The Tenth Inning Stretch. Because of the image limitations I can only post some of it. To see the whole post with 21 action photos of Twins' players from today's game against the Red Sox, please go here

    Tonight is my last night at Fort Myers. It has been a super blast to be able to spend 8-10 hrs a day at the Twins' Spring Training Complex on a daily basis. This will be the last of my Daily Reports from Fort Myers and ...
  8. Twins About to Make Major Moves

    Twitter and the Blogosphere broke with the news today that the Twins had acquired Matt Rizzotti from the Phillies for "cash considerations". This move is in lieu of the minor leagues being one first baseman short now that Chris Parmelee is likely to break camp with the Twins due to his inspired play that's carried over since late last year.

    The bigger ...
  9. The Chance To Be Great

    The only thing more wonderful than a summer in full swing is the very promise of summer. And at no time is that promise more anticipated or electric than on Opening Day. On Opening Day, all those warm nights you'll spend at the ballpark beneath the bright lights and dark sky are like a cold beer not yet tasted; each sip is craved and full of sweet, calming booze. And while even the most bitter beer will be gladly glugged on a hot day in July, there is almost nothing so bad about a lousy baseball ...
  10. Tempered Expectations for Parmelee

    [Originally published at Twins Fan From Afar]

    Chris Parmelee
    should be fine. He looked great last September in a Twins uniform, and was a bright spot during an otherwise dismal time. Of the three prospects called up -- Parmelee, Joe Benson and Liam Hendriks -- Parmelee looked the most ready for the show. After watching several Rock Cats games last year in person, I was a little surprised that Parmelee, and not Benson, looked better in his time as a Twin, but that is why I don't get ...

    Updated 03-30-2012 at 12:55 PM by Seth Stohs

  11. Spring Training 2012 (Day One)

    Well, nothing better than Spring Training to get me back here to write something.

    Despite arriving in Florida on Wednesday in time to head straight from the airport to catch the game against the Phillies, I decided to head down to Naples, get some Cuban food, and just relax on the beach instead.

    Thursday, however, I got up early and went to check out ...
  12. "Opening Day is One Week Away" Roster Projections

    It's hard to believe, but after a long 2011 season and a very long offseason, Opening Day is just one week away for the Twins and the rest of baseball (except the A's and Mariners, I guess.). I have been doing these weekly roster projections for for weeks, and it's a lot of fun. As much as we like to think our roster projections a month out look pretty solid, it's impossible to know. No one could have predicted that Chris Parmelee would perform so well. And who knew with the bullpen.
  13. Friday Links-N-Thinks

    Original post from North Dakota Twins Fan
    The first two games of the season have been complete and I can honestly say I have yet to watch a single pitch. One of the problems was that both of the contests were not on any major channel and the other issues was the games were being played very early in the morning. I still don't know how I feel about the first two games of the season being played in Japan. It is great to spread the game to international markets but I love ...

    Updated 03-30-2012 at 07:03 AM by Cody Christie

  14. Position Analysis: Relief Pitcher

    We wrap up the Position Analysis series with a look at the relief corps, which could best be described as "unstable." There's little question that the Twins will proceed with seven relievers and a short bench, as is their standard; to fill those seven spots, they brought a veritable army of flawed pitchers to compete in Ft. Myers.

    With a week left to go, it appears that the Twins have settled on which arms they will carry north. As is always the case in spring training, this is subject ...
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