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  1. Jim H's Avatar
    I dsagree entirely. I don't think trading Mauer is a good idea, at all. You are going to struggle to get comparable talent back. There is nothing in the system that can replace what he does, even if he is only catching half the games. Finally, I don't really see that his contract is big obstacle to being competitive. The issues are making good decisions and being healthy. Having more money to spent but having less talent to work with, because you have traded Mauer, isn't likely to make you a better team.
  2. John Bonnes's Avatar
    Congratulations. This isn't the "business plan" method of growing the Twins Daily community, but it'll do. :-) (On second thought, it's quite a bit better.)
  3. johnnydakota's Avatar
    congrates and may god bless her and keep her safe always
  4. AllhopeisgoneMNTWINS's Avatar
  5. Nick Nelson's Avatar
  6. John Bonnes's Avatar
    I've never hunted (though I would like to) but I used to fish a lot as a teenager with my grandpa, so I know what you mean about having a lot of time to think quietly. In response to your topics...
    1. I BET you're thinking about that. My only advice: marriage is the foundation and the kids are the house. Don't ever risk the foundation for the house. You will be tempted.
    2. Well, of course. Kudos for admitting it.
    3. Don't worry too much about Mauer's money. The Twins can build a good contending team on the remaining $70M, especially if they get to starts with a catcher that can bat 3rd.
    4. Do you bring a camera that has any kind of zoom?
    5. I look forward to the next post.
  7. Willihammer's Avatar
    We did the same. Got up there Friday and uncle Joe already had about a 5 drink head start on us. "Take the 4 wheeler and put out some apples over there by the clearing," he tells me. Not an hour later there's a 8 pointer standing there, tail down. Evidently Uncle Joe had gotten him into a habit. So he grabs the .338 and sits himself on the picnic table outside the garage. My brother who lived in Seattle for the past 10 years talked him out of it, luckily. "Save some for us deer virgins." So okay he puts it down. Joe paid us back Sunday morning though. We are just about to head in for the day, pack up and make the 4 hour car ride south to the cities when bang. 50 pound spike buck, great. Oh, Uncle Joe also happens to be allergic to deer so guess who had to dress it, skin it, and butcher it. That venison meat up in St Louis county tastes like dogsht anyway. I'm done with deer hunting.
  8. rogrulz30's Avatar
    I am def in favor of signing Baker, I do believe the Baker/Gibson idea is good, one of those guys should make it. I do not want to have Morneau leave, but I am open for Span leaving. I think if we let Span/Casilla go, we can still build a rotation, we will have to spend money, not sure if they are looking to do that, but the window is closing, either you go for it, or unload it all in my opinion. WE do have chance to get guys in free agency, only problem is we will have to overpay, knowing the Twins situation, this could be a good thing for the fans, because the franchise has to do it, which means we should get a couple guys.
  9. johnnydakota's Avatar
    with the rays looking to hold down payroll and b.j. upton not a sure bet to return , maybe span to tampa for shields , he has 2 option years at a combined 23 million,he was ranked last week as the #13th best starterin mlb, add in diamond and deuno as your 3rd and 4th starter, that leaves you searching for a true number 2, not pavano , not baker ,not marquis... but a true #2,
    signing scott baker to an incentive ladden contract with a option year is a given , between baker and gibson , 1 should be able to come at the end of may or june to replace ,and contribute to the rotation, that leave middle infield hep and at least 2 quality reliever we need to add for next year
  10. ScottyB's Avatar
    Dice-K not gonna happen - he's a Boras client, and Boras will ask way too much. Jackson is now looking for stability, probably a 3-year deal, and since he left the Boras agency might be signed for a reasonable contract. Villanueva wants out of Toronto and could be an interesting choice. There is concern about the number of innings he could pitch since he's mainly been a reliever. Marcum does have potential. One other guy I'd look at is Brandon McCarthy, and of course Baker on an incentive-laden contract with an option for 2014. I'd even consider Liriano back on the cheap.

    I would trade Span and Morneau this winter for high upside, lower level pitching prospects who might be in the rotation in 2014 or 2015. I'd sign 2 non-pitching free agents - Torii to a 2-year deal and Eric Chavez for the bench.

    My ideal team:

    Revere CF
    Mauer C/1B/DH
    Hunter RF/DH
    Willingham LF/DH
    Doumit DH/C/OF
    Plouffe 3B
    Parmelee 1B/OF
    Dozier 2B/SS
    Florimon SS

    Bench: Mastroianni OF; Hermann C/OF; Carroll IF; Chavez 3B/1B

    Starters: (Take your pick) Diamond; Baker; Gibson; Pavano; Markum; Villanueva; McCarthy; Jackson; Liriano; Hendricks; Deduno; De Vries

    Pen: Perkins; Burton; Deunsing; Fien; Burnett; (pick 2) - Swarzak; Waldrop; Guerra; Robertson; and Oliveros
    Updated 09-19-2012 at 08:37 AM by ScottyB
  11. OldManWinter's Avatar
    Mormeau is fine as a Twin. Find other trade bait.
  12. Shane Wahl's Avatar
    Replace Dice K with Shaun Marcum and this isn't bad at all other than Pavano. The Twins should sign one and trade (Morneau) for one.
  13. rogrulz30's Avatar
    I totally agree, that would make my entire MLB year.
  14. rogrulz30's Avatar
  15. J-Dog Dungan's Avatar
    I am rooting for the Orioles and Rays, the Orioles b/c of Lew Ford who is awesome, and the Rays because they are the complete opposite of the Yankees. Oh, it would be sweet if the Rays and Orioles kept the Yankees from reaching the playoffs this year and the A's made it in too.
  16. Rosterman's Avatar
    There isn't really a lot to look at in September if Terry just brings up 40-man roster guys, and expect the new 40-man roster to be very young.

    If the offense can advance and score runners, and with the current bullpen candidates, we might be one to two very good healthy starters away from contention, which is all the Twins carry about to put butts in the stands.
  17. Rosterman's Avatar
    Take the plunge and claim Cliff Lee on waivers.......
  18. J-Dog Dungan's Avatar
    What you wrote here is almost what I am feeling, except for the part about Terry Ryan most likely failing at finding an ace this offseason. Who knows, if we send positive vibes towards him, it might actually happen.
  19. rogrulz30's Avatar
    The Legion of Doom was awsome!!!!!!!!!!!
  20. Fire Dan Gladden's Avatar
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