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  1. On Writing, Coaching and Paul Molitor

    ďIf I want to write about baseball, what should I do?Ē

    It isnít uncommon that Iím asked this question by some well-meaning younger person who is trying to find their spot in what feels like a crowded world. Bluntly, but as tenderly as I can, I usually say:

    ďWrite. Preferably, about baseball.Ē

    Iím blunt, because there are so many ways to write about baseball. Start a blog. (If you want an instant Twins audience, you can used the one you have here.) Or write ...
  2. Gleeman and the Geek: Ep 62: Coaching Changes and Seth Stohs

    The Minnesota Twins blow up their coaching staff, so Seth Stohs joins Aaron and John to talk about Ron Gardenhire's leash, the TwinsCentric Offseason Handbook, what the shopping plans are for free agent pitching, casting ballots for team MVP, why no one seems to want Paul Molitor, the futures of Trevor Plouffe and Liam Hendriks, how to lessen the upcoming outfield logjam, and why long podcasts are the best podcasts. Here are:

  3. Should Twins Emulate White Sox?

    Vegas picked the White Sox to finish fourth in the AL Central this year, pegging them to win about 74.5 games. Chicago's season essentially ended last night when the Tigers clinched the division, but that means the Pale Hose' playoff hopes lasted until October, about four (five?) months longer than the Twins. They also made anyone who bet the ďunderĒ in Vegas look like a fool, exceeding Vegas preseason estimate by 10 games and counting.

    I am one of those fools. In our Gleeman and the ...
  4. Gleeman and the Geek: Ep 60: Nishioka No More and Losing Las Vegas

    The Minnesota Twins release Tsuyoshi Nishioka, contemplate coaching changes, and the John and Aaron review the MLB season via their preseason predictions. Here are:

  5. Year in Review: Twins Hitters WPA

    Oddly, a lot of sabrmetric geeks I know donít like the Win Probability Added (WPA) statistic. I donít want to speak for them as to why, but the comment I hear that drives me the craziest is something like ďAll you have to do is see that Erik Komatsu was more valuable then Ben Revere to understand that it is worthless.Ē

    It drive me crazy because 15 years ago, I would hear the same question from baseball traditionalists when Iíd suggest that an on-base machine like Bobby Abreu was more ...
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  6. Gleeman and the Geek: Ep 60: Tickle Me Pink

    Aaron sips a pink libation. John begs their listeners to take a quick survery for recruiting sponsors. Then they chat about whether Sam Deduno belong, whether the Twins can and should re-sign Scott Baker, how one characterizes the starting pitching market, Liam Hendriks first "W," the MLB television deal and what it means for the Twins payroll, the switch from Beloit to Cedar Rapids, and honors bestowed by Baseball America on some Twins prospects. Then they answer mailbag about the Minnesota ...
  7. Deep Starting Pitching Market Is A Lucky Break For Twins

    I may have exaggerated a little. I know Ė shocking for a blogger.

    For months Iíve been saying that this free agent class of pitchers is almost historically deep. That might be a little strong, unless you think history only goes back as far as 2007. Because based on the dollars that were thrown around, 2006-2007 was an unbelievably lucrative free agent starting pitching market Ė for the players. It didnít work out nearly as well for the owners.

    The top two contracts given ...
  8. Should Twins Sign Scott Baker Now?

    Yesterday, teams looking for free agent starting pitching this offseason were dealt a minor blow by the Texas Rangers. Colby Lewis, the solid starting pitcher of the Rangers, re-signed with them at the bargain price of $2 million plus incentives.

    If that sounds shrewd, itís continuing a trend. Lewis has been outpacing the relatively meager sums the Rangers have been paying him since they signed him when he returned from Japan. In the three years since, he has thrown 500 innings for ...
  9. Gleeman and the Geek: Ep 59: Buying Starting Pitching

    Aaron and John talk about Aaron's "healthy" new look, discuss next year's middle infield, tell listeners how they can get a free audiobook, and review the expected free agent starting pitchers and give Aaron's choices, John's choices, and the Twins probable choices. Here are:

  10. Gleeman and the Geek: Ep 58: Rating Revere and Late Night Life Decisions

    Aaron and John start out with talk about Ben Revere's defense in center field, meander through the Minnesota Twins middle infield, rotation and bullpen, argue about Twins revenue projections and finish with mailbag questions and parenting advice. Here are:

    Here are:

  11. Morneau Reminds Twins Fans That He's Still Here

    For the Twins, this month is supposed to be about the rookies Ė giving them chances, evaluating them, taking the losses that inevitably result.

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Name:	Morneau_uspw_6519778_600_321.jpg 
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ID:	2308Someone forgot to tell the veterans.

    The M&M boys, Joe Mauer and Justin Morneau, gave the youngsters a demo yesterday on what September baseball can be. In their heyday, Mauer nearly hitting for the cycle and Morneauís multi-home run game wouldíve given each a chit towards an(other) MVP award. This ...
  12. Episode 57: Dozier's September Snub and Back To Beer

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Name:	Dozier.jpg 
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ID:	2245Aaron and John talk about the September callups that don't include Brian Dozier, Denard Span's prompt inclusion on the DL, Joe Mauer waiver wire silliness, why Anthony Slama may be rethinking his career choices, Arizona Fall League participants, Parmelee's outfield play, Las Vegas, Jacqueline Bisset and date night.
    Here are:

  13. Video: The '85 Metrodome All-Star Game

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Name:	1985 All-Star Game.jpg 
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ID:	2191Well, this is just precious.

    The last time the All-Star game to be held in Minnesota was in 1985. The night of the game, just prior to the national broadcast, Channel 11 (when they were WUSA, not KARE) had a half hour special covering it.

    It's a half-hour long, so make yourself comfortable if you want to watch it. You won't regret it. Among other gems, it includes....

    • A lead story about how the Metrodome is a terrible
  14. Back of the Napkin: How Far Are The 2013 Twins From Contention?

    How far are the Twins from contention? One side looks at their dismal record and wants a complete makeover. The other looks at the team's players and thinks theyíre just a couple of arms away from a pennant race. Which is it?

    Letís do some back-of-the-napkin figuring. As of right now, the Twins are 111 runs under .500. Not wins under .500, but runs under .500.

    That isnít good. The Indians are the only American League team thatís worse. The three teams who have the most ...
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