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  1. ericchri's Avatar
    Matt Batts, and he's a pitcher? Ah, the missed opportunities.
  2. SurroundedByTigers's Avatar
    Like it: Vargas, Rosario and Hicks (YES HICKS!! Finally, don't stop man - earn your way back to the Bigs) are doing damage at Double-A. Always a great way to begin the day. Gives me hope. And this Kvasnicka guy is a bonus.
  3. pierre75275's Avatar
    I see Burdi had another WP last night plus walk. Is his stuff a little more electric then what the catchers there are used to or does he have that much excitement and adrenaline going that he is a little wild in the early goings?
  4. lightfoot789's Avatar
    Anybody who has an inside the park home run has to be hustling out of the box. Congrats to Adam Brett Walker on a unconventional HR. @ 6'4 & 230 lbs it must have looked like a locamotive coming around those bases. Great pitching again from Matt Tomshaw. That "Knuckler" must be a "Thing" of beauty. Do I hear AA?
  5. AM.'s Avatar
    Lefty, lots of helium this year. I'd prefer they pick someone with a longer track record of success, though.
  6. Siehbiscuit's Avatar
    I'd be willing to walk away. He is playing great, but Pinto is the future. If he wanted another year at $5 million, I'd be okay. This still is Kurt Suzuki.
  7. Hosken Bombo Disco's Avatar
    If Colabello had had the benefit of a MLB-affiliated minor league development track instead of 7 years in independents, he might have become a very good MLB hitter.
  8. Kelly Vance's Avatar
    He should go up there looking for pitches he can hit to right field and then drive them that way.
    Updated 05-17-2014 at 09:35 PM by Kelly Vance
  9. Kelly Vance's Avatar
    They ARE pitching him outside more, but that is only part of it. He is trying to pull everything, even outside pitches. He should hit those pitches to right field. That would give him more time on his swing and would put the sweet spot on the ball as he drives the ball the other way. Trying to pull an outside pitch actually pulls the bat away from the ball, and if you hit it at all, it will be off the end of the bat.
    Updated 05-17-2014 at 09:35 PM by Kelly Vance
  10. Sconnie's Avatar
    I'm curious to see the counts on the heat map. My guess is the majority of the red blob down the heart of the plate comes at 0-0 and 3-0 figuring that he isn't going to swing, so make sure to get a strike.

    Good stuff Eric, thanks
  11. clutterheart's Avatar
    Wonder if Landa is being stretched out to go back as a Starter. Slegers and Edaes are two candidates to promote.
  12. AM.'s Avatar
    Looking forward to keeping tabs on Buxton again.
  13. Twins Twerp's Avatar
    Big day tomorrow for pitchers...milb.tv app will be on fire
  14. Oldgoat_MN's Avatar
    Great breakdown. Thank you.

    2004 was the toughest for me. The Twins scored runs. Plenty of them.
    It was probably not as frustrating for me as it was for Joe Nathan.
  15. Dave T's Avatar
    My money is on Gibson. Too early to tell -- we need to see more starts from these guys.
  16. J-Dog Dungan's Avatar
    Only thing that I can't say I agree with this article is that Correia is overpaid. Now, for his services five years ago, oh, god yes he is overpaid. But in these free-spending-on-pitching times, he got about the minimum possible from the Twins. Just goes to show you how prices for FA's have ballooned recently.
  17. ScottyB's Avatar
    Deolis Guerra is out of options. He either sticks or is off the 40-man.
  18. Twins Twerp's Avatar
    Yes, another toolsy outfielder with a high ceiling. I am so glad we have a million of those in our farm system that we can pass on guys like...Mike Trout. Nice!
  19. Brad Swanson's Avatar
    One other name that I think will creep up draft lists in 2013, a la Albert Almora in 2012 is Clint Frazier. This guy is a Gamer with the biggest capital G you can find. I watched him in the Under Armour Game and he was really impressive. I think John Manuel called him "Ginger Mike Trout" or something like that.

    I am very interested in Karsten Whitson too. I hope he bounces back, but not so much that he becomes a premier prospect again. I'd love to see the Twins get a guy like Whitson past the first round.
  20. glunn's Avatar
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