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Here is my prediction: The Twins will EXTEND Justim Morneau's contract. I'm predicting 3 years, $7.5 million per year.*

That means ignoring the internal advice and bloggers who seem to think he'll be traded. *That's what everyone thought this offseason but now they're saying he'll be traded at the deadline.

I say nope. He'll be extended before the deadline.

What say you?

  1. Put Willingham at cleanup

    Twins Manager Ron Gardenhire needs to put Josh Willingham at clean-up.

    This would:

    Put Willingham between Mauer and Morneau.

    That would protect Willingham better, as he is the hottest Twin right now.

    It would separate the team's two best left-handed batters with a strong right-handed batter.

    It would make it harder for opposing teams later in a game to bring in one pitcher to face Mauer and Moneau, and another to face Willingham. ...
  2. Willingham leading

    Josh Willingham has had his struggles playing the outfield this year. But there's no doubt he's starting the season fast.
    Six games. Four homers. Seven RBIs.*
    IF he were somehow able to keep that pace up for the whole season, he would have 108 homeruns and 189 RBIs.*
    I believe his defense will improve. He might have to move to right field at Target Field, but Praise the Lord he's hitting the ball hard and well.
    Keep it up!!!
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