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  1. laloesch's Avatar
    I don't see the rush to extend Dozier. He's under team control for 4 more years and hasn't displayed the high batting average that I would like to see. If he were hitting 20-30 points the last few seasons, along with the high OBP and homeruns, i'd be all for it. At this point though, no. I also want to see what Santana, Rosario and Sano bring to the table, as all three could potentially be more complete players than Dozier.

    Same goes with Plouffe. Batting average is too low and he's not really hitting the homeruns this season either. He's one of those "on again off again" players that drives you nuts. I'd offer him a one year deal at most with the understanding that he's likely just a stop gap guy.

    Suzuki. I like him a lot. I do think that his plate calling is a bit overrated but no one can argue that he has done a fantastic job in lieu of Mauer wimping out and the front office's fear of committing to Pinto. The problem is he's already 30+ and unlikely to repeat this years stats. He's probably less likely of accepting a backup job and backup dollars either after the all-star game. My recommendation.... sell high but don't overplay your hand.

    Morales.....no. He's just another overpriced "has been" that Boras is trying to scam the Twins into buying (see also mike 'paltry' pelfrey). I find it strange that a guy who has been with the team less than 2 months already wants an extension. Smells fishy; injury concern? Anyways, he's already 31 and not part of the future plans.

    Willingham. Should have been dealt two years ago, but alas he's still here. Hopefully Minnesota can find the right trading partner and deal him. I just don't see the sense of signing a 35 year old to a multi-year deal when the team is in the middle of rebuilding. I wouldn't expect much in return just another roster clearing move.

    Correia - No
    Fein - also no

    Brings me to Pelfrey and Nolasco. I am of the strong opinion that Mike is simply a lost cause. He has not been healthy in over two years and with May ready and Meyer close behind, why do the Twins need him? DFA him eat the remainder of his contract (5 mil).

    Nolasco. I'll admit I was excited about this signing, especially if Garza was the other piece to be added. Unfortunately, that didn't happen and what I've seen of Ricky, is mostly a junk tossing, meat baller. This guy is prototypical national league pitcher all the way. It's amazing that he's had the winning seasons in the past. (again don't over estimate the NL). I think the Twins just need to admit this was a bad move and find anyone willing to take him off our hands in exchange for half his salary. Ricky sucks.
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  2. ND_TROOPER_GUY's Avatar
    Camouflage suit*
  3. ND_TROOPER_GUY's Avatar
    I'd extend Dozier, love the way he plays and he seems like a very marketable player on team that needs several. He had me at the camp suit.

    As far as Willingham I'd keep him around on a one year deal and assume a Thome role (DH/PH). The compensation must reflect this role.

    Suzuki I would extend two years if the salary is reasonable 2 years 10/12 million.

    Morales no, Correa no, Fein no, and for Plouffe nothing beyond year-to-year at this point.
    Updated 07-18-2014 at 11:12 AM by ashburyjohn
  4. Oldgoat_MN's Avatar
    Thank you Nick.
    These are good highlights.

    The Twins had won only 3 of their last 14 games until taking the last 3 from Seattle.

    The optimistic points you bring up are helpful to my heart.
  5. jtkoupal's Avatar
    He's not walking people because he gets behind everyone and then throws a meatball in the wheelhouse. Don't be fooled by lack of walks, control is his biggest problem.
  6. tarheeltwinsfan's Avatar
    Fun figures, Nick. 52 RBI's from the # 3 (primarily) batter will not result in many wins. I am a huge Dozier fan because of who he is as a person...therefore I hope the 30/30 season happens for him, plus a BA improvement to at least .265. Do you think Escobar's doubles will ever increase to HR's as he matures even more? OK, OK, I'll take the doubles and be happy. Hughes' 20 walks projection has resulted in Rick Anderson developing a man crush on Hughes. Hughes has been everything we Twins fans had hoped he could be. If Nolasco starts 32 games and averages 5-6 innings in each game, and if he will allow only 6.25 hits per game, he is on pace for 200 hits. Less than 1 hit per inning would be preferred for all pitchers. But with a weak fielding OF, which we have, it is more difficult to get fly ball outs, and limit extra base hits. But if Nolasco can limit his walks, that will help. He's a pro and he is ready every 5th day. I'd like to see Gardy leave Nolasco in longer in individual games. The Twins have gotten what they expected from Ricky. No surprises here. Perkins is doing his usual good job at baseball's most over-rated position...closer. I'm currently reading Mariano Rivera's autobiography, The Closer. Although I hate the Yankees, I tip my hat to Rivera. He has been dominate at his position and a class act. I will admit it is a great psychological advantage for a team to have a lights out, durable, strike-em out closer...but a team in the lead in the 9th inning will usually win anyway, whether Rivera is on the mound or whomever. Usually these mid season stats move toward the norm (whatever that may be) as the second half progresses, but it sure is fun to look at what you correctly titled, "Crazy Twins Stats". Thanks for an interesting and fun article.
    Updated 07-02-2014 at 08:40 AM by tarheeltwinsfan
  7. jtkoupal's Avatar
    Thanks for the article. I wouldn't read too much into putting Parmelee in center. It was for offensive purposes only. Clearly, Parm has no future in center except for a rare appearance there to get his bat in the lineup or to take Sam Fuld's bat out of the lineup. As for the next couple of weeks, I don't see them being pretty. We face some tough teams such as Kansas City, the Yanks, and Justin Morneau's Rockies (who are tough to contain at Coors Field). With the Twins likely to fall out (not to sound pessimistic or trolling), they need to look to shop guys like Willingham, Morales (if anyone wants him, would be selling low), Suzuki (several teams would want him), Correia (also selling low, but need to give prospects that spot) and possibly even Burton (also selling low), Duensing, or Anthony Swarzak.

    In addition, I think the Twins need to bring up some of next year's prospects and get their feet wet.
  8. tarheeltwinsfan's Avatar
    Good article. I agree about the next couple of weeks being critical for the Twins 2014 season. The last 2 road trips knocked us down. Let's see if the twins can get up off the ground and go on a sustained run. When the going gets tough, the tough win at home.
  9. curt1965's Avatar
    Send him down to DOUBLE A for 2 weeks. Let him get his confidence back, and maybe a little humility as well.
  10. Oldgoat_MN's Avatar
    Very optimistic about this kid.

    I hope that everything he puts in his mouth has to be OKed by Twins trainers.
    One more drug suspension and he will need to be Willie Mays to have anyone look at him.

    Nice write-up.
  11. Otwins's Avatar
    They should send him to Triple A. They already have to find AB's for Parmalee. Fryer is reportedly a good defensive catcher. I feel that it is more likely that a back up catcher that is good defensively is more likely to help you consistently than a good hitting back up catcher because of the inconsistent AB's
  12. Shane Wahl's Avatar
    I am relenting on my meh-ness to this idea. I do think he should probably try to give it up.
  13. tobi0040's Avatar
    Maybe Pelfrey is simply not very good? He had a career 4.60 ERA in the NL. Two years with a good ERA where he was a tad lucky. His stuff is simply not very good.
  14. Ncgo4's Avatar
    The Twins have always had a mind numbing affinity for age. Case in point, allowing Bartlett to take a spot on the team when he couldn't find a bat in spring training, let alone hit something with it. They just do not trust youth, or maybe the don't trust strangers.

    It is going to be fun to watch our old white guy management team release their old white marginal player friends to make room for about 6 to 10 young fire breathing Latinos. It'll be even more fun to watch the results on the field.

    To managements credit, however, they knew this day was coming or they wouldn't have invested $ millions in these young players.
  15. hosskartrite's Avatar
    You must have forgotton from last year. Pelfrey is a "sponge" that all these youngsters on the pitching staff could gain something from. Doesn't mattter is you can pitch. Hell, this year we don't even have any youngsters on the staff, but we still have Pelfrey
  16. Highabove's Avatar
    I still do not understand why Mike Pelfrey was brought back.
    Can someone please enlighten me???
  17. gunnarthor's Avatar
    I like Mauer but he's never been or will be my favorite player. It just *seems* like he should be better. Part of that is because he does everything so effortlessly - really quite in the batter's box, no wasted movement. Doesn't seem excited (which is why my all time favorite Mauer play was him jumping and tagging out Gardner at home plate in NY). He's physically bigger than Morneau yet he doesn't seem to *want* to hit homeruns. He doesn't seem to let the situation affect him - usually this is good but sometimes it's bad. In a late game, I'd rather Mauer tried to get a hit of a situational lefty rather than take a walk and let the next guy face a shutdown relief pitcher, something that happens quite a bit. He also *seems* tone deaf - esp in 2011 - towards fans and teammates. I hate reading things that suggests that he's "just one of the guys." That drives me nuts.

    But the guy was, at his best, one of the 5 best players in baseball over several seasons. Seems hard to nit-pick that. It'll be interesting to see if he can be one of the 5 best first basemen this year. My guess is that he puts up a series of pretty quite - high onbase, low counting stats - but solid 4 WAR seasons the next few years and that Sano/Buxton become the face of the franchise and Mauer remains under rated in Twins history. He won't be the best player on our team the next time we have a winning season.
  18. Sconnie's Avatar
    Thanks Nick, I'm trying to be more in the optimist camp and less in the pessimist camp, but man it's rough. Gibson being in the starting rotation, and the possibility of Hicks, Pinto and Arcia being starters helps, but the big names are further away than I'd like.
    Updated 03-26-2014 at 04:33 PM by Sconnie (I'm an idiot)
  19. Oldgoat_MN's Avatar
    It appears that 2011 was a career year for him in MiLB and MLB.
    Sadly, he's had nothing like it before or since.

    Good luck to him, but he has no business on an MLB roster until he gets something figured out. And that something needs to look like it did in 2011.
  20. Sconnie's Avatar
    Wouldn't it be nice for Escobar to carry a .300 batting average as the lead off hitter and starting SS? Not certain it's very likely...
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