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  1. ashburyjohn's Avatar
    I chose Mastro as my TD Adopt-a-prospect a couple of seasons ago, and I mourn his apparent demise. He is like the son I never had.1

    1 Because my actual two sons are like their father, and never showed baseball talent that would support a professional career.
  2. Don't Feed the Greed Guy's Avatar
    The Lord Almighty grant us a peaceful night and a perfect end. Amen.

    Thanks for the devotional. A perfect end to the day. Hope springs eternal.
  3. Oldgoat_MN's Avatar
    Done with the Astros.

    Do we have any games against the White Sox left this year?
  4. MichiganTwins's Avatar
    Yes it is hard to think that some people still can stand watching the entire game of the Twins the rest of the year. Even with some interesting rookies on the team it is tough to watch.
  5. AM.'s Avatar
    I was just lamenting the uprooted firs the other day.

    Great piece. Haven't they play 105 games, though?
  6. Riverbrian's Avatar
    You sir... Have Talent!!!
  7. Sconnie's Avatar
    Took my Dad and Dad-in-law for Father's Day to game 2. Had a great time. Hope to see Plouffe keep it up. It would be nice if he gave the Twins a reason to move him to 2nd base when Sano gets called up.
  8. Oldgoat_MN's Avatar
    If you cannot hate the Yankees then some part of you has died.
    God help you.
  9. John Bonnes's Avatar
    And Rammstein seems like an appropriate post-game Twins loss soundtrack.
  10. Axel Kohagen's Avatar
    Thank you for the comment. I just like having a chance to explore the season as I experience it, in bits and pieces.
  11. John Bonnes's Avatar
    I love these personal reflections you do. Thank you.
  12. John Bonnes's Avatar
    Wish my MLB app could pick up games from the past.

    I'd settle for being able do download radio calls of games that have been played.
  13. John Bonnes's Avatar
    It's possible. I'm not going to deny that it's possible.
  14. Oldgoat_MN's Avatar
    That game was a must-miss.
    It was tough enough watching in a bar.
  15. Blake's Avatar
    Yeah, a double, with two outs in the ninth. Color me unimpressed. (I've never been down on Mauer, until these last few games) Too many chances to drive in runs and too many strikeouts.
  16. ashburyjohn's Avatar
    Blake: he hit a double in the ninth. Why do you think he wasn't exerting full effort?
  17. Blake's Avatar
    I thought Mauer mailed it in last night. Perhaps the whole series. I'm starting to wonder if Mauer is butting heads with Brunansky and is perhaps disgruntled over Joe Vavra being replaced.
  18. ashburyjohn's Avatar
    I'd trade my soul for a wish
    Pennies and dimes for a hit
    I wasn't looking for this...

    But now one's on base
    First baseman holding
    Relief ace, bunt is showing
    Hot night, wind out-blowing
    Where you think you're going, baby?

    Hey I just met you, and this is crazy,
    But here's a fastball, so slug it maybe.
    It's hard to swing, at Uncle Charley,
    But it's a fastball, slug it maybe.

    With apologies.
    Updated 04-08-2013 at 02:36 PM by ashburyjohn
  19. PeanutsFromHeaven's Avatar
    Two fantastic lines here: "gray is the official color of being down two runs", and "It's hard not to wonder if we're signing on to cheer for cannon fodder"...

    Great ways to put words to the feelings. The longer this goes on the more likely I am to shout out "BRAAAAIIINS" during the later innings.
  20. Thrylos's Avatar
    Great stuff! Keep them coming
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