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  1. PopRiveter's Avatar
    "You've got to see what you've got"
    We haven't seen Nishioka yet? He's proven he can't do it. This is where concern about money hurts a team. The least deserving player gets field time because he was signed to the worst contract. They need to Mike Lamb (verb) Tsuyoshi Nishioka (noun.)
  2. Rosterman's Avatar
    Hey, like Blackburn, you are paying the guy and might as well get something out of him. He can't hurt you right now. The question is when Plouffe comes back, does he stay or does a pitcher go. You have to see what you got, and if there is anything that might $3 million interest someone between now and August 30th, you let him show and then waiver wire him. Like they did Valencia. Wait, the Red Sox got Danny. To keep him from going to the Yankees, perhaps. Sadly, they sent him right away to triple-AAA. Poor Danny! He was batting better than Youklis did for the Red Sox.
  3. twinstalker's Avatar
    It would be interesting to know what the idea behind Nishioka is, or whether it's just a "we're out of it, and we feel bad for Nishi" type move. With Mastroeanni (sp) able to play 2nd, they don't really need an infielder.
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  4. ScottyBroco's Avatar
    hahahThe Smalley comment could not have have been said any better. Have you scene the shape that guy is in and the head of hair?
    I sure hope that I look that way when I am his age!
  5. nokomismod's Avatar
    I'm holding out hope for Cliff Lee, Edwin Jackson, Scott Diamond, Deduno/Devries/Hendricks/Blackburn competing for 4th and 5th spots.
  6. Fire Dan Gladden's Avatar
    As it stands today, here is your starting rotation for next year:

    $5 mil FA
    two of these: Hendricks/Gibson/Deduno/DeVries
  7. Rosterman's Avatar
    Why are people so hard on DeVries. He pitches his heart out and adapts as the game happens. He should be in any mix. Blackburn is here until they decide they can eat his salary. Baker is up-in-the-air...and probably would be as ready to return to the Twins as Gibson would be -- midseason. I doubt that Walters will be kept on the 40-man. Deduno, if he keeps pitching, will be. Hendriks will get a chance to shine. B.J. Hermsen might be the dark horse in all of this.

    But they still need a free agent. Claim Cliff Lee on waivers!
  8. Jim H's Avatar
    I really do expect the Twins to upgrade the pitching staff next year. How they do it, trade or FA signing I don't know. I have no clue either who they might target. Stilll, I wouldn't be surprised to see a couple of guys.

    I don't expect Pavano back, and Baker is kind of iffy. He won't likely be ready at the beginning of the year and who knows what it will cost to sign him. They won't try very hard to go after Liriano either if he is a free agent.

    Blackburn will be back, I think. I don't know that, that is a bad thing. He is not that expensive and he has certainly contributed as much as Baker or Liriano, when healthy. Diamond will be in the rotation, anyone else in the system is speculation at this point. I think Hendriks could be good. Gibson, they will have to be careful with. Everyone else is likely a step below Blackburn.

    I have hopes for Bromberg but he kind of went backwards this year. Hermsen is probably going to be pretty good, but I doubt if he will be quite ready next year.
  9. stringer bell's Avatar
    Let's face it, Diamond will be the de facto "ace" going into 2013. Any free agent starter the Twiins sign will be coming off either an injury or ineffectiveness. They really do have to sign a starter though. I've seen Jeremy Guthrei's name mentioned and he is probably exactly the type, although I doubt it will be him. But just as a placeholder, I'll use his name: 1) Diamond 2) Guthrie 3) Duensing 4) Hendriks 5) Blackburn/Deduno. I am also hoping that Gibson blows them out of the water in the spring and I am far more optimistic about that than seeing Scott Baker toe the rubber next year for the Twins.
  10. Top Gun's Avatar
    Baker? who know if he will ever pitch again. High hopes!
  11. birdwatcher's Avatar
    I'll actually be surprised if they DO NOT secure a #2-3 type starter either via trade or FA this winter, and I'll only be a bit surprised if they trade for one #2-3 guy and sign a second. My guess id Gibson is ready to go at the beginning of the season. He's making great progress and looking sharp right now. Baker, Diamond, Hendriks next. Then Walters, Deduno, DeVries, Hermsen, an unknown minor league pick-up, maybe Bromberg to the rescue from AAA. Blackburn is a name that I have difficulty typing.

    The "change of behavior" from signing only bargain basement types to spending more aggressively has already taken place. They made sufficiently generous offers to a number of players last winter, including Cuddyer, Kubel, and Willingham, so it's not so far-fetched to expect an aggressive effort to improve the rotation this winter. I'll join the critics if they don't.
  12. old nurse's Avatar
    Before Pavano the last ace they traded for was Smiley in 92, the last free agent was Morris. There was a lot of filler signed. I doubt there would be a change of behavior. There will be someone out there that they sign to fill out the rotation. The will last a halff a year before being jettisoned.
  13. Jim Crikket's Avatar
    I totally agree a FA needs to be signed to lead the rotation. When we do our "offseason blueprints" I'll no doubt include a FA to lead the rotation (as pretty much all of us did last year). Maybe TR will sign one this year, but I'm not going to expect it until it happens. If it does happen, I'll just be pleasantly surprised. Until then, I expect the rotation to look very, very familiar.
  14. johnnydakota's Avatar
    free agent pitcher? terry ryan? hmmm bartolo colon or jaime moyer?maybe resigning kevin slowey...
  15. J-Dog Dungan's Avatar
    I think 4 is up for grabs with the performance of Hendriks this year. He has to prove, and I mean really prove, that he can win against MLB hitters before I would put him in the rotation next year. I would honestly put Walters and Deduno in before him right now.
  16. John Bonnes's Avatar
    I'd love to see this as a forum topic.
  17. Fire Dan Gladden's Avatar
    Out of our price range.

    Nice to dream though.
  18. TwinsGuy55422's Avatar
    I would definitely be in favor of this. I have always liked Shields.
  19. Highabove's Avatar
    The Pohlad's will probably not spend the Money for a Pitcher such as Sheilds.
    A lot of Money will be coming off the Payroll next year.
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