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  1. kemics's Avatar
    And Zumaya is already hurt, looks like this is the road we are headed down...
  2. mysonlikes7's Avatar
    I think this blog more accurately portrays how this year is going to play out, especially your comments about the pitching staff. The starting rotation is filled with pitchers who would be no better than a number 3 on almost any other major league roster. I don't have a real problem with Capps. He was relatively inexpensive and you pretty much know what you are going to get. When the Twins are out of contention in July, he can be traded to a contender. I think a number of the Twins on the current roster will be trade bait come July because the Tigers will be pretty much running away with the division by then.
  3. kemics's Avatar
    Thanks, I wanted to present conflicting view points. Obviously I hope the twins are successful and my first post is correct, but the above could absolutely be the reality.
  4. jsin6's Avatar
    sorry, just noticed your previous article taking the opposite point of view. I guess it proves that this is a tough year to predict how the Twins will do. Heck, every year it is tough.
  5. jsin6's Avatar
    Wow, kemics, your article is just a ray of Florida sunshine.
  6. Ricola's Avatar
    I love the optimism of spring!
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