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  1. The No Juice Podcast, Episode #14: Trade Deadline

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ID:	8302On this week’s episode of the No Juice Podcast, Major League Baseball’s trade deadline swiftly approaching, Dan Anderson and Parker Hageman discuss where the Minnesota Twins stand after the All-Star Break. Josh Willingham, Kevin Correia and Kurt Suzuki? Sell ‘em or sell ‘em all?

    Other topics include Twins prospect Nick Gordon’s introduction to professional baseball, previewing the Twins Daily Touch ‘Em All Pub Crawl, trolling Darren Rovell on Twitter, anger ...
  2. Twins Have Utmost Confidence In Nick Gordon

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ID:	8300As a self-proclaimed baseball analyst, I can say that there is nothing more difficult to gauge than a minor league prospect. There is little information available at the fingertips compared to major league players. But beyond that, there is perhaps nothing more difficult to gauge than a prospect at rookie ball where the data, video and observations are as rare as fine dining in their clubhouse.

    That said, a recent review of MLBFarm.com’s statistical warehouse ...
  3. That's The Ticket: Rays of Sunshine

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    Ticket King

    If you missed the All-Star festivities at Target Field over the past few days, perhaps the incentive of seeing one of baseball’s hottest teams will bring you back downtown at a more reasonable price.

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    For most of their existence, the Tampa Bay Devil Rays were a league laughingstock destined to finish last in the AL East for eternity. Then they got a new ownership, smartened up and figured out how ...
  4. The No Juice Podcast, Episode #13: Darren Wolfson

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ID:	8224On this week's episode of The No Juice Podcast, Parker Hageman and Dan Anderson ventured to KSTP studios to talk to one of the Twin Cities' hardest-working media members, Darren Wolfson.

    On the night that Labron James announced his intentions of returning to Ohio, Wolfson provided his plugged-in insights on what that means to the Minnesota Timberwolves and Kevin Love. Wolfson also shares information on the impending trade deadline and what that means for ...
  5. Twins Need Dozier To Snap Out Of Funk

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ID:	8167On Tuesday night it was announced that Minnesota Twins’ second baseman, Brian Dozier, would be participating in the Home Run Derby.

    Without question, it will be an honor for him to smack dingers at his home stadium, with his home crowd, and even his own brother pitching to him, no less. The event, where the game's most prolific home run hitters get to sit on the grass, some with their families, and admire the powerful swings while listening to ESPN’s Chris ...
  6. The No Juice Podcast, Episode #12: Gleeman

    On the special holiday episode of The No Juice Podcast, Parker Hageman and Dan Anderson bring in guest Aaron Gleeman to discuss how to make it in America as a blogger.

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ID:	8104
    In addition to having Aaron Gleeman discuss his Linkedin profile, you will hear tips on why you should avoid Minneapolis strip clubs if you are a Kansas City Royals pitcher, which baseball analytics websites to use for your ball guy analysis, a comparison between Joe Mauer and ...
  7. We're Going Streaking With Chris Parmelee

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ID:	8092As the season progresses and the availability of real live center fielders decreases, Minnesota Twins manager Ron Gardenhire has been lowering standards for center field qualifications -- such as "he smells like a center fielder" and "he reminds me of a young John Fogerty". Chris Parmelee has been the latest infielder to play the most defensively significant outfield role.

    There is no question that Parmelee is swinging a burning hot bat right now -- having ...
  8. The No Juice Podcast, Episode #11: Kickstarter My Heart

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ID:	8062Parker Hageman and Dan Anderson got together to talk about the Twins' latest heart-wrenching road trip, the fiasco in the outfield, and who Jorge Polanco's career has started off like. They discussed soccer and World Cup trolling. Then they had the Idea to End All Ideas when they came up with a Kickstarter campaign.

    Listen -- below, on iTunes or Stitcher -- and enjoy.

  9. The No Juice Podcast, Episode #10: New Logo

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ID:	7928Dan Anderson and Parker Hageman got together to discuss their brand new logo and share feelings.

    Parker described a hellish family vacation on the North Shore. They discussed Oswaldo Arcia’s slumping tendencies but also pondered whether or not Kyle Gibson was becoming an "ace" (spoiler: who knows) and whether or not the Twins have peaked (spoiler: who knows). Parker let Dan talk about soccer for 10 minutes (spoiler: Parker still doesn't like soccer) and ...
  10. Why Phil Hughes Is So Good Right Now

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ID:	7843I do not believe it is too much hyperbole to say that Phil Hughes is the greatest pitcher alive.

    That may be a bit extreme but it has been so long since the Minnesota Twins have been able to pencil in a strong candidate into the rotation that you forget what a good pitcher smells like.

    (Answer: Good pitchers smell like Cy Young Awards -- a combination of polished chrome, rich mahogany and saddlewood).

    Ok, so a Cy Young this year ...
  11. The No Juice Podcast, Episode #9: Dan's Dominican Adventure

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ID:	7814Fresh off his "Destination Wetting", Twins Daily's Parker Hageman dispatches No Juice Podcast co-host Dan Anderson to spend time at the Twins' Dominican Academy at Baseball City in Boca Chica...on his honeymoon.

    In recent years, the Twins' facility and the Dominican Summer League have been graced with such Latin American talent as Yangervis Solarte (2006), Josmil Pinto (2007), Oswaldo Arica (2008), Danny Santana (2008) and, of course, Miguel Sano (2010). ...
  12. The Big Switch: Willingham Has Something Left In The Tank

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ID:	7783Josh Willingham’s career may not be as finished as previously thought.

    Sure, not everyone thought he was washed up. Over the winter his agent -- Matt Sosnick of Sosnick Cobbe Sports -- reassured me that Willingham was strong like bull after his knee surgery in 2013. The procedure cleaned everything up and he was healthy. The message? Get ready because 2014 would be a rebirth of Willingham -- avert your eyes because you ...
  13. Oswaldo Arcia Is Very Good (But He's Not Quite There Yet)

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ID:	7743For the Minnesota Twins, Oswaldo Arcia represents the promise of a better tomorrow. With the candles from his 23rd birthday cake still smouldering, Arcia’s exquisite power display in fewer than an entire season’s worth of baseball games has been a refreshing welcome to a fan base that has not had many legitimate offensive prospects to rally around since Joe Mauer and Justin Morneau. Historically, his power numbers at this age ranks among some of the best Twins’ sluggers. ...
  14. The No Juice Podcast, Episode #8: Destination Wetting

    This past weekend, No Juice Podcast co-host Dan Anderson was wed in Crosslake, Minnesota.

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ID:	7705

    The pre-ceremony activities went awry however when the large wedding party decided to take an ill-advised photograph on an unsupportive dock. Hilarity ensued. What followed was a whirlwind of internet and mainstream media notoriety. Almost every news outlet around the globe ran the video. Unless you live in some remote Inuit fishing village, you probably have ...
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