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  1. Hosken Bombo Disco's Avatar
    So when he cocks his wrists to swing he's also pushing his hips back at same time?

    i am more and more convinced the Twins should crowdsource their coaching and front office duties to Twins Daily readers
  2. jokin's Avatar
    It seems like watching this video of Jose Bautista for a couple hours would help with the hip rotation thing immensely. They are similarly built, and Bautista took a few years to find his groove:
  3. blindeke's Avatar
    Yeah, I hate seeing him flail at a fastball on the outside corner.
  4. Don't Feed the Greed Guy's Avatar
    So, here's Dom Deluise's version:
  5. Shane Wahl's Avatar
    Absolutely. Calling Parker . . .

    Hicks, even with all his struggles last year, still generated some power. This is completely absent this year (same with Florimon, and it is the same problem).
  6. jimbo92107's Avatar
    I saw the whole game from the Legends Club. Dickey's knuckler works best at about 81 to 82mph, but on this 31F day, he was throwing it around 75 to 76mph, so it wasn't behaving the way he wanted. As a result he was having to throw his alternate pitches, a so-so curve and a BP fastball. Twins hitters were simply looking for the knuckles at release. See knuckles, don't swing. Don't see knuckles, sit on the curve. Ka. Boom. Even worse, Dickey really has to hump it up to get 87mph out of his fastball, which hitters can see. If that knuckler isn't working right, it's a long day for Dickey.
  7. John Bonnes's Avatar
    Interesting. I'll look for this.
  8. John Bonnes's Avatar
    I did too. It's a shame it wasn't posted a while back. It's promotion worthy.
  9. John Bonnes's Avatar
    There is no god.
  10. Twins Daily Admin's Avatar
    I've wanted to see this for a while. I'll need to look for it on Netflix.
  11. DocBauer's Avatar
    What you all have said.

    Surprised, thrilled and really enjoying this "light on" play from Plouffe.

    Could I take a moment to toss Hicks in here as well? He's not anywhere close to the Plouffe level...(ever thought you'd hear someone say that? Ever?)...but like Plouffe, something is going on. He's not hitting like anyone wants as of yet, but he's not embarrassing himself at the plate. He's making some contact, fouling off pitches, and most importantly taking walks to keep his OB over a 100 points higher than his Avg. Now it could be agued he's actually being TOO patient. But it's interesting to see the sudden change in approach by both of these guys. Is this Bruno's influence? Molitor's? Carew in Hicks's case? Who and whatever, very refreshing.
  12. Shane Wahl's Avatar
    Good job! I liked the Gibson fun fact.
  13. TwinsTakes-RD's Avatar
    I forgot to post this back when I wrote it a couple weeks ago so better late than never, maybe? It's on here if anyone wants to read it and comment about it.
  14. Linus's Avatar
    I've never been a big Trevor fan and thought he was in the process of playing his way out of the league last year. However, I will admit that this impressive start is no fluke - his approach at the plate is markedly different. Plus, he's not really gotten any cheapies that I've seen - he's squaring the ball up and showing great patience in going the other way.

    I still hate him in the field but with the approach he is now taking, I'm guessing he will be a good enough hitter that they will find a spot for him in the field.
  15. dakotanative's Avatar
    He is at that age where hitters start to figure things out. Years afo I read a quote from Tom Kelly where he stated that hitters start to hit their stride, or figure MLB pitchers, how they are pitching to you and realize their strengths and weaknesses, as hitters between 1500 to 2000 plate appearances. Well, Trevor is just shy of 1500 so I hope Kelly's statement is right. If so then we will be looking at our long term to solution to right field after Sano comes up. Good problem to have.
  16. Siehbiscuit's Avatar
    I really hope so!!!
  17. Oldgoat_MN's Avatar
    I think this is the start of a new Trevor Plouffe one that should be a building block for the Twins in the coming years.

    Man I hope so.
    Really fun to see this former #1 draft pick looking like he belongs.

  18. Oldgoat_MN's Avatar
    In the unlikely event the starting rotation all pitch 8 innings and he is not needed...

    um, never mind
  19. Sconnie's Avatar
    I enjoyed it as well.
  20. Lonestar's Avatar
    In 2012, the average velocity for his fastball was 92.9 MPH and for his change-up 87.2.
    In 2014, the average velocity for his fastball is 90.3 MPH and for his change-up 85.5.

    He could be on the bubble if/when the Twins go back to 12 pitchers.
    Updated 04-17-2014 at 12:38 PM by Lonestar (To correct Slider to Change-Up)
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