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  1. 13 - A lucky number of pitchers?

    The transactions of the last few days boil down to Blackburn being replaced by Deduno, and Parmelee being replaced by... Fien? So, we're back to a roster of 13 pitchers and 3 catchers. Very little scope for pinch-hitting and pinch-running. I guess this has been hashed to death, but it still seems weird to me. Wasn't so long ago that 11 pitchers were enough for a staff. And I think it detracts from the enjoyment of the tactical game - instead of managers having to anticipate opposing moves and ...
  2. Can the Twins restock via trades?

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    There has been much banter about whom the Twins might trade, and what they might get in return, if and when they decide to give up on the season and become "sellers" at the trade deadline in July. Folks seem to expect that several prospects can be obtained for the most prized of the Twins' trading chips, thus restocking the minors and/or bringing major-league ready talent to the parent club, particularly on the pitching side.

    So I got ...

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  3. Drew Butera: Pitcher

    While looking for something else, I ran across on Yahoo's team roster page that Drew Butera is listed among the pitchers.

    So that I won't think I was just imagining things after they correct it, here is a compressed screen shot: Click image for larger version. 

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  4. Matt Maloney, staff savior?

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    In a Marquis-out/DeVries-up thread, it was mentioned by more than one that Matt Maloney ought to be put into the Rochester rotation. I had been thinking along those lines for a while now, too.

    In fact, I wonder if the Twins considered doing this in April for the parent club, before sending Maloney down, by putting him into a long-relief outing or two. Unfortunately he pitched so poorly that they couldn't even "stretch him out" for a few ...

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  5. Why is it...?

    Why is it that on most days, when I channel surf to ESPN during commercial breaks of the other show I'm watching, I never get an update on how the Twins' game is going, but when they lose a game 16-4 like yesterday it's constantly the game shown on the crawl at the bottom of the screen when I click over there? Ugh.
  6. This day in Twins History

    May 15: on this day in Twins history, 2012, Jason Marquis gave up three home runs in one inning, in a lethargic 5-0 loss that also featured (not to be outdone) four different Twins grounding into double plays.

    Wait, what? You have to wait a year to mark a milestone like this one?
  7. Inability to drive in runs

    The Twins lost 2-1 yesterday, wasting a pretty good season debut by P.J. Walters. From the AP story:
    The struggling Twins offense couldn't come up with a timely hit. Minnesota went 0 for 9 with runners in scoring position and stranded six runners over the final four innings.
    "We had plenty of chances, but it just didn't work out for us tonight,'' Twins manager Ron Gardenhire said.

    Hm. On offense, the Twins had 5 hits total, but 6 walks to go with them. The Jays ...

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  8. Plouffe has gone poof?

    As of May 3, 2011, the sainted Drew Butera had this set of stats for the Twins:
    AB: 50
    BB: 2
    H: 5
    2B: 2
    R: 3
    RBI: 4
    BA: .100
    OBP: .151
    SLG: .140
    OPS: .291

    This morning, I see this for Trevor Plouffe 2012:
    AB: 36
    BB: 7
    H: 4
    2B: 1
    HR: 1
    R: 3
    RBI: 2
    BA: .111
    OBP: .256
    SLG: .222
    OPS: .478

    He's been basically five walks, and one double turned into a home ...
  9. Timely hitting

    A digression from the discussion on Morneau's wrist, concerning an opinion that the Twins were one timely hit away from winning the 4-3 game with the Angels, that I'll post here now.

    Twins had 8 hits, Angels had 8 hits. Was it a matter of timeliness?

    Angels 1st: double, followed by single. One run scores.
    Angels 4th: single, followed by homer. Two runs score.
    Angels 7th: homer. One run scores.
    Twins 8th: hpb, double, single, single, single: Three runs ...
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  10. Clarity, please

    I hope it's not like last year. After the slow start they turned the corner mid-season, and on July 20 just before the trade deadline they were up to 46-51, mirror image of Detroit's 51-46. There was hope of taking a weak division if momentum continued. As a result, despite treading water the next few days up to the very deadline, they did not move any veterans for prospects; they weren't buyers, either, thank goodness. I supported this approach, at the time. But it was a sad mirage: ...
  11. Powerful Mauer

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ID:	802 Joe Mauer must have read my post yesterday. There can be no other explanation. He hit a triple in the first inning, driving in Span and then scoring on Morneau's single. If you reconstruct the inning with Mauer hitting a single or drawing a walk instead, and overlook that every change could result in a different approach by the opponents thereafter, this was worth an extra run.

    He followed up with a none-out double in the third. This resulted in no scoring ...
  12. Mauer Power

    I was thinking about the 2012 Twins' imbalance on offense, between getting on base (acceptable) and power (low). A guy we look to for power is Joe Mauer, so I decided to see where he stands at this early stage of the season. Arbitrarily I picked his 2008 season as a benchmark - an excellent season by any standard, but not as insanely high a bar to set as his 2009 season, and one very much in line with his career numbers. In 2008 he had 633 plate appearances, and so far in 2012 he has 83. If ...
  13. Separated at birth?

    Another recycled observation from last year, when a certain someone got reassigned...

    Is it just me, or does this guy

    look an awful lot like this guy?
  14. The Value of Supplemental Draft Picks

    Regarding the discussion of whom to pick with the #2 choice in the upcoming draft, there is also the group of supplemental picks the Twins will get. Even if the team believes pitching is their sorest need, it's one reasonable strategy to pick a stud position player at #2 and then load up with pitching prospects a little further down in the draft, if you think pitchers are inherently riskier to develop. However, those supplemental draft picks aren't quite the slam-dunk that some people were thinking ...
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