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  1. stewthornley's Avatar
    The picture of Mantle at bat and of the construction are now up there. Thanks, guys.
  2. Nick Nelson's Avatar
    Cool story Stew, thanks for sharing. I'd love to see the pictures you dug up.
  3. Parker Hageman's Avatar
    "That's an awesome picture Parker. It explains a lot about the story. I'd completely forgotten that bridge ever existed."

    It still exists. Use to be a pedestrian bridge that I would bike across but now I believe it has been shut down completely to all traffic.
  4. John Bonnes's Avatar
    That's an awesome picture Parker. It explains a lot about the story. I'd completely forgotten that bridge ever existed.

    Kaat does a fair amount of speaking locally. I'd love to ask him to tell that story. I love how his "go to" solution was to call WCCO. Gawd, but they were massive in the 60s and 70s.
  5. Seth Stohs's Avatar
    was there a different cedar avenue bridge at that time? when I lived in the cities and worked in eagan, I went over that ridge nearly every day. it's hard for me to imagine how high that water must have been or how much rain must have caused it to be out. this was a fun read. Like john said, I have never heard this story before. thank you so much for sharing it with us!
  6. Parker Hageman's Avatar

    The old Cedar Avenue bridge was very similar to the Old Bloomington Ferry Bridge or the 101 bridge in Shakopee -- low bridges that flood over regularly in the spring. As you can see in this picture, high waters on the Minnesota would block everyone in the south metro -- http://www.flickr.com/photos/23545272@N05/5575552255/.
  7. stewthornley's Avatar
    I'll send the photo of Mantle at bat, and I think I've scanned the construction photo. I don't think I've scanned the first-pitch photo, but I'll try and do that - first pitch of their pennant-winning season. Kaat said it was because of the rain, but I'm sure it was general flooding. That was a big year for the floods. I think there are still high-water marks on some places down there.
  8. John Bonnes's Avatar
    Thanks for sharing this Stew. I'll admit, I had never heard this story before. Having an eye-witness from the game is even more interesting. I love that you tied it to the Bouton injury and the bit about the construction worker is awesome.

    Any idea why the Cedar Avenue Bridge was closed? Spring flooding?

    Also, if you have digital images of those pictures, send them to me and I'll see if we can figure out a way to add them to the site. You could also add them to this entry, using the button that looks like a picture in the tool bar above.
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