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Beyond the Limestone

The whimsical rantings of a displaced Twins fan. My writing combines my love for baseball and beer, sometimes with disastrous results.

  1. Down on the Pond: Twins Top Prospects 16-20.

    Bad teams often have a lot of room for talented prospects to move quickly through the farm system and get a chance to play with the big league club. After losing 99 games in 2011 the Twins stunk it up again in 2012 and lost 96 games. Half-way through the off-season the Twins have traded away their two best center fielders and while they have gotten back three quality arms in return, two of those arms still have a ways to go before they make it up to the big league club. The Twins also added a veteran ...

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  2. Down on the Pond, MiLB Prospect Profiles and Twitter Photos

    In my last Down on the Pond post I took a look at how the Twins players were doing down in the Arizona Fall League, and rather than look back in at how they're doing, or even taking a look at the guys who are playing Winter Ball around the Southern Hemisphere, I thought I'd use my position here on the Pond to share some photos that players throughout the Twins system posted to the Twitter machine and use that as a jumping off point to talk about some of the guys that are toiling down in the Twins ...
  3. Down on the Pond, Twins MiLB Awards - The Pitchers

    Who were the best pitchers in the Twins minor league system in 2012?

    Earlier this week I took a look at my predictions from this spring for who I thought would be the best minor league hitters in 2012 and who actually was. Today I'll look into the pitchers. See the predictions made by some of the other Twins bloggers here (position players) or here (pitchers).

    Twins related news and notes from

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  4. Minnesota Twins Podcast, Talk To Contact Episode 7: End of Season Awards

    This post originally appeared at www.puckettspond.com

    Episode 7 of the Twins baseball podcast, Talk To Contact, is now available for download via iTunes or by clicking here.

    New Glarus Moon Man, one of the best Wisconsin has to offer
    In Episode 7 my brother Eric and I discuss who we believe are the Twins deserving of the Talk To Contact awards for rookie of the year, starting pitcher, reliever, position player ...

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  5. Twins MiLB Awards: Down on the Pond - The Hitters

    This post originally appeared at http://puckettspond.com/2012/10/01/d...s-the-hitters/

    The minor league seasons are all over. The prospects have played their final games (well, I guess officially the September call-ups still have 3 games left, but let's not get carried away) and the stats and progressions for 2012 are all in the books.
    Before the season began, several of the Twins bloggers, myself included, made some prognostications about who we thought ...

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