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  1. Sconnie's Avatar
    Well said. A good reminder why I keep showing up... Thanks
  2. Sconnie's Avatar
    All hail!
  3. Paul Pleiss's Avatar
    Joe Mauer Resolutions: drink something besides white milk. Get a tattoo. Join Twitter.
  4. ashburyjohn's Avatar
    Probably a little late to snare Beltran, but let's keep dreaming big!
  5. ltwedt's Avatar
    Hilarious - and you really nailed it on Mauer - I wish he wasn't so vanilla - how about a little fire, Joe?
  6. Hosken Bombo Disco's Avatar
    Love it! Maybe Terry Ryan didn't consider that about Nolasco?

    I meant to say, maybe Ryan didn't consider that about Nolasco!!!
  7. goulik's Avatar
    Lol, Thank You Peanuts!!! Truly humorous and hopefully at least a little bit true!!!
  8. dgwills's Avatar
    Nice article! You combined two of my favorite things. Hopeful twins predictions and Game of Thrones. Maybe we should throw some wolves in the opponents dug out as well?
  9. glunn's Avatar
    Very creative and fun.
  10. PeanutsFromHeaven's Avatar
    I'd say he's already a plus AARP Player...the question is if he can break into the over 2/5 Area.

    The nickname would really help with that but I haven't found a good one yet.
  11. dgwills's Avatar
    I think Arcia has the potential to be a plus AARP player. Does he have a nickname yet?
  12. ashburyjohn's Avatar
    Chairman Mauer
  13. Oldgoat_MN's Avatar
    Would the real Trevor Plouffe please step forward?

    Even if it's Bad Trevor. I just need to know.

    That Good Trevor, popping up occasionally, kinda drives me nuts.
  14. Oldgoat_MN's Avatar
    I appreciate optimism, but Gouger is in La-La-Land if he still thinks he's going to win.
    Stinky is just mean. The Twins win 38% from here on out? Mean.
    Go Scruffy!
  15. Twins Daily Admin's Avatar
    There is something to be said for liviing in the moment - especially with a 90 loss team.
  16. John Bonnes's Avatar
    You can tell I'm a dog person, because I always enjoy these posts. Thanks for writing it up Sidney.
  17. PeanutsFromHeaven's Avatar
    My human still believes in Luis Perdomo...he is foolish...

    LeCroy and Hrbek are definitely cuddly...but since my human has been watching the 1991 World Series...I think Dan Gladden is history's greatest fluffball.

    Dozier can catch up...he just needs to not shave and run around the dog park with me for a while. We can chase grounders together!
    --Sidney the Dog
  18. Oldgoat_MN's Avatar
    Nice article, Fluffy.

    Are you old enough to remember Dan Gladden?
    He still hangs around chasing, I don't know, quotes or something.
  19. Twins Daily Admin's Avatar
    I'm always a sucker for a dog narration.

    Fluffiest Twins player of all time. Dozier and his hair are certainly in the conversation. But what about Kent Hrbek? Or Matt LeCroy? Luis Perdomo when he had that full beard? Of course, all of these guys are gone, so maybe we do lack the requisite fluffiness factor.
  20. gil4's Avatar
    If A-Rod was still at the top of his game, would the Yankees be hanging him out to dry (so they can recoup some of the contract and not have it count against their payroll)? If the Yankees were backing him all the way instead of hoping they can justify voiding his contract, would Selig be taking such a hard line with him? (I know that is such a long shot that it isn't really being discussed, but if he has a positive test any time in the future, my guess is he and his contract are done.)

    I hope the punishment gets rolled back to a token (the rest of this year, tops) and A-Rod comes back and turns into Chone Figgins (or worse) for the rest of that contract. I want it to be so painful for him that he wishes he was suspended so he could blame it all on Selig and the time away from the game.

    Bottom line - I hate the Yankees more than I hate A-Rod. I think A-Rod is washed up and I'd love to see him prove it (at the cost to the Yanks of $27M per year or so.)
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