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  1. The Market for Pitchers

    A common thought among baseball fans like...

    "Since there are a larger number of starting pitchers on the free agent market, it is good for my team because we need pitching"

    I would like to challenge that argument. I do believe a larger market can be an advantage for some teams. I don't believe that a larger market can be good for every team that needs pitching. Many teams need pitching. If the market is an advantage for some, doesn't it need to be a disadvantage ...
  2. Burton: What's is the Future for a 31 Year Old Set Up Man?

    I was surprised at the suggestion earlier that the Twins should consider extending Burton. They have him locked up next year. In two years he will be 33. On the other hand, he has been very valuable this year.

    My first thought was it was a horrible idea. Take his season next year at the bargain level. Don't buy his 33 year old season now! That was clearly the minority opinion.

    I went to Baseball Reference for clarity. I searched for every season pitched by a 31 year old ...

    Updated 10-01-2012 at 08:35 PM by jorgenswest

  3. Winter Trades

    I think everyone would agree that the Twins greatest need is starting pitching.

    In order to get major league starting pitching, the Twins probably need to offer starting pitching prospects. Look at all of the Oakland deals where they traded established pitching for pitching prospects. The Twins don't have starting pitching prospects to offer.

    Conversely, the most attractive way to get starting pitching prospects is to trade major league ready starting pitching. Twins certainly ...
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