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  1. TKGuy's Avatar
    I am happy we kept Colabello, we had way too many lefties. I think it's clear the Twins don't think Parmalee is going to make it, although Antony wants to light a fire under him. If Kubel doesn't hit, then Parmalee may get one more chance. Presley claimed, yawn. Twins going all in on Hicks and Arcia. Need to see if they can stick or be replaced by Buxton and Rosario. Bartlett, good story, we will see how it plays out, obviously Gardy wanted him.
  2. JB_Iowa's Avatar
    Thanks and Congrats!
  3. J-Dog Dungan's Avatar
    Sweet. Nice analysis. Hope his power does return, Willingham could potentially be a nice sell-high commodity if he performs well to the Trade Deadline this season.
  4. jorgenswest's Avatar
    Great stuff Parker
  5. VandyTwinsFan's Avatar
    He has to hit at AAA in order to make it to the bigs, first. Wise decision for the team to make it a minor league deal. I used to be a big fan of Kubie Snacks, but now he's merely depth at the lower levels while the kids come up. However, if he regains his old form that would make this a nifty pickup. All in all, I like it.
  6. Badsmerf's Avatar
    Big fan of this move. Buy low for the Twins. Kubel will provide some depth at DH and a corner OF spot. He also allows Willingham or him to be trade bait at the deadline. Hopefully the concrete has cured enough to allow him to hit some HR's....
  7. Danchat's Avatar
    Man, I sure hope we don't re-sign Pelfrey. Sure, he's a #5 pitcher but so is everybody else except for Nolasco. I think we need one more arm in the rotation and it sure better not be Pelfrey. Plus, how in the world is he worth $8M a year? I know everything is inflated but nobody is going to burn that kind of money signing him... right?
    We need a solid #2 pitcher to complement Correia, Deduno, Nolasco, and whoever goes in that final spot. And it sure better not be Mike Pelfrey.
  8. ashburyjohn's Avatar
    What stands out to me is the absence of any mention of Christopher Herrmann. With AAA a likely starting location for Pinto, it sounds like a FA acquisition of some kind is all but assured. Question is whether to get a glove man for cheap, to complement Doumit's skillset, or go for a more complete but far more expensive player.
  9. twinsfan34's Avatar

    Thanks for that first person interview.

    I'm a member of SABR and at every annual SABR Convention since 2001, the committee has recognized a baseball executive who has demonstrated a lifetime commitment to professional baseball scouts and scouting and player development history with presentation of the Roland Hemond Award.

    The 2013 recipient? Terry Ryan.

    I do recognize that Bill Smith was with the organization for 20+ years and thus probably has similar thinking as Terry Ryan, Radcliff, et al. Afterall, those were 20+ years together. So these 90 loss seasons are somewhat curious as a result of the layover of during Bill Smith's tenure. Thankful for some of the international signings Bill Smith had (Sano, etc).

    I'm not too hot on Target Field as a whole. Wish it was more friendly to lefties. For Mauer now, but also as far as fewer players are lefties and we could easily stack our team to be left-handed for those 81 home games. Ultimately, as horrible as it is to try to watch Twins games sometimes, I'm hopeful for some growth signs in 2014 and very excited about what could happen in 2015 and beyond.
  10. TheDean's Avatar
    Great info! I wonder to what extent placement of "soft" pitches is dependent on the chief offspeed offerings of a given staff. For example, a staff dominated by change-up specialists versus guys like Liriano who go to their slider more often. Granted, maybe there's enough variation within staffs that one team's starters can't be distinguished from another solely based on their most common offspeed offerings. Besides, I suppose there are pitchers whose breaking balls don't even fall into the 81-mph "soft range," especially those throwing hard sliders (Liriano?).
  11. Shane Wahl's Avatar
    Wow this is pretty helpful information.
  12. Oldgoat_MN's Avatar
    Amazing to think of how bad our pitching numbers would be without Perkins, our offensive numbers without Mauer, or our overall record without an excellent year from our bullpen.

    So, um, is anything going to change?
    Apparently the coaches all did a great job, so we'll see if any adjustments at all are in the cards. Maybe not. Maybe everything is just fine.
  13. Oxtung's Avatar
    As always Parker your analysis is insightful! Let's hope that if Mauer doesn't return to the dish our new catcher will be better at framing the low pitches and that Gibson rebounds from a tough start!
  14. RodneyKline's Avatar
    Replace the horrible GM and then let the new aggressive GM bring in his manager. It is not Gardenhires fault. This team has been horrible the last three years. Terry Ryan is too cheap to ever build a winner again in this modern game. He is old school and baseball has passed him up. Successful franchises do not let their entire team go to be all stars at other teams. He actually felt he had a competitive team this year. That alone should take his job away!
  15. stringer bell's Avatar
    I base my optimism for Pinto on 1) minor league performance--he swung at strikes in NB and Roch. He was very consistent--not many o'fers and a lot of game with a hit or walk. A lot of extra base hits. 2) Eyeball test--compared to Colabello, he looks like Paul Molitor. Quiet at the plate, not off balance, able to adjust to hit off-speed stuff. He hasn't appeared to be fooled very often. 3) Almost all of his hits have been hit hard--when he had three doubles, the ball was stung each time. He isn't dropping bloopers over the infielder's heads.
  16. TheLeviathan's Avatar
    I'm just going to say excellent article and snicker in the corner as I imagine responses to this intelligent breakdown of something we absolutely need to do.
  17. E. Andrew's Avatar
    Good story. It took just the first ground ball to him for me to have a huge amount of respect for his defense, and to know it will quickly be forgotten. Like Mike Redmond, I enjoyed having him on the team.
  18. AM.'s Avatar
    You have to imagine the players love this and a bunch eagerly volunteer. Easily the most entertaining thing to happen with the big club in the past month. (Or past three years?)
  19. Badsmerf's Avatar
    This adjustment was expected. We've known the type of hitter Arcia is for a few years now. It was expected that pitchers would start to try and make him chase out of the zone. Good analysis Parker. I'd like to have the inside info about how they are trying to get Arcia to adjust.
  20. B Richard's Avatar
    Isn't Ball a little more out of the picture for the Twins than guys like Manaea and Meadows (whom you profiled in the last couple days)? He is certainly intriguing. Is there a reason we haven't heard him mentioned alongside someone like Kohl Stewart?
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