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  1. ashburyjohn's Avatar
    Apparently my satire of the glass-is-always-half-empty outlook didn't work so good.

    Oh well, live and (not) learn.
  2. twinsin17's Avatar
    Yes, there were some negatives about the game. Mainly pitching and a misplaced infielder doing what he is asked to help the team. But as rough a game as Nolasco had pitching, Masterson was worse. Give our bats some due credit! Colabello, Plouffe, Kubel and both catchers are smacking the ball and Mauer is coming around. So far we are hitting much better than I anticipated coming out of spring training.
  3. ashburyjohn's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Seth Stohs
    As I was reading the blog too, my thought was, "He does realize they won the game, right?" So yeah, there will be plenty of worse games than this one.
  4. Seth Stohs's Avatar
    As I was reading the blog too, my thought was, "He does realize they won the game, right?" So yeah, there will be plenty of worse games than this one.
  5. savvyspy's Avatar
    Honestly the pitching should catch up once it warms up a bit. These are tough conditions to pitch in. I don't think we'll know exactly what we have until a couple trips through the rotation.

    They need to get Bartlett off this roster. He's an embarassment.

    Otherwise the lineup has been kind of interesting. Kubel, Plouffe, and Colabello have been great. Suzuki has done ok as well.

    They have at least be entertaining to watch so far.
  6. Kirbek's Avatar
    A win is a win.

    Given that, the pitching did stink and the decision to keep Bartlett over Presley is looking iffy.
  7. Jim H's Avatar
    You do realize the Twins won? If anything the Cleveland pitching was worse than the Twins, they couldn't throw any strikes. It is probably a little early to write "sky is falling" articles. Especially since the Twins are 3 and 3. Let's wait a couple of weeks, maybe after the weather settles a bit, then you can write about how the sky is falling.
  8. twinsfan34's Avatar
    Sorry, that was more from the Phillies point of view.

    Have always liked Rollins as a player. His 2007 was magical. 20-20-20-20 season.

    35 is probably too old to be relevant to the Twins window. My idea of thinking is if you're not able to compete or close to competing, try to figure out what the young guys can do - and if possible, get then as much game exposure as possible if they show growth.

    To make it a little bit of a discussion...

    If it was for one season only, I'd rather pay Rollins 11M than Stephen Drew 11M.
  9. twinsfan34's Avatar
    With the age of the players the Phillies have signed...may not want prospects. Seem more bent on 'win now'...probably because they're so old already and yet have so much money tied into it. It's almost like you're at the poker table...and you already got 80% of your chips in, and don't want to walk away without that 80% - so they'll risk the 20% remaining.

    Boston managed to reverse it though...so it can be done.
  10. twinsfan34's Avatar
    Can we send back Trevor May?
  11. ashburyjohn's Avatar
    Very fair point in addition.
  12. beckmt's Avatar
    Rollins has a full no trade clause, so don't expect him to come here.
  13. Teflon's Avatar

    I think he looks more like Manny from Modern Family.
  14. stringer bell's Avatar
    Oh yeah, exactly what I thought!
  15. USAFChief's Avatar
    My plan as of now is to take in the game in Scottsdale on Friday the 18th, and the game in Glendale on Saturday the 19th.
  16. USAFChief's Avatar
    Follow up: I will be attending at least a couple games, most likely as a day trip up and back from Tucson. I haven't given much thought to when yet. If any TD regulars do attend, please let me know, and if possible ill arrange my trip(s) to correspond. If that appeals to you, of course...
  17. ashburyjohn's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by old nurse
    If satire is done with non caustic wit or irony, that would be fine?
    If you're asking how the moderators react, well, it's going to be case-by-case. Satire is by nature caustic, and the best satire burns your skin off without your even realizing you were the target until too late. (Another way of saying why what I tried was just too heavy-handed.)

    Simply poking a little fun, ought in principle to pass muster, but even then it's risky: "fun" is in the eye of the beholder. If you really think the target of your comment will smile, even grudgingly, maybe it will be OK. But if your intent is just to straighten somebody else out, I dunno - just stick to the facts as you see them, would be my advice, and keep the direct personal comments and the alleged humor out of it.

    I definitely recommend not trying assess the specific gravity of the content of anybody's coinpurse.
  18. Oldgoat_MN's Avatar
    I agree Thegrin.

    In addition, the guy is 27 years old and pitching in his first MLB game. He has done a fine job and can expect to pitch again the next week.

    Is this a good time to go pick a fight with your manager?
  19. Thegrin's Avatar
    A man needs testicles of Brobdingnagian size to question the courage of a Major League pitcher.
  20. gil4's Avatar
    I followed a link that said "Swiftian satire must be attempted only by people" and was hoping to find out whose dog took over the keyboard after the owner passed out.
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